It’s Not Easy Being Green

I use this phrase, popularized by Kermit the Frog to describe those situations where I find living with a disability difficult or challenging. I know I’m awesome and upbeat and ready for anything life throws my way but that positive spirit can sometimes get really overwhelmed by the reality of my awesomeness. 

I was  sitting on my yoga mat earlier today, in the final stretch of my 60 minute workout.  My legs were splayed willy-nilly in front of me from my last task of 5 getups, my mat was bunched up on one end and my awesome mountain trainer said. “on your back for your final floor tabadas. crunches and bridges.” I looked at my legs and then my mat and asked for a few minutes to sort myself out.  in that instant I thought ” it isn’t easy being green.” or whatever colour you find yourself wrapped in  when you start to feel just a wee bit sorry for yourself.   Most people just pop themselves upright, shake out their mat and sit straight back down.  I won’t describe what I do but it’s not that easy and I’m already exhausted from the previous 45 minutes. 

So I figure it out and just get on with it. Giving up or finishing early is not an option in my world. I will not step on to that slippery slope. It may not be easy being green but I won’t be blue, sad is not my best colour. I hope its not yours either.

After our 4 minute round of crunches and bridges, Sarah asks if I’m up for adding another four minutes of bridges and crunches and I say, of course I am. I’m over my green incident.  I’m back to the land of shaking my booty and waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care.

So here I sit an hour later with a sleeping pug on my lap.  I’ve peeled and sliced some ginger and lemon to add as flavour to the litre of water I try to drink every afternoon.  I’m back, I’m awesome and my brief pity party is over.

Sure it’s not easy for you either with whatever your colour is.  Maybe it’s black as it is a lot of the time for people alone during these dreadful days of loneliness and isolation.  I don’t have much advice for you other than eat right, get some exercise and make sure to hug someone you love today. I often seek out the Silver Fox to give and receive a hug more than once during these long days.  And in between I have my best buddy Roop my faithful companion pug to kasnoozle softly by my side. 

I am awesome

and so are you!

Wrap yourself up in a nice happy colour, while I work on my booty

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