Good Intentions

IMG_1466How many times has someone declared they had good intentions or your best interests at heart as they proceeded to interfere in your business, unwanted and uninvited.

Most of my adult life, people have respected my boundaries, as I have theirs.  I metaphorically invite someone into my house if I want a visitor and they generally behave like good guests do.  Tidy up after themselves, help with cooking and cleaning up, defer to your judgment on seasoning the chicken or steak, don’t look through your underwear drawer or dirty laundry basket.

Every now and then there is that one guest who opens your fridge, checks out what you have, perhaps offers a comment about your diet before grabbing a hunk of leftover chocolate cake to nibble on whilst commenting about your household, your dog’s manners, you or your children, how they are being raised, what they would do differently.  In other words, wander into a happy home, stir things up and then walk away with a smile and a mouthful of your last piece of birthday cake whilst declaring good intentions.  For years I have taken the high road with these sort and maybe you have too.  Now I’m just getting angry and telling them to back off and get out of my house, and by the way, drop that cake on your way!

Here’s the problem.  When recovering from an illness or other injury, in my case stroke, you get used to accepting help, even if you don’t always want or need it.  It often just becomes easier to give in and say, ok, yes, just go ahead.  I’m wondering if those well-intentioned folks think it’s actually always ok to just go ahead and do what they think is best.  If people know anything about me it’s that I don’t like being told what to do or have someone think they are smarter or know better than I do, especially if the subject is me. I’m the expert on that topic. And you are on you. Let’s keep it that way and respect boundaries.

“ today you are you

That is truer than true

There is no one today

Who is more you-er than you”

—————Dr. Seuss

I’m Ok, I’ve recovered really well.    In fact, I’m done.  I’ll let you know if I need you.  Let me know if you need me.

I am awesome and so are you. Please mind your own business, get out of my house and stop eating my cake.

I am strong. There is no one me-er than me

I am awesome and so are you!

Lets try to stay that way.


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