I Need a Hug

IMG_0114I really need a hug.  Badly. In social isolation your circles are small by necessity.  Mine got a lot smaller this week when my husband became annoyed by something I had done or hadn’t done, as the case may be.  Several cold shoulder hours later I went in search of a hug only to discover he had plenty to give, but needed to first be asked.  It’s really that easy.  Most people, friends, lovers, partners don’t want to hold that grudge, especially now.  This may be a good time, if you want, to reach out, say you’re  sorry and perhaps pick up that old friendship later on, only if you want to.  No pressure.  There’s some I do and some I don’t…..  I know you feel the same way.  Be the better person you know you are, go for it!



I’ll take that hug now if you don’t mind,

I am awesome and so are you.


Give someone a hug right now, try to smile while doing it. it feels much better.I hug Roop all the time.  Makes us both feel good.

And stay awesome!

Coming Soon Part 2 of my Social Isolation Diary Days 26- 50.  Yes next week sometime I’ll hit Day 50.  Why so long?  Well we started early upon returning from Florida in March.  See you on 50!



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