What’s Your Perfect Day


IMG_2357Perhaps this is an odd time to be asking questions about perfect days since for most of us that is probably weeks or months in the future.  But bear with me a moment.  This may make you feel happier today, to embrace some good, warm and happy thoughts about what you would love to be doing today if given the chance.  The picture above is just outside my back door.  My perfect day will be when this has all melted and its safe to travel in this world again.

But let’s ponder this thought for a moment or two.  There is no reason not to have a perfect day today.  What do you love?  Name a few things.

  1. Roop
  2. Dave
  3. Sunshine
  4. fresh mountain air
  5. driving my car with the top down.
  6. Reading

Pick a location near you

  1. Maiden Lake
  2. Cranbrook
  3. An alpine meadow
  4. My deck and garden

Pick a picnic

  1. Tea or coffee
  2. Big Bang bagels
  3. Soup & sandwich
  4. Fruit and yogurt

Shuffle and play a few cards

When the weather is better,  I’m taking Roop to a hillside meadow  for an alpine picnic and to give him love and hugs. I will stop in town  and grab some coffee and a bagel. I will  bring blueberries for Roops. He loves me and them, perhaps he loves blueberries a wee bit more than he loves me.   Maybe you do too.  Perhaps we are all getting a bit bored with each other over this very long winter.  Perhaps I can have this perfect day tomorrow.  Drive into town, grab my picnic and bring it home.  Have it in bed with Dave and Roop.  Why not?  That sounds like fun to me.  More on this later.


Let’s shuffle the deck together and grab a  new adventure.

For now it’s still really winter here in my little piece of Paradise.  This week the snow has been melting when the sun shines in the afternoon – I can actually see portions of my driveway where the snow has melted, still surrounded by 5 – 8 foot tall mounds of ploughed snow.  Other than that its been bloody cold and icy.  And this weekend promises  to be -31C last time I checked earlier this week.

I was in town yesterday and some shops have signs asking customers to go away if they haven’t been feeling well.    It’s sad to see this but completely understandable given our crazy world pandemic.   I’m not doing anything special at the moment other than standard good hygiene and making sure I have a few extra staples in my pantry.  It’s not all that far fetched to believe in the possibility of quarrentine, even in Paradise.

Tonight is “Wine Friday” and later  I will be sipping my favourite un-oaked chardonnay from the Quails Gate in the Okanagan.  I’m sure you all have a great Friday ritual that you indulge in.  For my husband it’s “Fast Food Friday”.  Later we may share a hot tub since its just that kind of day.  I always wear a hat in the hot tub, to cover and keep warm my most important and interesting body part:  my brain!


I am strong and I am awesome!

And so are you.

Lets indulge in a perfect day together sometime.  You pick the destination,  I’ll bring the picnic!





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