Social Isolation Tracker – Day 26-Day 50

Well another 25 days have passed since we last met to check-in on each other.  Here’s what I’ve been doing.  Let me know what you’ve been up to and if you have any ideas for me during the next 25.

Friday  April 10, 2020 – Day 26

Routine day of the “new normal”. Woke late with a bit of a hangover.  Too much wine during the ugly formal dinner.  A single extra strength Tylenol took care of that.  And so begins Day 26.  It’s cold and a bit grey.  I have no plans for today so it was what has become a fairly routine day.

Hangover aside, it’s still Wine Friday.  My husband has returned from McDonald’s with his Fast Food Friday feast.  Roop likes this as he is given one single french fry every Friday. He remembers this and sits close to Dave, waiting patiently.  I have leftover curry and

Pad Thai.  Later we watch a few episodes from a series called Bull.

We are thinking of going on a drive tomorrow, listen to an audiobook.  It will make a pleasant break in our routine.  For now we’ll finish watching our daily allotment of TV and head to bed.

Saturday April 11,2020 – Day 27

Woke to a dull grey day here in my little piece of paradise.  Shower, breakfast and blueberries with Roop, a conjugal visit with my husband and a latte made especially for me with lots of love.  Today promises to be very low key.  We’ve decided not to go for a drive today.  Perhaps tomorrow the sun will shine.  There are very few cars out on Highway 3 this morning.  I’ve watched about five cars drive by heading east. Destination is likely Lethbridge or north to Calgary, Red Deer or Edmonton.    Normally it would be choc-a-bloc on Easter weekend.  All week the Regional District of East Kootenay has been asking visitors to stay away.  I guess they listened.

Sunday April 12, 2020 – Day 28

The sun is shining on my little town today.  My husband has gone into town to pick up a few essentials.  I’ve been having a latte whilst reading some news. The Canadian border is now closed to both non essential travel and non-Canadians.

I slept poorly last night.  Both my husband and my pug happily snored  through much of the night, but not in unison, which might have been bearable.  I moved my fine self to the great room couch.  He came to find me and take me back to bed, however I had exhausted all of my usual tricks for falling asleep, including having an extra strength Tylenol, so my only recourse was a change of scenery and the pursuit of quiet.  I awoke at 7:30 am and returned to my husbands arms.  There are already more cars on Hwy 3 going both east and west this morning. A bit of cabin fever and looking for a respite and change of scenery for awhile, is my guess.

I’m sitting here and my wee belly is glaring at me.  Hungry, growling even, but undeserving of more food.    I’m staring in the face, err, belly of a diet soon.  But not today.  Roop is snoozing in a sunspot on his bed by the window.  Blissfully unaware of the sad state of our world and happy with his own world and fine peeps.

Monday April 13, 2020 – Day 29

60 minute workout.  As usual we start with get-ups, squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches, tabadas and stretches and a wee bit of bad dancing with myself.  But I’m feeling good.  Re-booted my diet today with a 5 lb weight loss goal.  Another day with more of the same.  Reading, quick check of the news, local, national and international.    These days are routine.  It’s sushi Monday and around 6:00 I head over to Sushi Wood to pick up my take-out order.  We wash our hands and then eat.  Then my husband and I have our daily time together, at the conclusion of his work day.  Talk about random things.  Watch a bit of TV.  Bed by 10:30.  More of the same expected tomorrow.

Tuesday April 14 – Day 30

Day 30.  Well.  I woke to Mr Sunshine beading down on me while I was still sleeping. The promise of a fine day was enough to make me spring out of bed and into the shower.  It takes exactly one hour for me to complete my pre-breakfast routine and by 9:30 I am back in place with wee Roop on my lap eating his second breakfast of small chicken pieces. I’m having an RX protein bar chocolate and sea salt flavour and drinking coffee. I have a workout at 11:00, but that’s all that I have planned at the moment.

I also had a zoom call scheduled with my good friend Stan.  We get over the niceties fairly quickly.  There’s not much news to share.  We are both in isolation, just 3,500Km’s apart in this big country, he’s in the East near Toronto, of course I’m in the west near Calgary and Vancouver.  Courtesy of zoom I am sitting lotus-style on the floor looking up at Stan sitting at his desk.  It’s great to see, hear and talk to him again.  It’s been a year since we last met in Toronto over dinner.  He tells he about his online Seder dinner, where everyone talked on top of everyone else.  But that’s just business as usual when family congregates.  Online or in person.  Life goes on.

I like to check the weather in places where I have friends living so I know what they are facing for the day ahead.  Places like Salmon River, Nova Scotia, Toronto, London, and various parts of a Europe and the US.  My mountain sunshine is a fickle creature.  It’s gone now and I’m staring into the jaws of another grey day.  Last night I tried to make microwave popcorn of the Act II brand and failed twice.  I think I will find my old hot air corn popper and purchase popping corn at the grocery this week and just make some the old fashioned way with real butter and  perhaps some Indian spices.

Wednesday April 15, 2020, – Day 31

Another dull day and Roop is snoozing on my Lap.  I love these first few hours of every day. It’s quiet, just me and my wee dog.  I’m never bored. When you have books there is always something to do.  I’m reading about the life of Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI.  But I think I’ll stick a pin in this book for now and start another.  I often do this to keep myself amused. Have two maybe three books I’m reading at the same time.  I like to finish what I start so I always come back for the remainder of the story.

I’m longing for a few things. Like a:

  • leg and underarm wax
  • haircut
  • massage

All the things every woman wants right  about now. I shudder to think of where I’ll find myself at Day 50.  My Amazon orders are starting to arrive.  Today a couple of sleep masks and a few bras in pretty colours. My Nespresso coffee order came yesterday.   When you are quoted delivery dates in May or June, it might seem like forever but, honestly it’s not.  I placed these orders in late March.  I placed another order today.  Later today I have a video conference with my besties, Nancy and Mea.  We will discuss Babe Club and what we will do when we can leave our respective homes and be together, later this year, perhaps Thanksgiving in October-ish.

I also ordered a couple of items from a consignment store in Toronto:  a Chanel scarf and a Balenciaga coat.  Provides great retail therapy at a discount.  Quality never goes out of style.

Thursday April 16, 2020 – Day 32

Roop and I are having breakfast. My fingers are lightly stained purple from the berry skin and juice. And I don’t care.    I wash my hands so much it’ll be soon gone but not the memory of a sweet little pug gently resting his wee head across my breast and lightly snoring.  Bliss.

A few cars are back on the road this morning.  Weekend’s coming.  I had a zoom call last night with a Nancy and Mea.  A good catch up.  We are going to try for Babe Club for a Thanksgiving at the cottage event.  I’m thinking, pandemic-permitting, that I’ll fly to Toronto and then on to Kingston, perhaps I’ll  take the train if it’s even an option.

For now I’m thinking of just today.  I need to do a bit of grocery shopping this afternoon.

Friday April 17, 2020 – Day 33

I hear the Canadian  Pacific  train horn from my house on the hill a few times a day.  Some might consider this noise.  I’ve always viewed it as a feature of living here.  Makes  me think of a Gordon Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy.  I saw a Gordon at one of his annual Massey Hall concerts in Toronto many years ago and loved it and him. And he  could possibly be my desert island companion or at least my entertainment. Who could get enough of him singing to you everyday, Right Sundown. Daylight Katy! and Cotton Jenny!  Listen to him here:

Canadian Railroad Trilogy

For today, I’m doing more of the same. I didn’t make it to the store yesterday so perhaps I’ll go today.  Or perhaps not.  I am very content in my beautiful mountain home, listening to music, reading books and online shopping.  Giving and getting love and hugs on a regular basis.  Life is good despite the sadness of what is happening in our world.

It’s Fast Food Friday for my husband, French Fry Friday for my pug, and Wine Friday for me.  All around a good day in our household.  We are grateful for the small things, have enough of what we need and envy nobody.  Our day is bright and most beautiful.  Roop is snoozing with his head on one muddy shoe belonging to my husband that he’s dragged into our great room. Another singleton boot (this one mine)stares back at me from his bed.  He’s been busy this morning before conking out. All is good in his wee world, he sleeps belly up, innocent and trusting.

On Fridays I cook myself dinner for one as I’m not one to indulge in fast food.  I’m going to ponder this awhile and have a cup of coffee.

In the afternoon, I listen to this album:

August and Everything After - Wikipedia

I talked to my mom yesterday.  She’s in a nursing home now.  She seems happy.  She has two friends.  Good food, lots of support from staff.  On the right meds thankfully. My brother and sister in law see her when they  can.   She loves her grandchildren.  This how my days run by.  It’s 1:15 now and the day has flown.

Saturday April 18, 2002 – Day 34

I allow myself to be a wee bit of a slug on the weekend, more so than on week days.    Watch TV, day drink leftover wine from Wine Friday.  And we are ok with that.  I’m waiting for a wee crack to open in the world, for me and a few other adventurers.  I’m thinking to rent a house somewhere and invite some friends to join me.  Europe is my fav destination at the moment.  Mediterranean.  Upscale house with a pool. Perhaps the same house I rented in Abufiera, Portugal a few years ago.  I must look into that.  Rent it for myself and invite Some friends to just show up if they can. 

I was looking at my little pug Roop this morning and thinking as he lounged in his bed that he’s bringing sexy back…..just like Timberlake.  Looking very sweet, happy and pug-sexy   With the sunlight shining on his black coat, he looks like a wee mink.

I’m curious. How are you bringing sexy back? Do you even care?  Getting my sexy back?  What does that mean.  I’m not entirely sure.  I’m feeling fine.  Just want to get back out in the world and do my thing, whatever that is!

I really like smart women so I just want to find a time, a place, a moment, to be with special women who are smart, capable, have good sense of humour.  Maybe a man or two would be ok, for visual distraction, but largely unnecessary.


Sunday April 19, Day 35.

The Stray Cats

I’m sitting in my bedroom watching the neighbours cat, I call it Ginger, creep along the top of the fence dividing our property with that of the neighbours.  She pauses to search the scrub below, perhaps looking for breakfast.  The song Stray cat Strut comes to mind but this one is not a stray.  She was just pausing to summon the courage to climb over some prickly scrub that’s grown over the rail, now she stretches tall and long and tentatively steps ahead, she pauses again to rest on the other side, crouching low on the fence rail, creeping, stopping, creeping.  Patient.   It’s a beautiful day and Ginger has time and is making the most of her freedom.  I suggest we go for a drive.  For now Roop and I sit in the comfortable light blue velvet chair by the window in my bedroom.  Ginger reaches the top of the fence and suddenly leaps gracefully to the ground, continuing her stalking.  There are literally thousands of small gopher like creatures living in the earth of these mountains and foothills, prairie dogs, I think they are called, and I believe Ginger has set her sights on capturing one of them.  Slow, stealthy, stalking.  I know some people like that.

Jenn came by yesterday and dropped off some starter herbs:  basil, dill, spearmint and mojito  mint.  They sit in a sunspot on my dining room table where they will remain until planting sometime in May.  I’m going to try a few climbers this year.  Clematis and English Rose.  And some containers with flowers.  I will also plant tomatoes, strawberries and peppers, my successes from last year.  I’d like to get some hot peppers going to make my own sauce later this year in the style of Donna Pearce with scotch bonnets.  Perhaps I will have to grow these lovelies from seed.  And I will. I just ordered seeds from Amazon, they will arrive in June.  I’ll borrow a Jenn’s grow light to kick start their growth in the summer.  They will be houseplants this year.

In other news I’ve lost a pound this week.  Just back to regular eating patterns.  No quarantine snacks.

I’ve spent a few hours today setting up a secure password service.  For about $60 a year you register all your regular services, banking, e-commerce, social, etc.  Well worth the time a few $ for when you need access to your or a spouse/ significant others account details.  Like in the sad event of a death in the family, you and they know where everything is, how to login, etc.

Monday April 20 –  Day 36

A lovely sunny day and our local friend Terry is coming by with his backhoe to straighten our driveway.  Over the winter months whilst plowing,  our local snow removal company got a bit too excited and tore up portions of our driveway (they do this every year but they are the only game in town so we choose our battles.) As the snow melted large piles of aggregate rock emerged and needed some smoothing.  He accomplished the job quickly and well.  Looking good.

Next steps here are 1)to get myself accustomed to a walking routine every day.  Just 15 or 20 minutes  around our property.  It’s a wee bit cool but I’m going out soon.  And 2) decide what and where I’m planting this year.  Our local garden centre opened this weekend and I’m already plotting.  I’d like to plant some creeper vines, clematis and English roses if I can find them locally.  I had good results last year with Strawberries, peppers and tomatoes so they will repeat this year.  The strawberries were delicious fresh off the vine last year and sliced into my morning yoghurt.  I wonder if my pug will like them as much as he does blueberries.  I’ll take a bit of a walkabout and think where these might be planted for best results.

I’m also going to finish adding sites to our password management platform.  I have all of my full service and discount brokerages to update today.  I’ll get started on that as soon as I’m done writing today’s blog entry.

Lots to do today plus it’s sushi Monday so I’ll be ordering for pick up around 6:00ish.   And so another week begins.  My view is spectacular and I noticed some life in my rock garden this morning.  Chives are emerging like little green soldiers bunched together and also a few tulips are breaking ground.  I must remember to plant the gladioli bulbs I received from Hat Trick last year.  I think I’ll put them with the large rocks at the beginning of the entrance to my drive along with more tulips.   A facebook friend is starting work on an English-style Garden and I’m watching her progress with interest and envy.

Tuesday April 21, 2020 – Day 37

Today is my friend Nancy’s birthday.  Sorry Nance I haven’t mailed your card yet. Normally we’d be plotting our next trip.  My turn to pick when this is all over.  I’m still holding out hope for Babe Club for Thanksgiving.

This morning I have completed a one hour exercise program via Zoom.  Now I’m having some celestial seasons apple cinnamon herbal tea in a favourite cup.  It was made by a potter who used to have a studio at Yonge & Summerhill in Toronto, just across from the five thrieves and around the corner from my first house. He relocated to Saltspring Island many years ago where I stumbled upon him and his work while visiting with a work colleague a few years ago.  His work is beautiful and bold.  I have several pieces of his poppy pattern. Stunning yellow and green background with a great splash of red.

I haven’t been getting outside much and need to change that.  Trying to get a brief walk in everyday if I can.  Strangely time flys.  I’m wearing a soft t-shirt today that says Rock Star- Live Your Life.  Trying to, just like you are.  Lots of cars zooming back and forth on hwy3 today.  People are getting out more, if only for a wee drive.  I need to pop out to the shop today and get a few things, milk, cream and bananas.  Perhaps I’ll find the motivation in an hour or so.  For now I’m content to write this and drink my tea.

I’m thinking when the weather is nicer I’ll take a picnic down to the river and sit for awhile. I’d bring Roop but he is still a bit of a wanderer.  Must keep eyes on him at all times. My other pug Ben only wanted to stay by my side and snuggle. I never worried about that good boy wandering away from the woman he loved.

Just returned from my walk about 15 minutes only.  It’s a bit cold out.

I’ve gotten back to thinking about our investments.  Those self-directed with a discount broker, our TFSA’s and such.  The majority of our serious investments are with a full service dealer and doing well enough all things considered.  The others I’ve neglected for a year or so.  Fortunately I left them with solid holdings and cash.  Now I need to spend the cash and get it placed into some decent names.  So I’ve spent some time this afternoon thinking about that, discussing with my husband.  I’ll do the trades tomorrow.  No rush.

I’ve also been dwelling a bit which I sometimes do with spare time.  But it’s not a positive impact overall so I must force myself to move on.  Wait is that Raspberry Beret on my playlist.  This tune always picks me up, makes me feel good.  Talk about bringing sexy back.  Wow, those eyes!


Wednesday April 22, 2020 – Day 38

Roop quietly snoozes, having completed his blueberry second breakfast.  I just had a banana for lunch and am contemplating a walk.  It’s noon and I’m already sank into the sameness of every day spent reading and completing miscellaneous household tasks.  My toner cartridge and printer paper delivered this morning.  Will deal with that later.

Dave installed my hairdryer holding accessory on my bathroom vanity this morning.  I’ve been going au naturel with my hair these past weeks.  I now will be blowing it dry and perhaps straightening it.  I know it’s a lot of work but there is no time like the present to at least try it.  See how long it takes.  Decide whether the extra minutes are worth it every day.  These are the little things that people take for granted, that I’ve parsed off into tasks to be tried, timed, evaluated for usefulness and results in a kind of risk reward daily decision tree.  I need more data to decide whether this is worth the daily time investment.  I will wash my hair on Friday and begin the data gathering process. (Thursday is for exercise with Sarah 11:00-12:00 so my morning tomorrow is already consumed.)

For now I’m just sitting in my recliner watching the mountains, the Elk River and the sparse traffic on Hwy3.   The first 2/3 of my day is drawing to an end.  I picked up a parcel from a vintage consignment store in Toronto, at the community mailbox today.

Beautiful, in perfect condition.  These will be a treat to wear later this year.  Truth told I bought the Chanel scarf to tie onto the handle of a handbag for a splash of colour.

All that’s left for tonight is dinner and a spot of Netflix. We are now watching Shameless.

Thursday April 23 – Day 39

I’ve just finished my Thursday morning workout via Zoom.  These are not super hard but require some level of determination to see it through.  It’s best not to comment if something is getting easier to do, especially if it’s something you like.  Because it soon disappears, only to be replaced with something harder and perhaps less enjoyable.  But my workouts aren’t so much about enjoyment. They are about routine, getting through it, pushing through it. Consistently finishing, never giving up even if you think you want to.  I’m now done and pausing for a banana and a double espresso.

It’s day 39 and at Day 50 I will publish this post.

Today, I will:

  • execute a few trades
  • buy a couple of dresses at online
  • go for an afternoon walk
  • consider what to make for dinner tonight
  • continue reading the book I started yesterday
  • try not to dwell or cry

I already failed at that last task.  I had a few sobs whilst crunching this morning, safely off camera.  I was lying on the floor looking out my window in an upside-down sort of way and thinking about how I used to look out the picture window of the living room I grew up in, on the floor exhausted from dancing, just watching the clouds go by. I was thinking how that happy dancing little girl got the shit kicked right out of her over the years.

This is dwelling folks, don’t do it. It’s sad and unproductive.  Think about that walk you’re going to take today.  It doesn’t have to be far or long. 10 or 15 minutes should do it.  Every day.  Get up and get the hell outside for awhile.  You don’t actually have to stay indoors all the time and you shouldn’t.  Grab some of that natural vitamin D if you are lucky enough to have a steady source.  Mine comes and goes.  Today is nice enough.  No excuses.

Dark clouds are looming over the Lizard range to the West.  Something is coming our way. Rain is ok, hopefully not snow or hail.  Sun is fading.  Need to remember to grab the rays in the moment and not wait for a more “convenient” time.  That’s how days just flow into one another.  Pre-plan and execute to that plan

There’s an idea. Check your local forecast everyday, maybe you already do and build your plan.  Try to stick to it and hold onto that new day energy that you started out with in the morning.

Friday April 24 – Day 40

Yes day 40.  And I’m doing ok so far.  I decided that today will also be a  Fancy Friday as the weather promises to be very nice and I have a new dress to wear.  I have absolutely no plans for the day other than to figure out what to make for my alone dinner while the others in my fam indulge in fast food and French fries.

I think I’ll pound out some chicken cutlets and make a version of a California sandwich like I used to have at a little hole in the wall tucked away on king street west, south of Queen in Toronto.  Panko crusted chicken, good tomato sauce ( my homemade), fried mushrooms, hot peppers.  I’ll skip the crusty roll for today unless I can find something tasty tucked away in my freezer.

Change in plan.  This will shift to tomorrow night.  Tonight it’s my beef and barley and easy.  I’m not in the mood for cooking at the moment.

I also didn’t get to my hair drying experiment.  Stick a pin in that for another day.

I finished a few trades on our investment accounts this afternoon.  Beyond that, I’ve been listening to music all afternoon.

Now I’m going to read while my husband finishes work for the day.  Probably an hour or so.  I’m weathering this rather well.  I think because I’m a contented soul.  Grateful for what I have.  Able to spin a good story from any circumstance.

We must try to do something outside this weekend find a project or two.


Saturday April 25, 2020 – Day 41

It’s Saturday so my husband is playing games.  He works from home all week so does what he wants on Weekends.  We are going to a Cranbrook today to do our banking. Deposit a couple of cheque’s from my contract work earlier this spring.

Later I will make the California sandwiches I didn’t get to yesterday.

Roop will come for the ride and sit on a wee red blanket my aunt made for my other pug Ben on my lap.  He is a good traveller.  And I like feeling his weight on my lap.  He makes happy pug noises while he lightly snoozes.

Back from the two hour round trip.  Uneventful. We continued to listen to an audiobook we started several months ago.  It’s entertaining.  Not much  is open in a Cranbrook. Although I did notice a new thrift store on the way to a BMO.  Huge.  I’ll check it out when the dust has settled a bit more, likely a couple of months or more from now.

My interest in investing has been rekindled. I finished updating my husbands TFSA last week. I’ll tackle mine and my nephews next week.  I’ve setup automatic transfers to all accounts so funds will be available for regular investing.  I’ve also set some long term goals for this pot of money.   Maybe I’ll tell you what they are later, perhaps when I’m at the halfway point.   I know first hand the power of regular investment for long term gain and profit.  I started investing in my early twenties and with regular attention and review, I managed to acquire several large bags of money earmarked for the time we actually decide to retire, which is in the neighbourhood of 10-15 years from now.  So my investment horizon is at least 10 years.  My oldest nephews account is doing quite well.  My youngest is just starting.

Sunday April 26 – Day 42

I’m going to publish this on day 50 even though it’s not very interesting.  Perhaps it is interesting if only for its uninteresting-ness.  And I will keep on logging my days from 50-75 for your reading pleasure.

Today I’m thinking about a menu plan to keep me and my world interesting.   I’ll work on that offline and let you know what I come up with.

May 5 is  cinqe de mayo is coming up next week.  I’m planning our menu.  All Ive got right now is fish tacos and margueritas with fresh squeezed lime juice.

Monday April 29 – Day 43

Up a pound.  I guess it could be worse but I haven’t gone crazy with snacking. It’s just the interruption in my routine that’s killing me.  Instead of going off every day to appointments, I’m hanging around the house nibbling a bit more than I was used to.  I’m also exercising less.  I need to get some motivation going.  A spike in B12 used to work but that’s not enough with all this sitting around.  Dave has suggested I go for a drive every day, just to get out,  perhaps explore some good places to walk.

I’ve been thinking over the weekend about my blog and some changes I’m going to make to refocus.

For now I’m staring down the beginning of a dull day.  But on the bright side, it’s sushi Monday.  Here’s my task list for today

  1. Finish trading on my TFSA. I’ve only a little cash but will buy a small amount of something.  It’s only $10 to do a trade on Investorline.  Better a stockholding than cash I think.  I’m thinking about commercial necessities post this pandemic as potential investment names.
  2. Write some more blogs…shorter ones to fit my new blog model
  3. Later today. Order and pickup sushi. I may stop at Kevin’s Independant and see what the cut flower situation is.  It is surely the  season of tulips, which are my spring favourite.  Purple, yellow, red, pink, white, I love them all.   My own bulbs are pushing their way up in my rock garden at the moment.  Got two dozen red roses.  The pickings were very slim indeed.  But these red beauties are cheering me up already.
  4. Go for a drive around town, beginning a new daily routine.

I may even venture downstairs to my office.  Try to spend more time there.  That’s it for day 43 unless something interesting happens in which case I will come back here and be sure to tell you all about it.  Otherwise see you tomorrow on day 44.

Tuesday April 28 – Day 44

Picked up a few things at the grocery.  Dave remarked on the parsley I bought and asked if I bought it so that we can throw it away (cultural reference from our childhood days).  I actually really like parsley in soup.  Especially strachiatella, which is very easy to make.

Roop is snoring loudly on my lap but it’s time to switch gears into workout mode.  I’ll do my exercise plan for the next hour and then switch over to the kitchen to pound out some chicken for schnitzel.  My cast iron pan is clean and waiting for some action.  I have parsley and lemon to garnish.  Ok.  See you later today.

Done workout now.  At the halfway mark I begin to sweat, a good sign that I’m working hard.  When I first started these sessions I thought of them as rehab and had a goal to turn them into real workouts.  Which I think they are now.  I know I could train harder but I’m at a good point now where I don’t hate doing it or spending the time.  Today was Tabada Tuesday where we turn every exercise into a tabada which for me is 8 reps of 10-15  of each of:

  • sit to stands
  • right lunge
  • pushups
  • left lunge
  • sit ups
  • bridges
  • crunches


Which amounts to 4min,7 seconds of each set as fast as I can pump them out.  Plus 3x 5 getups in between.  It’s good, I like it.

I’ve gained a pound.  Perhaps you are wondering what I’m eating.  Here is my routine:


  • 1 oikos plain yoghurt + 1/4 cup frozen blueberries or 1  oikos cherry 0% fat yogurt + 2 tbsp blueberries (the berries are mostly for Roop)
  • – 1 keurig French roast 8 oz coffee with 2tbsp cream


After workout snack

  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 Nespresso cosi shot


  • carrots & celery
  • soup or RX protein bar
  • leftover sushi or stir fry



– small portions sushi (Monday), Chinese chicken stir fry ( Tuesday), home-made soup or other home made meal using chicken and vegetables.  I try to stay away from bread and gluten save for perhaps once a week and I try to keep it to brown rice or chap Jae sweet potato Korean glass noodles.  Wine on Friday.  Water and herbal tea.  Sometimes a square or two of dairy milk chocolate as an indulgence.

Seriously, that’s it.  What’s to eliminate.  Chocolate squares + wine + coffee cream.  Well I’m not doing that yet.  I am at the weight I was pre-stroke and my clothes fit and look good.  You can’t take all joy out of your life, right.  Everything in balance.  The first to go will be chocolate and cream. Easy.

I’ve been ordering a few things online now and then over these weeks and they are slowly arriving.  Each week bring a new surprise.  Today I’m expecting some casual newsboy style hats, Thursday my dresses from Nordstrom are due to arrive.

Today I have a few tasks to do, including, finishing off my stock trades.  Investorline has had spotty service this week.  And taking my daily drive around town.  Sarah suggested I find a place to stop for a wee walk while I am out and about.  So I will try to do that.

I am hopeful services will start to resume in my small town soon. I desperately need a cut and colour, waxing and a massage.  Plus I’d like to start my acupuncture program.

For now I’m listening to my favourite Spotify playlist. I call it Hippie Heather.  I’ll share it with you later.

Wednesday April 29, 2020 – Day 45

It’s do what I want Wednesday again.  And today I’m thinking of trying out that new hair drying setup my husband has installed in my bathroom.   Actually it wasn’t setup properly. Another day. There’s lots of time.

The cut roses I bought on Monday are blooming nicely and smell lovely.   See you later.

It is a lovely day today and I decided to wear a new dress plus my new cap.  Did a wee bit of grocery shopping for some food items my husband wanted.  Got me out of the house for an hour, which these days is helpful. Very quiet in town.

Picked up a few other items.  It’s my friend’s birthday on the weekend. Otherwise very uneventful. A few items I ordered from Nordstrom arrived today some sweet tank dresses in rust, slate blue and heather blue.  I’m all ready for some sunny days and perhaps some fun times.  I would like to visit friends in a Toronto and my sister in Thunder Bay.My husband and I have discussed drivig out there but I need to practice some solo onger drives first so he wont worry as much while I’m on the road.

That’s it for 45!

Stay awesome!


Thursday April 30, 2020 – Day 46

Yo 46!  Here I am.  I’m writing various cards this morning.  Birthdays, Mother’s Day, belated thank yous.  Will take them to the post office on Friday.  Some are already late at the time of mailing. Others may make it on time.  But my thoughts are good even if my motivation has been lacking at the moment.

I’m also planning a gift for my friend Stella.  I’ll drop it off Saturday morning. Along with something small for her brother, Levi.  I’ll pop out today or tomorrow to pick up the finishing touches. Probably tomorrow, the rain is pounding down and it feels cold

I’m doing that 10 albums that have influenced my musical taste every day for 10 days activity on Facebook.  You get nominated to do these things by a friend.  I usually can’t summon the interest or energy to engage but who doesn’t love music especially those special sounds of your formative years that influenced you then and for years to come.  I started by listing those albums and then ranking them based on criteria such as early love and staying power.    Crossed some off and I’m left with the following:

  1. Carole King – Tapestry
  2. Blue Rodeo – Outskirts
  3. Linda Rohnstadt – cry Like a rainstorm howl like the wind
  4. Eagles – everything
  5. Don Henley – everything
  6. Cat Stevens – Tea for the Tillerman
  7. Genesis – Trick of The Tail
  8. Dire Straits
  9. Paul Simon- Graceland
  10. Jann Arden – Living Under June
  11. Max Webster – High Class in Borrowed Shoes
  12. Tom Petty
  13. ELO
  14. Crowded House
  15. Diana Krall

Exercise at 11:00 am  went really well. As I sat crossed legs, lotus style waiting for my zoom meeting to start, I was looking outside reflecting on my mobility status.  Flexibility is coming back.  I can comfortably sit this way for quite a good amount of time.  Something I longed to be able to do when I was wheelchair bound.  Maybe you think I do too much reflecting on progress.  This is not dwelling.  It’s a kindness I give myself, reflecting on a job well done but not yet complete.  I killed my workout.  Especially jumping jacks and single leg squats plus 15 more getups. Nailed it!!

I’ll write this entry and complete my card writing for the remainder of the day until I leave to see our chiropractor around 4:00.  I am thrilled he continues to take appointments for cases that he feels are essential.  I know that this regular adjustment has become essential to my well-being, I’m glad he thinks so too.   Sadly he has new requirements to incorporate from the government  so will not be taking appointments until he has this sorted.

Later I’ll plan my cinque de mayo supper menu which will definitely include margueritas.

Must put tequila, Cointreau  and limes on the shopping list and re-visit Megan Machedo’s home schooling lesson on the proper treatment for marguerita making.  My friend Jenn has made Senor Roop a costume sombrero and poncho pls a sweet outfit for me in red, cream and black. Pictures to follow  in Part 3 – 51 – 74.

Adios 46, see you on 47

Stay awesome!

Friday May 1, 2020 – Day 47

47 days with very little contact beyond phone and a few zoom and FaceTime meetings.  I’m rolling with it.  But it’s Wine Friday, that helps a wee bit!

I have a zoom meeting today with my friends Mea and Nancy otherwise known as Blue Monkey and Pink Monkey.or 2/4 of the Babe Club  perhaps Margo will join us and make it 4/4.  I’ve set up the meeting but not sure I’ve scheduled it correctly to deal with the fact that we are in different time zones.  I’m a nerd not a techie!    Mea has sent a backup meeting invite to use in the event that mine fails.  It will. I propose we use the backup as primary. Call coming up in 30 minutes.  Will be good to see my friends.

It’s Friday (again)  and you know what that means for our fam.  Today is also fancy Friday and I’m wearing a new dress, hat and scarf.  Looking good, feeling good.  It’s Day 47 and another dull day in my little piece of paradise.  I’m going to run a quick errand this afternoon.  Beyond that I don’t have any plans.  Having said that, on Friday I fly solo for dinner so I must think about what to make for me.  Perhaps pork chops. I haven’t had these for literally years. The other white meat.  I’ll see what my local supermarket has later today.Pork chops, steamed green beans, broccoli and cauliflower with whitewine.    Zoom with a Nancy and Mea for an hour before dinner. Love those girls.

After day 50, I think I’m going to start a new blog format, publishing something every day.  Just a few paragraphs on what’s going on or some random advice.

Saturday May 2, 2020 Day 48

I need to run an errand today and drop gifts off at my friend’s  house for her birthday.  I’ll do this in the morning before noon.

For now I’m having a cup of earl grey tea, double bergamot. It’s very nice and strong.  It’s my Moms favourite. She called me earlier this week from her nursing home. It was really nice to hear from her.  She’s lonely, not surprising as no visitors are allowed for safety reasons.  My youngest brother manages her affairs and generally makes sure she is ok. I am so very grateful for this.  It used to be assumed that this would be my responsibility as our parents aged.  As we know for many reasons this was not possible.  I try to do what I can from a distance which is not much, sadly.  I am so very proud of my brother, Robbie and the man he has become.  I’ve probably never told him this but he is truly exceptional.

This morning I rose, showered, dressed and drove across town to drop off a gift for my wee friend, Stella. She turned 12.  When I arrived four of her friends, standing 6 feet apart on the driveway of her house were just finishing a performance in her honour.  After we all sat in a semi circle 6+ feet apart and talked. Drank coke and coffee with cookies and timbit  donuts while she opened a few gifts.  She was wearing a fantastic new hat, a gift from her parents.  She looked great – fresh, young and cool. It will probably be the best birthday she ever has.  We are so much more appreciative of the little things at the moment.  When we can safely come together in a small driveway, in a sweet little mountain town, with majestic mountains all around us, in celebration for a little girl leaving the certainty of her elevens for the unknown world of twelves.


I went home and spent the afternoon outside, having a glass of Friday’s wine, while enjoying the beautiful sunny day in the mountains.

Goodnight Stella!

Stay awesome!

Sunday May 3, 2020 – Day 49

I awoke to my husband “steamrolling on top of me ( no, this is not a euphemism).  It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, my friends.  Many hugs, kisses and I love yous later, he washed my hair for me and I tested out my new hairdryer setup.  I will do a full post on this topic later but for now here’s a picture, for all you on-handed warriors:


We have quite a lot to do today.  Today is the nasty twin of yesterday.  Heaving rain, slow moving clouds and man, the wind, even a few hailballs in the afternoon!  But we have some goals.  Since we officially moved to this house in B.C., we have had five paintings taped up in moving blankets sitting by our front door.  Today we will unwrap and hang one of these.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  We start today with one.  The others will follow at a more rapid pace I’m sure, as we have missed seeing our friends, these memories in our daily lives.  Welcome back old friend.

This was purchased in Niagara Falls after spending  a weekend at a Casino Niagara right before leaving for the UK. We purchased it and wouldn’t see it again until our container arrived in London-town some months later.  This is kind of the culmination of many years spent adventuring and  wandering.  Everything is coming home to finally live with us here in our little piece of mountain paradise.

Maybe you’ve spent many years nesting in place.  We are just getting started.  Yesterday I pulled out a bowl and plate we bought in Evora, Portugal in the late 2000’s as we wound our way across Western Europe on our extended journey home to Canada.  At the time of purchase I remember thinking how lovely it will be to use these back home and reminisce about the day they were purchased ( I’m a dreamer and a storyteller) and so yesterday we remembered that day, that time so long ago, dining al fresco in the Medevil walled city of Evora.  Here’s a view of city centre.  We likely sat at one of these tables for our lunch.

Evora, Portugal; a tourism and holiday guide

Back to reality, we have tasks to do as I was saying.  Order some flowers for Mother’s day next weekend.   I’m mailing the cards next week.  All accomplished.

Tonight I’m making spareribs low and slow with some Sweet Baby Ray’s to finish them off on the BBQ.  I may make some coleslaw to go with it.  I have carrots and a small head of cabbage in the fridge.  I didn’t. It’s green beans with a wee bit of butter for me.  I’ll need to figure out that cabbage next week.

What else?  Well tomorrow is Day 50  and I must finish and publish this post.  It’s an hour or two of work, adding photographs and links.  Finishing it up so it loads and reads well.

That’s it.  See you on 50.

Monday May 4, 2020 – Day 50

Yo 50.  Today we publish!  I’ve been to the post office early this morning and got my cards out in the mail.  I talked  to my accountant this morning.  Never happy, always a bit stress inducing.  Taxes are an annual nightmare.  We need to stop making money, sadly, figure out how to reduce our income.

And so we begin day 50.  I have surely settled into my routine here and I’m sure you have your routine wherever you find your fine self on this Monday.









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