Pandemic Sunday

Sunday March 15, 2020



It’s Monday but I’m a day behind as I’m posting a blog I wrote yesterday, tomorrow I’ll post the one I’m writing today, and so on.

Not much going on in my little corner of Paradise in the Canadian Rockies.  My husband and I looked at each other this morning.  He said: “what are your plans for today?”  I said I might go for a walk outside.  He said that he just returned from taking our pug Roop for a walk and it’s really cold.   I check. It’s minus 10C and  I opt instead for a short 15 minute stroll on my treadmill.  And I’m going to finish making the soup I started yesterday.

Our pug Roop eats chicken and rice everyday along with a wee bit of dry kibble.  Every week this involves making his food.  We boil some chicken breast, let it cool and I use the chicken water as a starting point for stock.  To this water I add a couple of chicken carcasses leftover from Sunday roast chicken suppers, a chopped onion, about half a head of roughly chopped garlic, carrots, celery and onions.  This simmers all afternoon, is drained,  and sits ready for me to start building soup on Sunday.

Today it’s going to be vegetable with:

  • – carrots
  • – celery
  • – onion
  • – red, yellow and orange bell peppers
  • – garlic
  • – red lentil
  • – pot barley

Later I will add sliced grilled chicken, steak, or some other protein.  Probably chicken.  This will be dinner tonight.

I think I’ll set aside some of this and make myself some vegetable chilli, adding beans and more vegetables.  And off I go, I must get to chopping.  I have my favourite chefs knife and cutting board setup on my kitchen island along with a chair that I sit in whilst chopping.  I am wearing my favourite apron  I have some lovely yellow tulips bought for me by my husband to look at this afternoon.  I love tulips (and stargazer lillies).  Back later.

Back now for a short break. Chopping vegetables can be very tedious.  Something I used to love doing.  A sharp knife, fresh vegetables, precise shapes and sizes.  My bell peppers today are in perfect little triangles. Why?  I like them that way. It pleases me to cut them, look at them and later eat them.

But even more tedious is peeling carrots. No instant gratification there.  Peel first.   I Impale the carrot on a sharp point to stabilize it and then run my peeler down the length of it, turning now and then to expose more surface.  If you are a perfectionist like I am, this is time consuming  and unrewarding.    I used to favour an evenly diced mix of carrots celery and onion, now I am very happy with largely similar rough chunks for soup, sadly not for chilli which needs smaller squares or triangles.

Crazy, perhaps. I just like things the way I like things.  I bet you do too.  Back to it now, not even halfway done, another hour should do it.

OK, done this phase.  Now there is just the assembly and cooking.  I am trying to recall the joy I used to have in this process.  Now I just find it tiring and tiresome.  It doesn’t help that my emotions are a tangle of twisted ends.

Last night I wached a program on Nova about a bridge failure near Genoa, Italy in 2018,  the cause of failure was  rust on suspension cables that were encased in cement. One by one they snapped until the one big snap caused the structure to collapse in on itself. The snapped tangle of cables encased in cement is an image that came to mind as I was thinking about emotions just now.

I am strong (honestly) and so are you.  You can’t be a super-hero everyday.  Give yourself a break.  Perhaps you are being forced to take one now as the world moves to stem the flow of this pandemic.

And stay safe and awesome!

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