Howling At the Moon

And other acts of sanity.

Last night was the first full moon of January, which is called Wolf’s Moon. A fun fact I learned from Sarah, who learned it from Stella.  We may live off the beaten track here in our wee Canadian mountain town, but we are not lacking in fun facts with which to keep ourselves entertained. The Algonquin Indians named it Wolfs moon for the wolf activity to be seen yearly at that time in January.

I had planned a brief howling session at some point last night, however it was too overcast to see the moon.  Next year, it’s a date. Wherever I happen to find myself. Perhaps you will join me in this act of (in)sanity.

Howling, enthusiastically, because we can. And it feels good ( I think).

It’s so easy to let yourself sink low, low at this dreadful time, but I say rise up!  Do something crazy and joyful.  Be silly, who cares. You’re not trying to impress anyone with your coolness under pressure. Impress someone with your singing, or howling.  If you know me, you know I am not a singer, but I think I can howl.

Stella’s fun fact reminds me of this song:

English Bay by Blue Rodeo. Please enjoy this with me.

I am awesome. And so are you. See you next Wolf’s Moon.


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