Social Isolation Blog: Days 75-90

Saturday May 30, 2020 – Day 75

Today I watched the SpaceX launch from Kennedy Space Station in Florida.  Pre launch was mostly commentators with live camera on the two men about to shoot off into space on top of a rocket.  As I often do, I found myself wondering about them, who are these people deep inside, what brought them to this point. I cry at this moment of their personal and professional accomplishment.  I don’t know why I’m telling you this, you’re not my therapist.

Sunday May 31 – Day 76

I wake up today and think of those two men in their Dragon capsule floating around the space station orbit.  It’s quite amazing really.  Yesterday they were down here with us, this morning they are the newest shiney object in our galaxy.

It’s raining today.  Good for the garden and for ducks.  I am going to miss the sun we’ve been having these past few days.  Next week I can workout at the gym with Sarah, whatever that means.  We will meet on Monday morning as we’ve planned a return to our walking the Annex Loop to begin our return to normal.  For now I’ll be focusing on posture as it is helpful to a good stride, and it looks better if you walk shoulders back, chest out…..look good, feel good, it’s a virtuous circle as you know.


Walking the Annex Loop

Monday June 1 – Day 77

We went for a lovely walk today.  Our regular loop around the Annex takes about 25 minutes and we finish back in the gym working on machines that I am capable of doing myself as she is not permitted to touch me.

I am satisfied with today and it was great to get out again.  After my workout I decided to go to Starbucks drive thru, grab a coffee and go park at Maiden Lake to read for awhile.  Later I do a bit of grocery shopping and head home.  Jesse comes by to do some planting.  I check our TFSA’s and a couple of other investment accounts at Investorline.  I have been dripping a small amount of cash to them weekly so there are sufficient funds in all of them to purchase something once or twice a month.  Tonight I’ll research the tickers and decide what to buy into each account.

At 6:00 I do our sushi run and we are eating by 6:30.  The restaurant has re-opened it’s dining room so our next visit will be to eat-in.  But not next Monday as we will drive to Calgary to perform various errands and stay a few nights at our downtown condo.

As I continue to nest in my mountain house, there are a list of things that must be brought here from Calgary, especially my Staub cast iron  pots and pans, and my spare Nespresso machine. Taking a page from my sister-in-law Donna’s book, I will bring the Nespresso with me on my road trip later this summer, ensuring good coffee every day along the way.

Our town is worried about flooding from all the rain we’ve been having  along with the melt from our mountains, so everyone in the low valley is on high alert.  We are at a higher elevation, above the town, so completely safe from this type of event.

Tonight is also the night we indulge in a treat such as ice cream.  Dave typically has a chocolate milkshake while I have a small skor blizzard.

And then we will call it a night around 11:00 or so.  For now the latest rain has subsided and there is a brilliant bright rainbow shining in front of me. This and other aspects of nature in my mountain paradise make me unreasonably happy.  We had nothing like this anywhere else I have lived in my life. Stunningly beautiful. 

Tuesday June 2 – Day 78

I need to have zero points food all day today to make up for yesterday.  It’s not hard at all, I have everything I need “in stock” so to speak.

Meeting Sarah at the gym. I am to get there early and begin our walk solo.  Sarah will catch up.  This is so we can have more time together in the gym.  After I am free until 2:00 when I have an acupuncture appointment until 3:00. I stopped by Starbucks for a cuppa and took it home with me where I had a quick zero point lunch before heading out again to my acupuncture session in town. 

My Acupuncture sessions are going well.  Good improvement noted on hand mobility as in less clenching, more relaxed fingers.  After, I head home again to begin preparations for dinner.  It’s a lovely day here in my mountains.  Nice temperature and a little sunshine.  I’m feeling good and I hope you are too. No complaints. Some of our Fernie youth were back at school this week with much smaller class sizes and grateful to be back in class and away from their “home schools”.  Some parents continue to hold their kids back from returning as they remain uncomfortable with the risk, as is their choice.

I’m going to pause for awhile and read my magazine.  Roop is casnoozling in his daybed. All is well in our wee world.

Wednesday June 3 – Day 79

It’s cold any rainy today in the mountains.  Businesses are slowly opening wth new practices to protect from Covid-19. Its no big deal.  Hand wash and sanitize, face mask, social distance.  Today I have various appointments for dentist, post office, gym and chiropractor. 

I was up early this morning for the dentist appointment from last Thursday that was really for today.  The a Doctor did a fine job of repairing the chipped tooth.  Looks even better than the original.  I must be careful with biting and such so as to maintain this renewed tooth.  I am complimented on my good dental hygiene and told I look “pretty, actually.”  Actually? What does this mean?

The protocol was the new standard.  Wait in the parking lot.  Enter when permission received, wash hands, don a mask, initial risks and sign consent form. In and out in under an hour.  Cost just $77.  I popped by the post office afterwards to mail a birthday card and buy stamp books so as to have inventory on hand for next time I want to send a card or letter.   It’s cold waiting outside this morning in the rain.  Just as I was exiting my vehicle, a truck pulled up and a very old lady exited using two crutches.  Honestly, someone else always has it worse/more difficult than you do so try to be grateful for what you have.  I saw this same woman in the grocery store parking lot last week.  Walking with her two crutches.  Strong, determined.  Awesome!

Next I am doing a zoom exercise session with Sarah this morning, but first I will have coffee and a banana and Roop will have a wee bit of chicken.  He will snooze while I write.

Later this morning I have my regular hair appointment in town with Rachel. And then chiro with Dr Erik.  I have made no plans for dinner as yet but I think our Chinese restaurant is open for take-out tonight.

It sure is cold today.  Perhaps it’s warm or even hot where you are.  I am happy with my cool mountain paradise.  I will just add a sweater when I go out later today.

I expect that I’ll be planning my road trip in the next weeks.  Yesterday I booked a nice new hotel in Thunder Bay as a getaway for me and my sister.  The rest of the time I will be her houseguest and try to behave myself.

On the way there, Dave has suggested I just stop when I’m tired at whatever hotel catches my fancy.  This is mostly the prairies  of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and rugged  Northern Ontario I’ll be driving through.  Luxury won’t be an option.  But I always do my research so I will have pre-planned my stops before I hit the road.

Thursday June 4 – Day 80

I’m home by 6:00 for dinner with my husband.  He is loving this life, he likes routine and is happy with the pace of our life.  I didn’t realize that this was all he needed to be happy. It would have saved me/us some trouble a couple of years ago had I known.

Friday June 5 – Day 81

Cool and drizzly but a lovely day none-the-less.  I’m wearing a dusty rose coloured dress today with matching lipstick and I find the colour both pretty and soothing.  It’s important to make an effort on your appearance, if only for yourself.  I know you know this, I just thought I’d remind you. You look wonderful, by the way.

I finished reading a book today.  Romantic fiction of a type I have’t read in decades.  It was light, funny, sweet and entertaining.

Late in the day, I travelled across the breezeway to my husband’s office, in search of a hug.  If you need one, just ask.  Most nice people will just reach over and wrap you in their arms, sometimes accompanied by a light tap on your Calvin, if you are OK with that. If not be sure to say something.   But before reaching the door I hear chirping, not birds but groundhogs.  Two of them. Walter Bishop and a close relative, standing at attention at the edge of they deck they live under.  I pause before making a sound as they scurry away to the safety of their home under the deck and a nearby hill.

Saturday June 6 – Day 82

I’ve ordered Eric Larson’s new book about Churchill.  I may save this hardcover for my August journey.  It will make stopping roadside a pleasure to pull out a book to read for a moment or two.

Today is my younger brothers birthday.  I mailed his card on Wednesday so he will get it late.  Sometime next week if I’m lucky. 

It’s Saturday, get your mojo on!  There is nothing better on a rainy Saturday than spending quality time with a good friend. And that’s our plan for today.  Some coffee together, a wee breakfast and it’s back to bed for us.  Later, I’ll finish  Friday’s wine with  lunch.  I’ll have some leftover roast chicken and a few items from my salad bar.  FYI, my weight situation is great and looking good.  Something not to lose sight of during this time of isolation, try not to be too self-indulgent with anything.  I know from experience that you will regret it.

Sunday June 7 – Day 83

Today we travel to Calgary  and continue to listen to our audiobook.  We are really enjoying this series:

In three hours we arrive at our lower Mount Royal condo, unpack and relax together.  We have a few errands to run plus a Doctor’s visit.

Tuesday June 9 – Day 85

We have our check up with our GP.  Our weight is good as are our BMIs, mine slightly better than Dave’s.

Wednesday June 10 – Day 86

I’ve been in Calgary these past few days beginning the process to get my Boxter back on the road.  Update the plate permit.  Check.  Tune-up for oil, other internals, etc. Check.  Small repair to the convertible lid mechanism.  Check.  Next step will be to have the RF 360 installed and then it’s ready to transfer to B.C.  good progress including some city driving for me.  It’s been awhile since I drove in downtown anywhere other than my small town.


My beauty

Calgary is looking good.  Restaurants are open and me and my handsome husband managed to get out for a casual meal while there. We generally order through skip the dishes when in town.  We both have our favourites. 

We stayed in our downtown condo.  It’s a lovely place with a wood burning fireplace, southwest facing deck for good afternoon sunshine.  The rooftop flue is broken and we found a dead bird in our living room plus bird poop here and there.  My husband handled the burial whilst I tidied and disinfected the instances of poop, fortunately on the hardwood floor and not on furniture fabric.  I was sad for this wee fellow.

We are back today, as we accomplished our goals fairly quickly.  I slept in for awhile this morning but once I got up I got busy with various household tasks like emptying the dishwasher, unpacking and hanging clothes from our trip, unwrapping and placing new Pottery Barn candles throughout the house.  I managed to get a couple of paper white scented candles, which are hard to come by and are my favourite.  It’s been years, really.  My house is truly feeling like home these days as all my favourite things rejoin me in life here in my mountain paradise.  If you find yourself in my neighbourhood, please call and you will be most welcome to drop by for awhile.

I think a lot less of the past, dwelling if you will, and more about my most  lovely present.

Jenn came by to clean this morning, which is great.  There is always something to do around here.    I’m just having a cup of tea and an RX blueberry bar, which will tide me over until dinner.  After this short break I will head into town to pick up a few groceries.

I left my walking pole at home as I often do these days.  My walking continues to improve although I still have a limp.  I’m not at all afraid of popping out for a drive at a moments notice.

Tonight we ordered sushi and I drove to town to pick it up.  Along the way I stopped at the grocery to pick up GF soy sauce and some Stash teas for myself:  double bergamot earl grey and Moroccan Mint.  After I picked up our food and headed home, my husband informed me that the tempura sauce had been forgotten.  No problem.  I just climbed back in my SUV and drove back to the restaurant to retrieve it.  I don’t worry or stress about inconveniences anymore.  Who cares.  Tempura is better with the sauce so its a no-brainer.  Off I go, back in 5, eating in 10. No big deal.

This life I’m living makes me happy.  I hope your life is making you happy too.  If not, pause and take a moment to consider why.  What can or should change that would improve your life’s quality.  You make your own choices. My happiness is a culmination of all the work I have done physically, mentally and spiritually these last years.  I am quite pleased at my contentedness.

Tonight I sit with my husband in our beautiful house, sipping earl grey tea and breathing the aroma of the paper whites scented candle from Pottery Barn.  It’s cool tonight and the doors are open, however I have a warm blanket on my lap, a gift from my little Scottish Auntie.  I understand and am grateful for my good fortune.

Thursday June 11 – Day 87

I have a super busy day today.  Starting with acupuncture at 9:00, dentist at 10:30, workout at 11:00, wash and blow-out at 1:00.  Maybe I will pause along the way for lunch somewhere, if there is time.

I think Walter Bishop gets up really early as I heard him chirping from his home under the deck.  Me and Roop quietly eat our blueberries as we think about the day ahead of us. No one slept well last night.  Lately my mind has been very chatty at night, grabbing something and sweating  the details until it feels semi-satisfied.  Yesterday I looked at some old photographs  from my Mom’s house.  There was one in particular I can’t figure out.  Three people in a photo who do not belong together, taken at my cottage at Stoney Lake.  How did these three come to be together there.  When and Why? And Who is taking the picture?  Well my secretive mother, probably, who will not only deny taking the picture, but will further deny its existence or any meaning of it.  I am satisfied that some questions will forever remain unanswered.  I’m not ok with it but I’m satisfied that some thing’s are not within my control, so I move on, shutting the door with as much finality as I can muster.

It looks like the beginnings of a fine day outside.  Some puffy white clouds with baby blue sky peeking through. The forecast says sunny with clouds 12C/54F which is a nice temperature.

Roop is now five years old.  I missed his birthday on April 29th.  He has some grey hair on his puggy chinny chin chin. 

Check your local forecast and give a wee think to what you are going to do today.  Goals?  There goes my alarm. It’s 8:45 and I need to be at a Jade River Healing by 9:00 for my acupuncture appointment.  Just enough time to finish my coffee and brush my teeth again.  Roop is not ready to stir, he’s going to be grumpy to be shifted from his early morning snooze on my lap before he’s ready.

It was a very long day and  by late afternoon I was most ready for a wee nap.  So I headed over to the sectional sofa in my living room at around 3:45 and had an hour casnoozle. Dinner is an informal affair of grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh fruit for dessert.  It’s cherry time here in BC and the first cherries of the season are plump and juicy, some sweet, some a bit sour.  I bought a cherry pitter last year.  I must find it and give it a try.  I’ll keep you posted. Perhaps I’ll make a cherry cheesecake sometime.

I continue to burn my new candle and enjoy the quiet of the evening with my Dave and puggie Roop.  It’s been a good week and our fam is a bit tired.  We will stay home and each of us engage in tasks that we like and interest us this weekend,   For me I will pick an ambitious meal to make from scratch and this will be my activity for Saturday.  Dave will likely continue playing some games that have captured his interest and imagination.

For now we are going to call it a day and head to bed.  Talk more tomorrow.

Friday June 12 – Day 88

So it’s Friday and we have our standard Friday routine.  But first Roop and I will start our day in the way we both like.  And that means yoghurt and frozen blueberries.

Today is going to be great. I have my workout scheduled for 10:00 but I need to end a bit early to visit Dr Erik the chiropractor for my weekly adjustment.  I will be done all this by 11:00-ish and will change into a tank dress for puttering around outside.  My new wagon arrived which I will be using to transport my watering can to the plants and for other outdoor journeys when transporting heavier items.  Here’s a picture:


My new wagon

as you can see it has good capacity for transporting. I bought it on Amazon. I use it to water my planters. Here’s some pictures.


Lower deck planters

Just pausing for a cup of stash Moroccan mint tea.  I made it in the teapot my friend  Nancy bought me  when  we were in Lisbon together several years ago.  I’d like to go back.  What do you say Nance?

I received my hardcover copy of Eric Larson’s new book, The Splendid and the Vile ( a saga of Churchill, family and defiance during the Blitz). Actually I accidentally ordered two copies so I’m off to the post office today to send a copy to a friend who I think will also enjoy it.  Along the way I’ve been asked to pop into the grocery store for some sandwich supplies for my husband.  Smiles.  He always has very specific instructions, like very thin sliced Black Forest ham, but not shaved – this is a fine line. I’ve yet to return with sliced ham to his undocumented specification..  Calabrese bread sliced. Milk 1% in a carton, not a plastic container because they taste different don’t you know?  This song is playing on my spotify playlist.  Listen if you want a boost of happy.


There is lots of activity around the house today. Walter Bishop has been out from his home under the deck several times today.  Ginger the neighbour’s cat slunk by looking for baby robins I think. Sneaky little bastard.

I am finally completed today’s work and have sat down to finish my mint tea and crack open my new book. 

I never did get to finish my mint tea or the cup of earl grey I made later. Some distraction always  seems to  interfere with the slow drinking of tea. I have fish and chips for dinner, Dave has fast food today as is his usual.  Roop has two French fries.  I have some wine.

It’s late now, cooler and pitch black outside.  I need to find a place where I can see the stars at night.  There is too much artificial light from the nearby highway and businesses such that the stars do not shine through.  This is a project for further investigation perhaps tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted as events unfold.  For now it is almost bedtime.

Saturday June 13 – Day 89

In a dramatic turn of events, I cook breakfast for my husband this morning.  Crispy bacon cooked in my cast iron pan, two eggs over medium, toast with butter.  Plus a single espresso shot.  Just like the good old days when I cooked for him and assorted friends every weekend.  I’m wearing my favourite apron so as not to get bacon grease on my ping lululemon top.  Dave is thankful and happily returns to his Saturday morning project in our Media Room.  I am left to ponder today and think about what I will set my mind to doing today.  I feel like weekends should be filled with special tasks, not the every day sort that are for week-days. But I’m not yet sure how to spend the day.  Perhaps a walk at some point, maybe just on my treadmill with some loud music blasting in the background.  We have Sonos systems installed throughout the house and outside above the hot tub.

I want to check on the status of spas in town that are open. This natural woman is tired of it!  I want to be waxed, manicured, pedicured and pampered again.  Let’s check Spa 901 and see what their status is:

They are open again for most services so I’m spending most of next Friday there getting close to 100 days of neglect taken care of.  Bring on the machete, we are going bush-whacking.  (Sorry if some of you find my frankness offensive/not sorry it’s just life after all)

And on that note, it’s 1:30 now and time for a glass of yesterday’s bottle of Quail’s Gate unoaked.  And here I am, thinking about the need for some houseplants for my upper deck, like a big fern or palm or two.  Something that likes the hot day sun but is also tolerant of a cooler night. 

The day has turned into a severe thunderstorm warning in our Elk Valley.  I love a good storm, cool breeze, rain and booming thunder.  I won’t have to water my lower deck planters today as the rain is taking care of giving them a good soaking.

We have decided to have leftovers today….pizza for me.  Dave has yet to decide. 

Sunday June 14 – Day 90

We are up early-ish so we decide to shower together this morning.  Great way to start the day.  My husband custom designed this steam shower with a rain shower two hand showers and six winky jets.  It’s quite a fun experience in my personal water world.

I brush my teeth first using the new ecoco dispenser that Dave found and purchased for me.  I simply slide my brush-head in , give a wee push and voila, exactly the right amount of toothpaste is dispensed in my brush.  Need more?  Feel free to double-dip.  Then I put on my no-slip water shoes and my hipster shower cap and join my husband in progress.

Afterwards, Dave takes a Roop for walkies and he has his first breakfast.  When I emerge, clean, warm, with a wee splash of makeup, Roop is patiently waiting for “Second breakfast” of blueberries and yogurt.  I also have a double espresso of the Cosi Nespresso type.  Smooth and strong with a lovely layer of crema. 

Here it is Ecoco toothpaste dispenser:

It’s Sarah’s birthday today and I know she was hoping to be camping with her fam today.  But the day is pretty awful….rainy and cold.  I suspect she is tucked in her bed, hopefully being treated like the angel she is by her family.  I have a gift, although I am still waiting for part of it to arrive.  Perhaps I will do a driveway drop off later today.

For now I must order a new hipster shower cap.  If you are interested, here’s a link:


It’s Somewhat easy to put on with one hand And it saves my my newly washed and straight-ironed hair from a bout of the frizzies.

I am done with the diary for now as we seem to be back on track to somewhat normal.  I will be resuming periodic blogs now and then.

I am strong and I am very happy!

I am awesome and so are you!

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