Leave. Life. Exhausted.

A gentleman I met recently had this phrase on the back of his business card. I don’t know him well at all, we only met once or twice but I can tell you a lot about him based on this life philosophy.

I know other people who live their lives(unstated) to this mantra.  They are busy people, running here, doing that, being seen with various you know who’s.  Some of these people are super-fun but mostly they are not.  Keeping up and constantly rolling their personal rock up the hill every day is exhausting and maybe not as fun as they’d like you to think.  Maybe they will leave life exhausted but unless you’re careful, they may leave you exhausted in their dramatic wake, or pushing their rock up the hill for them, perhaps even getting bowled over it as it crests and rolls down the other side, waiting for morning at the foot of that same fucking hill.

But in principle it’s a good mantra and perhaps me and you have gotten a wee bit lazy during these days of covid.    As we emerge from our stupor, let’s have ourselves some fun, whatever that means to you.  Leave the rock pushing  to Fred and Barney at the Bedrock Quarry.  I’m not sure what fun means to me anymore but I’m going to find out. Slowly.  Cautiously.  One step at a time, in an enjoyable, not exhausting manner.  I’m a bit older and quite a lot wiser these days.  With my wonderful husband and sweet little pug by my side.  We have decided that we are going to adventure once a week, in a scaled down Covid-safe kind of way.  Today is Canada Day and we Canadians all feel fortunate to live in this great, responsible, safe and kind country.  It might be easy to get complacent with our various successes, but we mostly don’t.  We pray to whatever God we believe in and give thanks for our good fortune.

Maybe as you are getting older, you are starting to feel and behave that way. Stop I say. There’s lots of time for that when you have nothing better to do. Get up, dress up. Have that mid life or old age crisis in the style you need to get yourself accustomed to.  This is what you worked so hard for, all those years pushing your own rock uphill, now try to enjoy the view from the top, and look after yourself.

Right now I’m sitting outside. Looking and feeling great.  My little piece of paradise is largely back in business, shops and services are open.  I’ve had waxing, a pedicure and a manicure and my nails are painted red.    Life is good. My travel buddy has confirmed our rendezvous in Thunder Bay later this summer.  This is a guy who will leave life exhausted, but not for a long time, I hope.    And he is both interesting and fun!  A great storyteller. He is also a perfect example of how you sometimes get back what you give.  His friendship is so valuable to me.  And I love his adventurous spirit.  He hopped on his Harley and rode across this country to visit me three years ago as I was struggling to recover from my stroke.  I’m sure he was exhausted after that adventure! But he’s coming back again, to meet me halfway.

But back to my adventuring.  This weekend we will head west, further into the interior of B.C.  to Nelson and Creston.  Maybe stop at a winery for lunch and a tasting. I’ve also added some hot springs to my to-do list like Radium or Fairmont.  Fun is to be had in our beautiful mountain playground.  Perhaps overnight in Kelowna and visit my favourite BC winery, Quails Gate.  Explore. We have each other and we have lots of time.

I am strong and adventuresome.

I am awesome and so are you!

Extra bonus: Lunch

As a value added tip for eating something good , healthy and easy to prepare.  Get yourself some vegetable broth – low fat, low sodium if you can find or make your own, but not today. Bring to boil, add 1/4+ 1/8 cups red lentils, simmer.  Add garam masala and turmeric to taste, simmer some more until lentils are soft.

Add whatever you have handy such as

– chopped cilantro or parsley

– shelled edamame or another legume such as chick peas/ garbanzo beans, navy beans, white beans.

– tofu

– chicken or other protein

* note, I’m trying to eat mostly plant-based these past few weeks so no animals, seafood or dairy. 

This simple lentil soup can be eaten whenever you feel like it, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Simple and tasty.  I just finished a cup for lunch.  I will also have sliced an ambrosia apple and an orange later this afternoon as a snack. Very nice.  Take it on the road with you in a flask to keep it warm, so while your Spicey Spouse indulges in take-away fast food, you can savour the deliciously healthy high road.

I’m going to Make  some tempura tofu croutons, as an accompaniment.

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