Feeling Lucky?


Maybe you are lucky like me.  I have a great life here in my little mountain town with a husband who loves me.

Shout-out to the two lucky fellows in this picture with me from a few years ago, World Pride in Toronto, hanging out in Yorkville waiting for Miss Conception, I believe.  Great friends Don and Brian who are also very lucky to have found each other. And I have been lucky to have found them both, as dear friends.

Last night I casually said to my husband:  ” You like looking after me don’t you?”  He said very matter-of-factly, “yes, I do”. And There is the heart of the matter.  I pride myself on looking after myself, yet my husband gets satisfaction from helping me in this, looking after me.  Making sure I eat regularly and just generally making my life so much easier.  Carrying groceries, indulging my obstinateness, my peculiarities, my amazing sense of humour, my wee ego.

I hope you have this in your relationship too.  If you are still searching, hold out for that one, who loves you like no other and wants to look after you in the way you want to look after them.  I’m not talking financially.  I’m  talking, love, care, concern, emotionally.

We laugh together every day and every night.  Roop joins us.  We are all happy together.  We are very lucky, indeed.

And I hope you are too.

I am strong and I am awesome.  I work out with my trainer via face-time during our self-isolation.  I hope you are all keeping fit, active, sane and healthy.


Stay awesome!


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