Social Isolation Tracker – Day 51 – 75

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And so begins another Part to my current story.  I wonder how your story has been coming along in  parallel with mine in time?  By the time I post this we should be just starting into summer.  The picture above is how Roop is spending his social isolation, mostly snoozling on his comfy tartan blankie.


And we are just heading into summer.  Three days of sunshine in a row here in my little piece of mountain Paradise.  It’s been a slow, routine 25 days with little excitement as you will see whilst reading my diary.  My interest has been piqued only in the last week as I think about my Trip Plan for a solo drive to Thunder Bay in August.  Just working through the details now and trying to think ahead.  Project planning if you will.

So here is Part 3 of my social Isolation journey.  Please enjoy.  Looks like there will be a Part 4 – Days 76 – 100.    Restrictions are slowly lifting but I think I will continue my daily diary until life more closely approximates a somewhat normal world.  One day it will be entertaining to look back on this strange time of ours.

Tuesday May 5, 2020 – Day 51

It’s a beautiful day here in my mountains and it’s just 10:30 am so the whole day is ahead of me.  I have my workout at 11:00 and then a zoom call within my old friend Stan later in the day at 1:00.  It’s a day for sitting outside in a dress, grabbing some vitamin D, and listening to music.  Which I will be doing once I get Tabada Tuesday completed.

My part- time gardener is not interested in continuing this year.  So we are searching for an outside helper for me.  I need to make a trip to Home Hardware pick up a few tools to help me.  I’m thinking a wagon would be useful to pull things from A to B as I work outside.  Plus a few hand tools for digging and such.  I have owned many of these tools in my past. I just can’t seem to locate any of them in my present.  Also some nice containers, for flowers.

Road trip to Cranbrook,  perhaps tomorrow, Wednesday, when I have all day for tasks such as this.  Perhaps I’ll drive myself to Cranbrook as there is a great big garden store there.  This could be a Friday task.

For now I’ve just completed Tabada’s for jump squats, right lunges, push ups, left lunges, sit-ups, arm raises, hand claps, bridges and crunches, always with 3 sets of 5 get-ups spaced in between.  Stretches and the workout is complete for today.  I’m sweaty.  Time for a banana and a bottle of water before I freshen up for my next Zoom meeting. After that I think I’ll go outside and sit in my red muskoka chair in the sun and listen to some music.

Wednesday May 6, 2020 – Day 52

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Carolynn today.  I wish I could be with her.  I just spent an hour video chatting with my  old boyfriend, Mike.  Still handsome after all these years.  Now retired and living a good life on a golf course with his lady love and two wee doggies.

It’s nice to reconnect with people from the past, and as long as it’s remembering happy memories.  We spent 5 years of our lives together as a couple.  And my memories of our time together are happy.  I was hoping to see  Mike and his Mom and Dad in July but that’s not likely.  Perhaps if I am able to get back East for Thanksgiving and we can arrange something in October.

This morning I was cooking my husband some sausages for breakfast and I noticed Roop standing in front of me drooling.  This is new.  Guess I better get a move on, someone’s hungry.  He joins me on my lap. Just stares at the sausages on my plate.    Who can resist, those eyes!  Now he’s back in his day bed snoozling happily belly up and looking very sweet.  Must go poach those pillows from the guest room before I forget.

Thursday May 7, 2020 – Day 53

Yo 53 how ya doin’.  I am officially bored and disgruntled with this situation.  I had an amazing night sleep with my new pillow setup,  but had zero interest in doing anything today, beyond shower and wash my hair.  I Used the new apparatus to dry but it’s rainy today so my hair has gone all poofy,  exercise for 60 minutes.  Lots of hard work and sweat means you are doing it right and with feeling.


This is my set-up.  I have a holder for my hairdryer that suctions on to the bench behind my vanity.  This means i can blow dry my hair in a hands-free way, which is quite useful to me.

I Picked up a prescription and some vitamins in town.  Dropped by the grocery for a few items. Milk, potatoes, shaving cream, bananas, cotton pads, RX bars and a hanging basket planter.  My chiro has received new instructions from his governing board and we are back in business for an adjustment today.  Thank goodness for that!  I feel so much better when my spine is in alignment.

Roop is staring at me with alligator eyes from his daybed by the window.  We are both down in the dumps as my Dad would have called it.  Roop goes out for walkies with  Dave and comes back a bit more cheery.  But he is parsimonious with his love today. Not like my wee fellow Ben who loved to love me wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

Not much going on in my world.  I’ll be starting a new book later.  My new selfie stick arrived and has been charging overnight. I think I will test it out tomorrow.  I just made a cup of tea.  Double bergamot earl grey by Stash.  Recommend.

For now Roop and I both contemplate the wee sliver of pork chop that he is to soon receive as a treat.  He is patient and persistent.  He randomly barks at movements outside of the house that he spies out the window.  It’s annoying, but he is my hero and can do no wrong.  He protects this house and his people.  Don’t try creeping up on us, Roop is on it.  For that matter so am I I’ve got nothing better to do.  (I may have mentioned this earlier but if not my work contract was put on hold.)

Friday May 8, 2020 – Day 54

Another week gone by.   On a Fridays, like Wednesdays, I do what I want. Perhaps I’ll hot tub for awhile later today.

For now I enjoy the first few quiet hours of my day.  Just me and the wee Mister Roop who keeps his eyes focused intently on the prize of my blueberries.  He’s still finishing the last of my pork chop from dinner last Friday.  It’s still moist and tasty.  But his first love is still the frozen blueberry.  Sweet and a bit tangy.  He likes them with a little bit of yoghurt clinging to their skin.  Sometimes I let him lick my spoon or the cup when I’m done, but not if my husband is lurking about.  He would not approve.

Today the clouds are hanging low around my mountains.  I am wearing a long dress of the tank style.  Very comfortable and attractive in a deep plum colour.  It’s Friday and by now you all know what that means around here.

I’m going to pre-select some movies to watch this weekend, and order a real book from Amazon.  I’ve been reading kindle format for a few years now, but I want to hold a real book in my hands for a few enjoyable hours.  I’ll keep you posted.

I would like some company here in my bubble.  Please apply if interested.

My mother’s birthday is this weekend.   I mailed all the cards on Monday.  I hope they make it on time.  I’ve ordered Mother’s Day brunch to be delivered to us by the local high end restaurant, Cirque.  It will be delivered on Saturday and we re-heat it on Sunday.  I’ll take pictures.  We’ve also ordered Mother’s Day gift baskets for Ella and Diana. (mother and mother-in-law)

I’ve been reading about narcissism a lot lately.  Don’t worry it’s not me or anyone close to me .  Just somebody that I used to know.

Goyte: Somebody i used to know

I found a fun new product in the store yesterday,  it’s made by Burts Bees and is a sassy little tube of moisturizing lip colour.  It’s called lip crayon, it’s shaped like a child’s crayon with a rough point at the end.  And it’s sweet, soft, nice and pretty.

Looks like today is going to be a rambler as I gently roll from one meaningless task to another.  But that’s ok, I have time and no particular place to be except here with myself and my daydreams.  Right now I’m thinking of Switzerland…..the Alps, Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, chocolate and especially fondue with kirsch.  Long drives, beautiful roads, all of Western Europe so close.  But that’s a dream for another day.  Pleasure travel is months if not years away.

I found a book to begin reading today called Holy Terror:  Andy Warhol. It’s 500-700 pages long and the subject matter is interesting as is the time in history when this fellow reigned supreme in NYC.

We had a lovely night together.  My husband’s long hair is a beautiful silver colour. I call him my silver fox.  He still calls me kitten. (Smiles)

See you tomorrow.  I have no plans for tomorrow.  Perhaps the sun will shine on me here in my little piece of paradise.  I am looking forward to sitting in my red muskoka chair listening to music.

Saturday May 9, 2020 – Day 55

This is not how I envisioned my retirement.  Truth be told I gave very little thought to retirement.  Just want to be able to continue live a good life with the man I love.  Travel when I feel like it, alone or with a friend.  We are doing very well, living this life amongst ourselves at the moment.

Today we continued the task of hanging art.  We have now placed three large pieces and have more remaining.  At our current pace of one a week, this will take some time to finish.  My husband is a perfectionist.  Every piece is placed to precise measurements and captures as much or as little light as is required to enhance its natural beauty.  You know how some work just glow in the right light.  Capturing that placement is a skill he has honed over many years, many moves and many hangings of these works in different homes.  Here is their final resting place.  With us in our beautiful mountain home.  We plan to live happily ever after.

The sun I was hoping for today has not surfaced, but I will still spend some time on my lower deck in my favourite red chair today at some point as long as it’s not too cold. Even so, there is always a pretty blanket handy to take the chill away.

But first we will finally go for that drive.  Just an hour or two is enough.  Listen to our book.   We drive to Elkford, past a Teck mine, still spewing crap into the sky.  Tailings or what’s left of them floating down a dry-ish stream towards the local river.  I observed this silently but my husband turned to me and independently remarked that you don’t have to be a scientist to see that this picture is all wrong.  Another stab in the chest of dear Mother Nature.

I am making steak with baked potatoes for dinner tonight.  I have chives from our perennial garden.  They are among the first to appear every year.  Jenn cut them for me on Friday and here we are on sunday set to enjoy.

I sat outside for a few hours this afternoon.  It reminded me of my friend Lori who loves to sit outside with a blanket or without when visiting our little mountain paradise.

This makes me think of the requirement to visit the garden centre next week to get some flowers for my planters and a few more perennials for the rock garden.

Sunday May 10, 2020 – Day 56

Remember that Burts Bees lip crayon, I love it.  Will be buying more in many colours.

I have a potential gardener coming by on a Tuesday to have a look around the property.  I can do the some of the planting but I need someone to tidy up the rock garden and plant a few more perennials.  I quite love watching the garden awaken in Spring.

It’s another dull day in the neighbourhood so today we watch Star Trek. And then a few episodes of Ozark.

My emotions are running a bit high these days.  I need to calm myself down.  I’ve noticed my left leg is not quite as strong as it was before isolation began.  I need to get walking back into my routine soon.  I’m sure many of you feel like I do.  A bit deflated, tired for no good reason, a little angry sometimes.  It’s just the routine of these dull days is what I keep telling myself, in between telling myself to just calm down.

Monday May 11, 2020 – Day 57

While doing my workout with Sarah, I often find myself looking out the window at my rock garden.  This morning a couple of red tulip bulbs were stretching out skyward.  They should open up soon.  And then my eye was caught by a furry creature crawling out from under my deck.  A ground hog it is, looks like a squirrel but the tail is not so bushy.  Sarah tells me these wee creatures are destructive fiends.  But that’s hard to believe as he stands to attention, straight as an arrow looking west towards the mountains.  He remains there for 15-20 minutes as I watch him watching me now, doing lunges.

He is grey and light brown.  Here’s what he looked like:

10 Things You May Not Know About Groundhogs (With images ...

I think we should be able to peacefully co-exist this year.  The hummingbirds are also out and about, flitting from feeder to flowering plant basket to feeder.  I’ll pick up a couple more baskets this week in town.  And our robins have had the current crop of babies, I see them hopping around outside.  My under the deck Groundhog’s son or daughter appeared later in the morning.  Exact same body type and colouring, just smaller.

We are all anxiously waiting for the sun to shine down on our little mountain paradise.  It’s been a long winter and this never-ending groundhog day has become a bit tiresome.

My left side has been feeling heavier this past weekend and I’m trying to figure out if that is a good or bad sign.  Sarah thinks it’s more good as I’ve been working hard and it’s perhaps a bit fatigued.  Working hard is good, fatigued is good as it means the muscles are getting worked and responding.  Looking forward to when I can start accupuncture as I am still hopeful it will help.

Otherwise it is business as usual this week.  Sushi Monday starts it off as we again repeat the weekly routine that we have been locked into for a couple of months now.

I am going back to a practice I used to do almost daily; that is declare my goals and intentions to myself for the day and week.  Sorry I won’t be sharing this with you, it’s something to do for yourself.  Set a focus, declare an intention for each day.  Warmly congratulate yourself and thank any helpers at the end of every day.  If it’s a miss, think how you will adjust the next time.  I’m trying not to think in terms of pass and fail which is how I used to look at most things in my life.

I ordered new sheets today.

I tried to order from Amazon but the cost kept rising, shipping, duty, so I decided to  try a Canadian source.  I tried, first but only found a couple of pretty dresses. So I got the dresses from Nordstrom and the sheets  from The Bay in the end.

I’m looking out my window, which faces south west, and thinking that there is a whole world of people just like me, struck in a routine, passing time, waiting for the world as we know it to recover.  But I increasingly believe there is no going back to that world.

My husband and I will likely begin our retirement in 5-10 years and have started to think about our life together in those terms.  I’ll share some of our plans closer to that time.  For now, we are just two dreamers, hoping for a better world in which to live our last years comfortably and well.

Back to looking outside, everything is beginning to turn green again.  I ponder this and  Roop farts.  Smiles all around. I wink at Roop and he just laughs and laughs.   We take the good with the not so good around here.  I think I’ll go check the weather and sort out my plans for the day.

It’s still cold at 10C with a low tonight of 1C. The forecast shows some sun on Thursday but I’m not hopeful.  I spoke with my wee Scottish Auntie yesterday and she seems to be doing well on her own in Toronto.

Tuesday May 12 – Day 58

60 minutes of exercise for Tabada Tuesday.  Feeling good, tired and a bit sweaty.

Wednesday May 13 – Day 59

I’ve been instructed to go for a walk on the trail behind the Bridge Bistro on the outskirts of town this morning.  So at 11:00 I  am heading over there.  I’m starting this morning with a big mug of coffee and a blueberry RX protein bar.  I’m wearing a slate blue ruched dress and footless dancer’s tights.  It’s a bit cold so before I leave I’ll don a matching blue sweater that my Aunt gave me when I was last in Toronto.  Roop has had a wee bit of chicken and now he sleeps on my lap until it’s time for me to go walking.

I leave at 11:00 and by 11:07 I am strolling along the trail.  The weather is brilliant.  The trail runs beside the Elk River and the trail on either side is sheltered by trees.  I set my timer for 30 minutes and walk until the alarm sounds and then turn around to return back making my journey about one hour.  Every day I’ll add a bit to this.  Afterwards, I drive around the annex looking for other access points to the trail.  I spot a piece of driftwood that I’ll come back for, bringing a bag to carry it in.  This will make for a nice project this summer, peeling off the bark and sanding the wood to see what shape emerges from inside.

I spend the  afternoon engaging in miscellaneous meaningless tasks which I’m quite alright with.

Tomorrow we have our chiro appointments at 10:30 and my zoom exercise at 11:00.  I’ll likely get back to my book in the afternoon.  I am interested in Warhol but mostly I’m interested in the time he lived in and in New York City during that time.  The book is a history lesson of not just the man but the circumstances of his life at an interesting time and place in history.

Today I did quite a lot of snacking, an emerging new habit I must break quickly.  I’m not alone in this I’m sure.

Thursday May 14 – Day 60

We are finished our bag of frozen wild blueberries and move on now to a tropical mix that includes berries.  The blueberries are huge. Easily 2 – 2.5 x the size of the wild ones.  Huge and not natural, I’m guessing.  It’s only 9:30 and I’m awake and fully ready for the day.  Reason being that early chiro appointment today.  Followed by zooming with Sarah, I’ll be at the mid point of the day before long.

I didn’t make it out today for a walk as planned.  The hummingbirds are out in full force today, sipping the sugar water.  The robin babies are flying around being all new and such.  Learning the business of being robin.  Ginger the cat was roaming our property for most of the day.  Roop was being a bit of an ass, pooping and peeing in the house today.

Dinner tonight was chicken salad sandwiches.  I made the chicken salad with roast chicken chopped onion, celery and dressed with mayo and Dijon. I had mine on sourdough toast. Dave had his on calabrese.

I listened to an interesting podcast this afternoon called Rabbit Hole by NYT and available in a few places including Spotify.

I had a great adjustment this morning with Dr Erik and a great workout with Sarah.  We were trying some combo moves.  This is where she turns three exercises into one.  I made the mistake of telling her one combo wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and she upped the ante on reps from 10 to 15 in the second and third sets.  I sometimes do 30 repeats of some movements like pushups because I can and she knows it.

And I’m loving it.  The fact that I can accomplish stretch exercise goals and be unafraid to take on more.

Tonight I’m having a glass of wine, and it’s not even Friday.  Another grey and cloudy night. I’m hopeful for tomorrow. I’d like to wear a dress and sit outside for awhile.  Maybe go for a walk.

Life is good, despite everything.  My world is feeling good and full. I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to four years ago.

Friday May 15 – Day 61

Plan is to open CAN-US border June 21st. This means that I should also be able to travel within the country.  Thanksgiving with the Babe Club is not out of the realm of possible for October.  And perhaps July in Toronto is also a possibility.  Will have to wait and see how life unfolds and weigh the risk/rewards of travel.

It’s Friday again and we are not even remotely bored with our a Friday routine.  I’m going to sit outside this afternoon.  Straight after breakfast with Roop. Or perhaps I’ll sort through those jewelry boxes first.  They have been sitting around my dining room for many weeks now. Lots of time to decide.  I’ve got nothing but time.  I Finished sorting and cleaning and I now have a mental inventory of my jewelry.

Saturday May 16, 2020 – Day 62

Restless night and I spent it on the couch  while pug and man  were snoring off key in our comfortable bed.   Up early and puttering around with our various tasks.  We haven’t killed each other yet but tempers are rising and patience is diminishing.

Late in the day we take a drive heading west towards Kimberley.  Our audiobook continues to entertain but we are not enjoying each other’s company much at the moment.  We  must both try harder.  This works when we reach “that” point with each other.  We tell ourselves to be nicer to each other and it always  works!  Its like never going to bed angry with your partner.  A good rule s to try to be nicer – both of you!

We hung another piece of our art today.  This one is by Wyland and was purchased, I think in Key West on our first trip together to the Florida Keys.  He thinks it was purchased in Maui while there for our friends wedding.  It’s not important.  We both love this composition by Wyland who painted it from his home in Oahu.  So perhaps Dave is indeed right.  Here’s a similar piece by the artist.

Abstract III WAO-020208-C" - Wyland Gallery - 170255 |

We spend the night watching Fringe a favourite series of my husbands.  I daydream and plan what I might get myself up to when the world opens it’s arms to me again.

Sunday May 17, 2020 – Day 63

I’m sure I’ve said I don’t eat fast food in this blog, maybe even in this particular post I’ve mentioned it.  But on occasion when my husband is hungry and I’m feeling especially lazy, I will.  Like this morning.  We were going to poach some eggs and make some bacon but neither of us wanted to make the effort.  Being lazy is making us lazy.

I had made up my mind to seriously reboot my diet plan, beginning today.  And that’s how it happens, the best laid plans of mice and men…..

Good news is that I don’t have much to lose.  Thankfully I’ve been careful, and today I’m putting together a meal plan for myself.  The trick with this is to build in some things you actually like.  If it’s all deprivation, all the time you are almost guaranteed to fail.  So I will log my egg McMuffin (without cheese)  into my weight watchers planner this morning and see what that does to my day.  As an aside, it consumed all but two smart points so I must only have zero point food for the remainder of the day.  This is not too hard as there are many choices at weight watchers that “cost” nothing, like bananas, low fat proteins like chicken and eggs, all vegetables and fruit.  I will be just fine.  Great in fact.  I’ve made myself a salad bar for the week.  Small containers filled with salad bar favs like chick peas, black beans, cottage cheese, iceberg lettuce, sliced pickled beets.  I’ll add to this and mix my own salads this coming week.  If I stay focused and true and add a little walking everyday, my chances for loss are great.  I’ll keep you posted.

Our new gardener started today.  She was here bright and early weeding our upper driveway.  It looks great.  We don’t use chemical sprays here in a Beautiful British Columbia, hey maybe you don’t either wherever you live, I hope not. I think it might be a mistake but I have a couple of large walnuts in the shell to gift to my new friend the Groundhog who lives under the deck.  I’ll let you know how that goes later.  I won’t be leaving one for him until we have a nice sunny day and I can stealthily observe his comings and goings, perhaps even get a picture.  I will leave it on the large rock where I last saw him.

Jesse has tidied up my rock garden and planted some new items such as wild thyme and a few succulents.  We also have a purple clematis vine to plant when the weather is consistently warmer.  I think I’m going to enjoy working with her, she is very action-oriented.

I’m listening to James Taylor today.  It seems perfect for a damp day like today.  After this I may just randomly pick a few tunes to play one after another.  Let the first inspire the second and so on.  It’s what I love about Spotify.  Pick a song or a genre and let the day drift along with your mood…….  but for now I’m very content with sweet baby James.

So that didn’t happen, my husband decided to join me and watch TV.  He is currently watching Fringe.  So here we are at 8:45pm watching Fringe.

I’ve started to think about a road trip to Thunder Bay later this summer to see my sister.  I’ll be doing some planning beginning tomorrow.  More then.

Monday May 18 – Day 64

It’s a long weekend so today is a “holiday”.  How is that different from any other day?  It’s not really.  Except if you are working from home you are likely not working today.

I’ve started planning a couple of trips that I hope to make in the coming months.  First is a singleton driving trip from my home in Fernie, BC to my sisters home in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a journey of about 2100 kms. I think I can do it in 5-6 days which means 5 hours a day minimum driving.  I will need to practice for a few weeks before undertaking this on my own.

I used to do long solo  drives all the time when I lived in Toronto.  I would routinely pack up and head down to New England for a weekend or longer.  I loved going to New York, Vermont, And New Hampshire in the Fall.  The colours were always amazing.  And I often  brought home large antiques in my convertible car, which at the time was a BMW 323.  But that was a jaunt in the park compared to driving across Canada.

I’m working on my route with overnight stops at the moment.  I just don’t know when I will make this trip but I know for sure I will do it, if not this year, then next.

My other trip is to Toronto in October.  This is easier as I will likely fly as soon as permitted.  I need to find a rental downtown for a week or so, then I will move on to my friend Nancy’s cottage north of Kingston.  I’m also hoping to make a stop in Whitby to see old friends.

For today we went for a long walk by the river.  Dave, me and  Roop.  Roop is now exhausted and is loudly snoring from under the couch.  We are just hanging out now like we do most days.  I’ll go out for sushi in a couple of hours.

Tuesday May 19 – Day 65

My gym is re-opening today but my personal trainer is not, that’s in phase 3.  I think I may purchase a membership so I can go workout now and then on my own.   It’s good to have a routine that gets you out of your solitary bubble.  Perhaps I’ll wait a week or two to see how the new rules  at the gym work out.

For now I am zooming with Sarah this morning.  As usual an excellent and challenging workout.  I’m up to 30 jumping jacks per set, two, sometimes three sets per workout so 90 jumping jacks….try it sometime, let me know how it goes for you.  Maintaining steady on 5 get-ups per set, three sets per workout.  Next time you see me just ask and I’ll show you how to do one.  It’s my new party trick for 2020.  For best results ask before cocktail hour!

This afternoon I went for a walk-about our property.  Spotted some random tulips amongst the dandelions.  Climbed stairs without using the railing…..19 steps. My goal is to free form climb these 19 steps without having to carefully think through each step.  End of summer goal totally achievable, I think.

I’ve been thinking about my driving trip to Thunder Bay and think I will do a few excursions in between. Like overnight to Nelson, Fairmont Hot Springs and Lake Louise. Each should take at least two hours, possibly three and get my mind back in shape for long hours  of highway driving.  I will start making these trips once the weather shifts to something consistently warm so that I may enjoy my destination to its fullest.

I’m having some peppermint tea and half an orange for a snack.  Tonight is sushi take-away as they were closed yesterday for the holidays.

Wednesday May 20 –  Day 66

I’m starting my Acupuncture therapy today and I’m quite excited.  I’ve been feeling  more life in my left side these past few months so am optimistic that a sustained course of acupuncture will help me regain functionality on the left.  More on this later.

I will need to pre-plan what I wear so I can easily and quickly take off and put back on again before/after my session.  This is not something you might ordinarily spend much time thinking about, but I do.  My new black sports bra arrived today from Amazon.  This is going to be it’s inaugural wear, along with  adress.  I have a nice new blue bodycon ruched dress from Nordstrom that I will wear with a new sage green faux suede jacket. Lovely tell your mother.

Accupuncture went well. I’m not sure what you are supposed to feel after the needles have been placed but my left foot felt warm and my hand relaxed, the fingers slowly unclenching.  I feel energized and depart outside to a drizzly rainy day.  But that didn’t get me down, no sir.  Then I did a bit of grocery shopping at the Independant.  I want to like shopping in this store but I always exit feeling a bit disgruntled for some reason.  On the way out a nice man offers to wheel my cart over to my car and loads the groceries in the back for me. I am grateful and thank him for his kindness.

On the way home I pop by Sarah’s house to leave a bag in her driveway.  As I’m making to leave she rolls in beside me in her sweet powder blue Mom-ride.  We chat from inside our respective cars for a few minutes. I will see her again tomorrow for our zoom workout.

For now I’m heading home to make lunch.  I bought a large bag of frozen wild blueberries for me and my buddy.  He will be very excited when he sees them.

The walnut is gone!  The groundhog from under the deck must have found it last night.  I’ve decided to call him Walter Bishop and I’ll leave another walnut tonight for him.  When the weather is nice I will stalk him properly.

Tonight I’m making shake & bake chicken thighs (yeah flashback to Mike and me living together in Ajax. Shake and bake,  chips and baked beans from a tin). Tonight we will have garlic toast and fresh salad with our chicken.

My motivation for elaborate cooking has not yet returned.  I’m making simple and quick at the moment. Perhaps I’ll make a lasagne this weekend.  Stay tuned.

It’s 6:00 and my hand is completely relaxed., unclenched.    This is good progress for today’s acupuncture session. I am hopeful for continued positive results.

Thursday May 21, 2020 – Day 67

My left hand has remained relaxed all night and into today.  I am trying to be mindful of it as I sit and drink my coffee this morning.  My entire left side has just generally felt more relaxed, less spastic than usual. I am hopeful of continued good results and improvements on this early progress.

I’ve completed a Tabada Thursday with Sarah and we’ve added a session on a Friday to make up for the long weekend Monday we both took off this week.

Walter Bishop has not been back to retrieve the new walnut and as it rained last night I must grab it myself and throw it in the bin.  I don’t want to hurt Walter with a bad, wet walnut.  One of my lovely flowering shrubs near the walnut looks like it was sat in, leaving me wondering if Walter Bishop sat and stared at the walnut for awhile before deciding that he just doesn’t like walnuts and retired for the night.

Today it rains (again).  I will go for a short walk around my property today.  I don’t mind the rain.  I will hum that old Neil Sedaka tune as I amble along.

My Alexa dot arrived today and soon I will set it up.  I just wanted a small portable speaker and thought that this would do the trick.  I’ll keep you posted.  I also received my danskin stirrup tights that I will wear with my new dresses.  They are a nice thin tight, yet warm for these cold rainy days we’ve been having.  I need to try them on for size as I’d like to order more if they are a good fit.  Later, man.

Today promises to be very lazy indeed and I’m just going to lean in to it.  I have a few small tasks on my radar and may actually accomplish them, or not.  One thing I’ve been wanting to try is brown sticky rice and I’m set up to cook that in my rice cooker later today as it is likely we will order Chinese tonight.

It sure is cold and miserable outside.  We left the house briefly to have our regular weekly adjustment at our chiropractor, Dr. Erik.  Feeling good.  We are skipping Chinese and going in for our own homemade soup tonight.

Kids in BC are heading back to school soon for a day or two a week.  There is much debate in our little town on whether this is a good idea or not.  My opinion is that kids should be returning to school as soon as is practical.  We don’t need a lost generation of kids missing out on foundational education and life experiences.  I will pause to add nothing to that opinion as I am a boomer and  to add to this strike, I also have no kids of my own, therefore I am largely unworthy to hold an opinion on this topic.  Going to check the forecast, back soon.

Friday May 22, 2020 – Day 68

It’s Friday.  Another week gone by.  I just finished my workout with Sarah.  I’m in a good sweat.  We did a bunch of new exercises today, none of which I particularly enjoyed.  Sarah said it’s because they are new.  In other words.  I will come to love them over time.  Perhaps?   She’s been right about this in the past.

I’m having some home made soup leftover from dinner last night. Along with raw carrots and  celery on the side.  After this I will do some grocery shopping in town at the Value Mart.  Pick up a few dinner things.  Ricotta, lasagne noodles, bananas, mio flavour for my water.  Tomorrow I will make lasagne.

It’s still raining.  I saw a robin flying around this morning but no sign of Walter Bishop.  I may purchase some shelled peanuts to lure him out but think this may be a mistake.  Everyone loves peanuts in a shell, birds, animals, beer swilling friends. I may just be inviting trouble by offering a blue ribbon feast to random mountain wildlife.

+2 days since acupuncture and my hand is still relaxed and unclenched.  Walking around without my hiking pole and everything feels relaxed.  I may go shopping and leave my pole in the car.  More on that later.  Well I did go shopping without the pole and it was just fine.  These are the small steps taken that lead to larger accomplishments.

My hair salon is opening next week which means my standing Thursday at 1:00 appointment is back on.  Everyone must wear a mask.  So I must find one to wear. Lots of time for that.  I will discuss with my friend Jenn.

I had an RX bar for a snack this afternoon.  It consumed 7 WW smart points.  Leaving me just 4 points to use on Wine Friday.  Looks like I’m going over today.

I just made my sweetie some fresh guacamole in the style of a Rick Baylis. He’s been working hard while I continue to nest in place.  Soon he will finish work for the day and we will eat this together before fast food Friday begins.

Tonight I have chicken noodle soup for my dinner.  Simple, easy, light.  Some wine and soon we will call it a day and a week.  Tomorrow, I  think I’ll do the driving wherever we go.

Saturday May 23 – Day 69

Walter Bishop grabbed the walnut last night. I will leave him a new one soon.

Today we drove to Cranbrook and listened to our audio book in the Alex Fletcher series.  I got a couple of new pairs of running shoes. One in stock and the other ordered for delivery.  All around a good day. Popped some tags.

Thrift Shop I’m gonna pop some tags

My husband has been working on getting my Porsche ready for me to take out on the road.  Early estimate is five weeks, perhaps ten latest.   He is getting a new GPS  installed with rear-view camera. Along with the hand controls.  This retrofit  will be 10K  well spent.  It will be ready to drive to Thunder Bay in August.  My husband is the best! I can’t imagine a better man for me than this handsome silver fox.

We are hot tubbing  later tonight.  So I am sitting here in my swimsuit and coverup waiting until the moment, say 9:00-ish.  I’m hoping to see the stars tonight.  It’s a nice clear, cloudless night so I’m hopeful.  I just need a hat to round out my outfit.  Keeping the brain warm is important.

It’s a braw  bricht moonlit nicht the nicht, as my Uncle James used to say, it’s a lovely bright moonlit night tonight.  And you all know what that means……we are heading to our hot tub, together.See you all tomorrow.

Sunday May 24 – Day 70

Another rainy day.  It’s good for the garden and assorted greenery and ducks.  The snow has retreated from the valley.  It can only be seen from a distance now on the tops of the mountains

My property is coated with a thick layer of yellow dandelions, a weed to many, but an early source for bees.  We originally tried to tame this riot of nature by mowing.  But the results were so choppy and unattractive we decided to just let nature do her thing.  We both come from suburbs of Toronto where the lawns were always manicured and mowed regularly to an even green.

Monday May 25,  – Day 71

It’s damp and cold again today.  Every year I dream of warm spring sunshine, and every year I am disappointed when it doesn’t come early.  Spring quickly merges to summer here.  So fast you barely notice the change.

I’ve finished my workout with Sarah.  We have increased our first set of getups from 5. to 8. And I know what’s coming.  All three sets will quickly move to 8 reps, cause that’s what she does.

My left hand remains relaxed and unclenched.   I have been walking around without my pole for about a week now.  I keep it by my bed in case I need to get up during the night when it’s dark.  I’m still not comfortable walking alone in the dark.

Roop is quietly snoozing on my lap.  He’s had his second breakfast of frozen blueberries and soon will take off to settle into his daybed.  But for now we sit silently together, doing nothing, just being.  We took a short 15 minute walk together.  I had him on leash.  For a small dog he is quite strong and can really pull on the leash. I accomplished this without my pole.  Dave reminded me that walking a Roop was a goal I had when I got out of the hospital.  I need some new goals.  My long distance driving trip is one.  Perhaps dancing should be another but I’m still pretty awkward with my left side movement.

Ah sushi Monday.  Soon I will place my order and drive into town to pickup.

Tuesday May 26, – Day 72

Exercise with Sarah today on Tabada Tuesday and a call with Stan in the afternoon.  Another dull day.  But the grey, blue, green and purple combination of the clouds Forrest and mountains are simply stunning.  Me and my buddy are having yoghurt and blueberries together.  This is my favourite part of my day.  We sit together, he snoozes.  We can do this without boring each other for about hour.  When the food is finished, so is a Roop.  He proceeds to his day bed which is straight under the large picture window in front of me,  there he will remain until he is bored again and moves to his other daybed in the great room or to Dave’s office or outside for one of his many walkies. I’ll take him out again today in the afternoon.

Not much else to do on this day but tidy up a few loose ends around my house.  Upstairs and downstairs.  I’m tired after my tabada workout.  Sarah says, quite right, that means you are doing it right.

After that I get on a call  with my old friend Stan.  After very little news on either side,we discuss a variety of random topics including the re- opening of our various provinces of residence:  Ontario, Alberta and BC.  I won’t regurgitate our discussion.  Suffice to say. There is good and there is bad.  We are both quite alright but agree for now that Zoom is likely our only meeting point for the foreseeable future.  Neither of us is anxious to get back on a plane at this particular point in time.  So it’s adios for now, talk soon.

A hardcover book I ordered arrived in today’s post.  I am looking forward to starting it.  There is nothing like the feel of a real book in your hands, turning pages.  I haven’t done this for pleasure for quite awhile now my book is called Ridgerunner by Gil Adamson.  It’s set in the Rockies and Montana.  The reason for my interest.  I will take it with me in the car when I do some practice drives in the coming weeks.  Good to grab a coffee and find a picnic table along the way to stop and read for awhile.

Wednesday May 27,  – Day 73

Round two acupuncture today.  I am very interested to continue with this course of treatment and see what emerges.    My left hand is still relaxed but without movement yet.  Soon I will need to begin specific hand exercises to see if I can push past this impasse with my brain.

I’m starting to plan my solo road trip for August:  Destination Thunder Bay. Hot & Fresh – Independence Run.

I’m just working out where I’ll stop along the way.  I Will do a separate blog post on this topic before, during and after.

Tonight we have home made chicken soup.  Very delicious. I will cook again tomorrow and Friday.  For now we relax at the end of our day and enjoy the company of each other and Roop.  Tomorrow. I have a dentist appointment to repair a chipped tooth and later a hair appointment.  In between I’ll likely go for a walk about.  Maybe I’ll take my first solo drive out to Sparwood and back if the weather is fine.

Thursday May 28, – Day 74

I have a dental appointment today.  I’ve chipped a tooth and it needs repairing.  So I’m in at 9:00 to see the dentist.  So there I was all ready at the dentist for 9:00 but the appointment is for next week on Thursday.  It can wait it’s only a small chip.

So instead, like the agile woman that I am, I go with the flow and decide to do my first solo highway drive to Sparwood, home of the Worlds Biggest  Truck.  Seriously it is. I don’t think they would lie about something this important.  Here is a link to information and some pictures, if you are interested.

Sparwood, BC, World’s Biggest Truck

I  Stopped for coffee on arrival.  There is a new Tim Horton’s here.  Round trip took just one hour with no issues managing fast traffic.  I find people are fairly disciplined in this part of the country with respect to speeds and lanes.  Back home in time to sit in my mountain facing muskoka chair for half an hour.  I drive the car around to the top level of my house just in time to see Canada Post drop off a stack of parcels.  My Maldron salt has arrived from London (finally, it was shipped on April 8th). Also delivered were:

  • – my saucony running shoes purchased on the weekend
  • – two pairs of lock laces that I just ordered from amazon a couple of days ago
  • – my Nespresso coffee order
  • – more fun coloured bras
  • – danskin tights

I have a hair appointment today at 1:00. This is my standing weekly appointment with Rachel for a wash, blowout and straightening.  I Sanitize my hands before entering the salon and then don a disposable mask. The salon has done a great job of isolating within its space.  No time for roots or colour today so it’s a wash, blowout and straightening for my long hair, grown at least 2-4 inches since my last visit.  I’ll get the full Monty next week on Thursday after I’m done at the dentist (again).

I’ve moved my workout to Friday to accommodate thedental appointment that didn’t happen.

Friday May 29, – Day 75

Workout at 10:00 am today with Sarah and after its F3 Friday.  Today I’m making spareribs for my dinner tonight. Low and slow with sweet baby rays bbq sauce.  I’ll have it with salad from my salad bar.

In a strange and happy coincidence, it looks like I will be meeting up with a friend in Thunder Bay later this summer.  It’s always nice to have a destination and other people at the end of a long journey.  Good motivation to plan ahead and be ready for this trip so I don’t fuck it up.  I’ve been in isolation for 75 days now and they have been too, my friends on the other end.  I will bring masks for us, just in case.

I was just briefly reading about groundhogs.  Walter Bishop is more likely to emerge for some alfalfa sprouts than a walnut.  Silly me.  They also like leaves and veggie gardens so I’m going to keep a watch for Walter and signs of aggression towards the plants in my rock garden.

Posting this tomorrow, Saturday.  I’ll stage it with pictures and such later today.  I honestly didn’t think we would go much beyond day 50 but here we are ending Day 75 and moving into Part 4 – Days 76-100.



I am strong, awesome and independant!

Hot and Fresh Trip Planning

Solo independence  Trip to Thunder Bay in August!

And so are you… we all just need to practice a bit more.

Get yourself out there, You can have it all too!  Enjoy this one life you have and live it.


Stay awesome!






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