Social Isolation Day Tracker – Part 1: The first 25 Days


Tuesday March 17th – Day 3

I’m starting this blog on Day 3 of our social distancing program here at the Campbell-Pearce household.  We didn’t really do anything special, knowing this would be happening, and we were pretty sure it would happen.  I just purchased a few additional dry goods for my pantry.  My husband did a small grocery shop on Sunday.

Today I used the last of my fat free plain yoghurt for breakfast. I have a quad of single serving pods left.  Tonight I will  be making some pasta, perhaps some baked ziti since I have penne pasta, tomato sauce and some frozen bolognese sauce I saved a few weeks ago.  Or we will have soup, made several weeks ago and frozen until today. For lunch I’m having a hard boiled egg, chicken soup and some crudités. But first I must exercise.  Treadmill and tabadas.

In between I’m drinking lots of water flavoured with fresh mint I purchased last week.  I’m also trying to root this mint and some cilantro, day 1, let’s see what happens.

I started a daily diary when we began our social isolation after returning from Miami in March.  I don’t think how I’ve been spending my time is all that interesting but here it goes.  I started on Day 3 (March 17th) as boredom began to set in and I’m ending today (April 10th)  While you are reading, compare and contrast with your own action-packed adventures.

Wednesday March 18th – Day 4

Take-out Indian supper.  As usual I ordered too much.  But everyone likes leftover take-away, right?

My husband is angry at me (not about the food but something equally unimportant.) I ended up sleeping alone. He and my wee pug chose to socially isolate me and slept on the couch.  Q:  What’s worse than social isolation?  A:  Being socially isolated from your peer group.  Seriously mean, getting the cold shoulder from the only person you are allowed to talk to.  He recovers from his funk quickly after being asked for a hug (I really needed it and I think he did too!)

Thursday March 19th – day 5

Morning drive and coffee at Starbucks drive-thru We have an adjustment with Dr Erik this afternoon.  He has been declared an essential service.  We take precautions, vigorous washing of hands before and after.  Dr Erik does the same and more.

As this is not in the spirit of social isolation, I will suggest we put these on hold unless absolutely necessary.  At the moment it is just an element of our holistic wellness plan I am seriously sad and getting sadder My heart and mind feel heavy Awhile ago my sister asked me if I get up extra early every day in order to have time to beat myself up. The answer is yes.

I need a hobby. Or something.

Friday March 20th – day 6

It’s Fast Food Friday on my husband’s calendar and Wine Friday for me  .  I won’t eat McDonalds and he doesn’t drink wine (It must be love.)

So sad that this is what we have to look forward to.  At least I hope we still have this.  Will McDonald’s run out of food.  Will workers no longer break isolation to attend work?  What is the next “new normal?”

I read yesterday that we could be 18 weeks or more like this.

The only thing travelling at the moment is my investment savings….and they are just heading south….sadly I’m not going with them.

Popped out for a drive this afternoon and stopped in at the local grocery.  Shelves are full of everything.  I picked up milk, bananas, blueberry RX protein bars,chocolate, corn chips and doritos.  No this is not my standard diet.  It is the new isolation diet and I expect this to come back to haunt me in weight gain if I’m not careful.

Saturday  March 21st – Day 7

Listening to his music and crying.  FaceTime with my brother and how he feels.

Jenn came by to tidy up.  We keep our distance.

It sunny and warm. Snow keeps melting. No end in sight.

Sunday March 22nd – Day 8

I am sad and crying an awful lot. I have been considering the anti depressants I was prescribed months ago to help deal with post stroke issues. I haven’t felt the need to take them.  But I  would like to know how they will make me feel. And what side effects I might expect. Will I feel more energetic and full of life?  I can’t remember when I last felt that way.  I decided not to take them.  I’m a very social person so lonely and sad is not a good look on me.

It snowed about three inches last night and by 12:30 it was mostly gone.  There are two vehicles parked in the lot adjacent to the Husky gas station which I can see from my house.  Been there all day.  I’m not sure what’s going down. Perhaps some folks travelling together have stopped for a break and a rest.  Obviously, boredom has now really set in.  I am now that small town woman, peering out her window to spy on life outside.

What’s on my mind. The usual things that continue to plague me.   Dwelling.  I’m not sure I can ever make this go away. And nothing will resolve this way, ever.

Monday March 23, 2020 -day 9

I wake up with and find I have lots of energy, feeling great, had 4×1000 IU’s  of vitamin B12.  Roop and I slide immediately into our weekday routine of double espresso (Nespresso Cosi is my favourite), yogurt, blueberries and love.  It’s an overcast day in my mountains.  I have pulled my jewelry boxes and need to give everything a good clean this week.  I don’t have a lot but what I do have is special to me. ( more on this later). I’m also going to pop out today for a few essential errands like medication, the liquor store and a drive thru Starbucks.  I haven’t been outside since Friday.  Today I will don a warm sweater, a nice hat and get out for a bit.

Today is sushi Monday and we will order in. I’ll grab some sake to warm or a cold Yoshi while I’m out.  It’s also my anniversary this week so a bottle of champagne is definitely called for, along with a hot tub with my sweetie.  We will postpone our real anniversary “date” until we can do it properly, when this is all over.

We have a saying in this household that conjugal relations are non-optional on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  You just have to put your best ahem foot forward and try to make it special.  So this is a guarantee.  I must get my pretty panties out—-sadly its been awhile.

I did my usual workout using video conference  this morning.  I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill prior to her call and then she put me through the paces.  Getups, lunges, single leg squats, sit to stands, stretches and of course Tabadas— bridges and crunches.  Same time tomorrow. See you then.  I feel great!

Jewelry boxes still waiting my attention.  It’s not like I’m busy or anything.

Tuesday March 24th – Day 10

It’s been snowing all night.  A winter wonderland?  Maybe I might have called it that once upon a time.  Now it’s just another obstacle to Spring.  I check the forecast every day in the hope of a prolonged spell of sun to melt the snow whilst raising the temperature and our hopes.  I also check the morning news along with my coffee.  My husband didn’t sleep well so neither did I.  My muscles feel good after being put through the paces yesterday.  More of the same today at 11:00.

And it snows…….It’s a white sheet outside my window.  A few birds fly by.  Awoken early by the previous early spring weather.  I hope they make it to real spring.

Thank goodness for online  workouts. I definitely break a massive sweat.  Tomorrow I’m on my own with treadmill and tabadas.  Will think of something else to amuse myself, I hope.  I think I might do a blog.  It’s been awhile.

Wednesday March 25th, 2020, Day 11

Popped into town to pick up a prescription. It’s mostly deserted.  I counted about 11 people mostly singletons,  a few pairs, wandering around outside. Everything is closed.  I pick up and pay for my meds via the inner vestibule at the front entrance to the pharmacy. Limited contact within acceptable distances.  Starbucks is closed.  Tomorrow is my anniversary so I’ll pop out to pick up a few grocery items for our “special dinner. Verve Cliquot has been chilling all week and I’m making a truffled mushroom risotto for dinner tomorrow night.  Perhaps I’ll toast some fancy bread, Dave loves warm bread with butter.  For tonight its home made soup that we’ve just defrosted.

Today I’m pondering how to spend tomorrow evening, my 16th wedding anniversary.  Of course there are the “customary” festivities enjoyed by all couples commemorating this most important day of their lives together.  I call that dessert.  But the appetizer and main will be a fantastic dinner for two with a good champagne followed by some hot tubbing under the stars.  The champagne has been  chilling  for a day or two and  today I must head out for a few simple groceries I need for our dinner of truffled mushroom risotto with rare steak prepared bbq style by my husband.

Thursday March 26th, 2020 – Day 12

Our 16th wedding anniversary!  On this day, 16 years ago we were in Turtle Island, Fiji., for our wonderful wedding ceremony.  We were young, carefree and happy with each other and we still are, although this will surely be the strangest anniversary we spend together, I fervently hope!  I made mushroom risotto and grilled steak for our anniversary dinner along with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot for toasting and drinking.

More later. ( perhaps, she says with a secretive smile)

Friday March 27, 2020 – Day 13

Settling into a routine of waking, washing, dressing, breakfasting and then………

reading all day (news, Facebook, Quora, kindle).  Exercise, lunch, reading, social time with my husband after he finishes work, preparing dinner,Netflix, bed by 10:30pm.  Tonight is Wine Friday so at 5:00 I have a glass or two of B.C. Chardonnay.  Dinner for me will be Presidents Choice tempura shrimp.  Dave will have McDonald’s as it is his once a week Friday food.  Roop the pug sleeps most of the time, when he’s not eating, walking or playing.   We are settled in and I believe this is our new normal until mid-Summer.  After that there may be some in-country travel allowed but nothing exotic, I’m sure.

Saturday March 28, 2020 – day 14

Weekends don’t feel much different than ordinary weekdays….nothing special gets planned or indeed happens.  There are no surprises.  Well perhaps waking up to bacon, poached eggs and rye toast along with a latte prepared for me by my husband.  That was a lovely surprise.

Sunday March 29, 2020 – Day 15

I clocked in lots of internet time yesterday.  Reading mostly and ordering some product on Amazon.  What?  Blueberry RX protein bars for me ( I like to have one of these for lunch, simple, healthy and filling), bitter apple spray ( for my bad pug Roop who has been marking inside the house during this period of social isolation, a marimekko cashmere scarf ( I love the great big flower pattern), Biosilk hair oil. ( works well in taming my curly, dry hair during this period of service closure) and some other nice-to-haves.  As an aside. I ordered a couple of casual dresses from Sportchek.  They were delivered correctly and quickly by purolater.  I will be wearing them when the weather turns to Spring sometime in the next few weeks (I hope.)

Today I’m going to watch Netflix, in particular, Black Hole Apocalypse. (More on that later). For now bad Roop is on my lap being super-sweet whilst helping me eat blueberries.  I feed him one at a time so my thumb and index finger will be purple when we are finished. Smiles and happiness all around during this activity.

It’s been raining all day, lightly, just enough to continue to melt the huge piles of snow that line our driveway.  Eating often but not a lot.  I had two tasks planned for today  1) Treadmill walking and 2) puff pastry pizza making.  I’ve done neither so far.  But I’ve watched a documentary called Black Hole Acopalypse on Netflix.  Energy is low.

Monday March 30, 2020 – Day 16

After a very lazy weekend of doing very little, I sleep late and am out of bed at 10:00.  Must hurry, I have my online workout at 11:00.  Breakfast is a quick coffee and a banana.  Roop is temporarily sad at this disruption in his frozen blueberry routine.  The weather outside is grim rain and wind make lashing noises that interrupt the silence I’ve become accustomed to.  The snow is melting and that makes me happy.  I pause for a snack of carrots and celery.  tonight is sushi Monday and in keeping with our new tradition, we will have it delivered in the evening, enjoyed with a nice bottle of wine.

I can’t say enough about how positive my online workouts are.  Gives me energy and provides a connection to the outside world.  I am scheduled for FaceTime cocktails with Carla on Friday.   Try it.  Learn some yoga with Adrienne.

There is no traffic on Hwy 3, well perhaps a car or two.  Not much really.  Just dull days and relentless rain are the foreground to what  is usually a beautiful mountain view from my house on the hill.  For now I’m going to read books for the rest of the day until Dave is finished working.  Then some Netflix and bed by !0:30.

Tuesday March 31, 2020 – Day 17

Online workout today.  Sooooo goood.  It snowed all day and I can no longer see our driveway, buried as it is under inches of new snow.  I checked the weather forecast and we may get some sun on Thursday next week.  Tomorrow is “liberty”, I can do what I want as I have no appointments, however every day is liberty and whether I like it or not I am sort of retired at this point.  At 5:00, I have a glass of wine, because I can and I want to.

Wednesday April 1, 2020 – Day 18

Slept in very late today, almost 10:30. Awoke and did the usual morning routine with Roop.  Then I went shopping at the ValueMart.  Got everything I wanted except TP.  Fortunately we still have some at home.  Circumstances are not dire yet.  Stocked up on my oikos yoghurt.  Forgot a few things so will head out to the other grocery store in town tomorrow, Kevin’s Independant.

The local sushi joint has been advertising delivery services, yet the two times I have tried to order this week the service is not available and they ask me to come pick up.  I feel they are being disingenuous, as they start to lecture me about drivers day off and everyone is entitled to a day off.  I agree and had I not heard this already on Monday night and had they not advertised the service availability locally on Facebook today, I would have been sympathetic.  Looks like we might be at this until the end of June.  I don’t think I’ll be travelling come July.

Tonight I’m going to hot tub with my husband for awhile.

Thursday April 2, 2020 – Day 19

I haven’t had any time to beat myself up.  I’m liking this social isolation and my daily pattern.  I think this is a semi-retirement for me and I’m embracing it.  Would be better if my husband was also in semi-retirement but he’s working every day.  Which is also great for me for income generation.  I can be a kept woman for once in my life and I’m quite all right with that!

Very lazy day, although I did complete a one hour workout.  I’ve stopped dreaming about travel as I’m fairly sure I won’t be doing any travelling this year.  Perhaps next.


Friday April 3, 2020 -Day 20

Canada has over 11,000 cases of Coronavirus as of today.  On March 3, my birthday, I was travelling back to Canada from Florida and there were no known cases in Canada at that point, or indeed few if any.  Fuck!

And it’s still snowing again.  Double fuck!  We are safe at home.  We have food and toilet paper.  I have a routine of sorts.  Amazon delivers.  Today is wine Friday!  Our three cannabis stores are still open. Perhaps it is time for me to try (again). It’s been so many years and I wasn’t ever a happy stoner.  Must discuss this with my husband., he has more experience in this area than I.

Saturday April 4, 2020 – Day 21

We roasted a chicken tonight in the manner prescribed by Thomas Keller.  Perfectly moist with crispy skin every time.  Wee roasted yellow potatoes and baby carrots sat below the plump wee chicken, catching and absorbing delicious drippings.  Perfect for the making of soup or some such leftover on Sunday.

Sunday April 5, 2020 – Day 22

Sunday we have a change in plan.  We made beef and barley soup today for dinner.  Very delicious.   We use marrow bones to make the base.  Cchicken leftovers will be made into a curry a stew or perhaps chicken pot pie with a delicious flaky pastry crust from the pizza I never got around to making.

Monday April 6, 2020 – Day 23

The sun is shining in my little town this morning and I have Roop on my lap lounging and eating random blueberries……peel me a grape.

Tuesday April 7, 2020 – Day 23

Zoom meeting with Sarah this morning.  Her son, dressed as a pink bunny hopped by our meeting.  I watched them trampoline in their backyard.  It’s a nice respite from being alone.  The sun is shining and snow melting (again).  I’m looking forward to Spring (again).  And I’m pretty resigned to this continuing as the “new normal” for many months to come.  I’ve put on a couple of lbs but that’s no surprise, I’m sure you have too, perhaps more than a couple.

Last night I ordered sushi and picked it up in town.  Sushi Wood seems to be doing a brisk take out business.  Food was good and we will do this again next Monday night.  I don’t mind going out to do the pickup.  I am thankful  for earning the right to drive again last year.  We have our routine at home mostly sorted.  I get the groceries, my husband retrieves them from the car.  I put them away and plan our meals.  He works from home all day.  I pursue other interests during the day, like reading, exercise, and some other activities that I’m developing at the moment.

The province of B.C. looks to have flattened their curve.  We are healthy, granola-eating people or granolas for short.  People in our town and around our Elk Valley seem to be mostly following prescribed social distancing protocols. I don’t get out much at all but social media keeps me up to date on local transgressions.

I have a social distancing dinner planned for Thursday with a friend.  I will order and pick up take out from the curry bowl in town.  But before that I have virtual cocktails with my friend a Carla who moved out to the Coast last year.   For today, I am hanging out with Roops ( he is snoozing on my lap at the moment, making happy pug noises). I’m finishing coffee and my RX blueberry protein lunch bar.  Then I need to move on to practicing for an aptitude test I will be taking later this week.  I consistently score high on some aspects of these tests but others not.  It’s like writing the GMAT, but presumably easier, one hopes.  Words are my jam, not Numbers, unless it’s the math of money/investments in which case, numbers are often my jam too.

Wednesday April 8, 2020 – Day  24

It’s do what I want Wednesday which is pretty much meaningless at this point.  I can’t really do what I want. So I just do more of what I’ve been doing every day.  Reading, hanging out with my pug, Netflix and chill at night with my husband.  I’ve gained two lbs.  but he still calls me beautiful & thin.  His opinion and mine are all that matter anymore Acupuncture sessions have been cancelled. They were to start today but sadly are postponed indefinitely.  I was hopeful these would help me recover the remaining movement in my left side.  But I guess  I’m used to it now.  It’s not like it gets in the way of good living.  I can still (sort-of) dance, but since I’ve never been a great dancer, it’s kinda just business as usual on that front.  The good news is that I still want to dance and do it like no one is watching.

Thursday April 9, 2020 – Day 25

No symptoms. We are good but still need to quarantine.  I’m actually ok with it.  Tonight we have ordered from a local joint, The Curry Bowl.  Tonight’s dress code is “Ugly Formal”. I am wearing a pink sequinned tank dress paired with a purple scarf.  I haven’t  been for a wax since February so my hairy legs paired with sequinned leg warmers will finish my look.  I’ll add some flashy jewelry to finish off my look.  I’ve picked out a top hat with a silk scarf for my husband to wear.  He doesn’t know it’s ugly formal night yet.  I’ll spring it on him when he finishes work for the day.  (More on that later, perhaps a picture or two).

I’m looking out the windows in our great room.  Out to the white capped mountains of the Lizard Range, robin’s egg blue sky’s in the background.  Indeed we are lucky, my handsome husband, our cute wee pug Roop and me. Happy with who we are, alone and together, and with our continued good fortune in our mountain paradise.


Friday April 10, 2020 – Day 26

My husband was’t interested in participating in “ugly formal” night but he did have dinner with me.

I talked to my wee Scottish Auntie Irene this week.  She is 83, my Mom is 80 next month.  I cried whilst talking to her.  I’m afraid I may not see them again.  Fuck that melancholy!  Go away I say loudly to nobody.

It’s never too late to start and it’s always too early to quit.  I read this tonight and it resonated with me.  But man I’m getting tired of it all at the moment.  I  thought I’d be spending these days, weeks, months and years travelling.  But it’s not to be.  I’ll just have to re-think the boundaries a bit more.  Perhaps I can drive to Thunder Bay in the Spring or Summer to visit with my sister.  I’m sad not to be seeing her, she’s so close yet so far away.

Through all of this, I am still strong, and beautiful and awesome!


And so are you!

Stay cool and awesome my friends.  I’ll try to blog more often.






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