Villager or Adventurer

Saturday March 7, 2020, Toronto, Canada


I used to be an Adventurer, moving through life from one experience to another.  And I loved it that way.  The unpredictable nature of a day.  Wake up. Get dressed. Anything could happen.   And often did.  As I got older the adventures got larger.  Rome for the weekend?  Sure. Meet you there. Coming in from Canada, spend a few days with us in London, I’ll come to Dublin with you.  Stone crab in Miami. For sure. Let’s do this every year  Some of the best adventures ever happened that way.  I wish I had indulged more.   But it’s not too late to have the life you’ve always wanted.   I adventure 2-3 times a year depending on how I’m feeling.

These days I’m also a bit of a Villager in between adventures,  I stick close to home most of the time.  Looking after myself, my health, my husband, our life hee in the mountains  and our wee pug.  I adventure two or three times a year.  And when I do I find myself a bit envious of my high-stepping friends, wandering the world at will.  doing what they want, when they want, destinations  often unknown until arrival. And they like it that way. Truth be told so do I.

I had lunch with one of those friends on Friday.  It’s always fun to spend time with him, he is larger than life, lives life to its fullest, is full of energy and joie de vivre. I love spending time with him. Laughing, catching up and enjoying the company, the wine and the food…… and of course his stories are legendary.

This particular adventure is now over and I’m writing this whilst at YYZ waiting for a flight  on this Saturday morning.  I’ve been busy in my spare time on these travels writing a few stories  to share with you that I will post in the next few days. I hope you like them.

I’ve shifted from trying to be helpful if you are trying to get your awesome back to sharing my awesome life such as it is with you.  I hope that’s OK and  I’m not boring you too much.   

For now I’m tired. Physically and emotionally, it’s been a difficult few weeks. It is time to head back to my village and calm down for a few months. Dig deep and work hard. Get myself ready for July when the adventurer resurfaces demanding attention again.  That adventurer is fucking hard work.  But I love her. And maybe you do too.

I am awesome and so are you!

Release your inner adventurer again some day, See the world, have a wee bit of fun.

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