Oh Look, It’s Snowing Again

Thursday morning and I woke up to the sound of Roop’s cheerful bedside bark.  Raised my head, looked out the window to see:  more snow.  It’s been a great few weeks for snowfall in my little piece of mountain paradise.  Perhaps next year I will be back on the green runs.  For now I just navigate the streets of my downtown which are poorly cleared.  Thankfully I am quite agile, almost goat-like in my ability to traverse the mini snow mountains without incident.

I hadn’t been outside since Tuesday.  I  had a gym visit, a hair appointment, chiropractor and finally dinner with a friend.  In-between I come back home now and then to do a bit of work in my office or have a spot of lunch.

Actually what I did in between was drop by my local Starbucks after my workout for a cappuccino, listen to CBC Radio One and then headed  home after my hair appointment for a quick snack and some peppermint tea.

I  spent the afternoon reading:

The former is about New York and the publishing empire of Conde Nast (owned by secretive bilionaire Si Newhouse) in the 1980’s and the latter about Marie Antoinette’s formative years in France told in series of letters with her Mother.

Before I know, it’s time for my weekly chiropractor visit with Dr Eric.  I can’t say enough about the positive effects of a regular adjustment.

I’ve set aside the outfit I’m wearing to dinner tonight with Jenn.  We are going to The Loaf in town for wine and fondue.  I’ll get ready for that when I return back home around 4:30.  Actually it was almost 5:00 and I decided on a snack of carrots, celery and cucumber slices before changing clothes.

It’s still snowing and cold -15 or so, it’s warmed up a bit from the weekend.  Yesterday afternoon I thought I saw some blue sky and a wee hint of sun between a couple of mountains in the Lizard Range.  Everything is white outside yet somehow dark, not bright.

Today’s feature picture is me taking a selfie in my vanity mirror.  I decided to dress for dinner in a new hounds-tooth mini skirt with black tights and turtleneck. Feeling good.  I hope Jenn appreciates my efforts.  (smiles)

I’m thinking of having a couple of tanning sessions before I go to Miami next month.  This fair Scottish skin of mine is apt to burn quickly without some pre-conditioning.  I was reminded this morning that Spring is only about 10 weeks away.  But in the meantime it continues to relentlessly snow.  But it’s nice snow, pwderey and light.  The kind that skiiers  and boarders love – waist deep and joyous to ride upon.

Friday was another good adventure day, starting with yoga at 10:00 am and then  Yogi Rikki and I went  for a pedi at the Spa.  She chose a shadowy purple polish called “Girl with Curls”while I went for a plum called “Uptown”.

I am strong, I am beautiful and I am awesome It’s not hard being me!  Even when it snows.

I hope it’s not hard being you either.

I have been wearing a hat this week to keep my fine brain nice and warm.  Here are some pictures of us before dinner.


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