Me and My Best Buddy


You may look at him and see a black ball of fur supported by four little legs. You might call him ugly, but I don’t.   I see liquid brown eyes, a heart almost too big for his wee body, a strong will, insatiable hunger and just all around nice fellow.    He is Roop and he is my great buddy.  Best friend, Pal, Partner in Crime.  We work together every single day to make for each other the happiest day possible.

He wakes us up every morning around 6:00 am., sometimes earlier.    Anyone who knows me would know you have to be a very special friend indeed to do that every day and get away with it.  He’s up and wandering our house by 7:00 and having his breakfast by 7:30.  That leaves plenty of time to come back to our bedroom to wake me up again….this time for real.  And he takes his job seriously.   I do get up.  It’s the Barking Whining sounds he makes that makes it impossible to fall asleep again, for long.  So I’m up and in the shower before 8:00.  Some days, I rub my legs with coconut oil.  Because I like it and so does Roop.  You have to be a dog lover to understand this.  He loves the smell and the taste, so every now and then I let him lick my calves briefly.  Yuck!  Not!  Just a wee organic treat for my best friend.

Come on Scoobie-Roop we’ve got some work to do now……

We then spend an hour together every morning over first breakfast for me and a small second breakfast for him.  As you know, I have the same thing everyday — oikos plain 0% fat free plain yoghurt with frozen blueberries and a double espresso.   Roop has a few of my berries and sometimes a small piece of chicken.  I read the news and later tune in to CBC Radio One.  Every day I have either a workout at the gym with Sarah or yoga with Rikki.  I review the days schedule and am beginning my  day’s routine by 10:00.  This is what I call “shift change” and Roop trots across the breezeway to Dave’s office/media room where he will happily spend the morning. I pick him up around noon so we can lunch together before I start work in the afternoon.  My offices occupy the entire ground-floor of our house.  Roop is not allowed in my office much as he can’t be trusted, (sadly he still wants to mark his territory) so he waits upstairs for me.  After about four hours, I rejoin him and we end this part of our day together with a cup of chai or herbal tea for me.  Roop will soon go walkies and have his dinner.

After dinner we cuddle and I stroke his soft fur.  He loves this and snuggles into me a bit closer.When he is finished receiving love, he jumps down for a walk-about, often ending the day with my Jammie’s between his teeth and gambols away to his bed when I try to catch him. He makes me smile. I love my wee friend.

Sometimes he sits on my shoulder, like today’s feature picture.

I am strong, I am beautiful

I am awesome and so are you!

and I’m so  in love with a sweet wee black pug.


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