Moving forward to Discover my New Awesome

For two years I have been talking about getting my awesome back and recently I declared victory on that big goal.  Now I am moving on forward to find my new awesome, whatever that might be.

The past is gone and I sure enjoyed it at the time.  But it’s time to move on to what the future has in store for me.  I got here by establishing goals, a daily routine and measuring progress, always reaching a little further each time.

So, to recap:

  • I can walk
  • I have a driver’s licence and a new car on order
  • This summer,I will be cruisin’ on my own to and fro as my desires take me.
  • I am typing this with one hand on my Maltron keyboard and while slow, I am getting faster with practice.
  • My life is rich, I look great and I feel fantastic.
  • I have an amazing house in a beautiful little mountain town
  • I love and I am loved.
  • I m very lucky indeed.

I have a few blogs in the hopper and will get them posted soon and then move forward to what’s next.  It likely won’t be all that exciting but that’s good as I am finally accepting this next stage of my life….whatever it may hold  looking forward not back.  There will probably be some gardening, some trail walking, a bit of star gazing and and some travelling.

Hopefully we will be hosting friends, so come by sometime for a visit

Today’s featured picture is Donna and Daryl my bro and sis in laws who came by last summer.  Come back,we miss you, your laughter and your smiles.

I am awesome and so are you.