What I’m Eating

Hi y’all it’s been awhile since I talked about diet so as we start this new year let’s spend a few moments thinking about what we eat.  I made it through the holidays with a steady weight.  No gain, no loss.

I wake up every morning between 8:30 and 9:30, it depends really on Roop, the Awesome Mountain Pug,  who is in charge of getting me up.  He’s been doing this by sitting beside my bed, staring at me while barking, yes barking at me.  Sometimes he hops on my pale blue velvet window chair and watches me from a calculated distance, periodically barking in response to movement outside the window, such as cars, random dogs or cats and such.  He often loses patience with his tardy mountain girl and trots over to my bed to furiously scratch the part of my bed near my head that his wee paws can reach.

I don’t tolerate the whims of a Roop for long before I get up, get washed, dressed, take a few pills and vitamins such as:

  • – 2x 500 mg omega 3, which I call “brain food” .

Omega 3

  • – 2-4 sprays of Vitamen D.  two on the tongue, two under.  That’s 4,000 IU’s (International Units).  Which is quite a good amount, especially if the sun is not shining on you today or, indeed many days over the winter.  Some days it is so beautiful here, it’s heart-breaking, bright blue skies, warm sun.  Other days you can’t see the mountains for the powdery snow wafting gently down around you.

Vitamen D spray

Vitamen B12 –  1x – dissolvable tablet)   Vitamen D will give you a wee shot of natural energy to help you make it through these cold winter days.

Vitamen B12

Here’s what it looks like in my little corner of Paradise for the next week or so:

Weather Forecast Fernie, BC

Lots of snow and some sunshine a week or so from now to look forward to.

Back to my morning routine:  And then I head for the Nespresso where I make a double espresso sometimes with a piece of lemon peel, sometimes with a splash of cream.    Why lemon peel?  I’m not sure where I was the first time I tried it this way but lemon peel will take away some of the bitter from your coffee.  If you like the bitter, as I do, opt for it neat or with a splash of cream.

In terms of eating, I am still on the Weight Watchers plan ( slow and steady wins the race) and I start the day then some 0% fat and sugar-free plain Oikos yogurt with frozen blueberries.  Roop joins me on my lap for his daily allotment of 4 blueberries, which he loves.  He loves them frozen and also when they are half defrosted and the blueberry flavour is really intense.  Don’t let your wee one have any yogurt.  You know what that probiotic does to your gut and digestive system.  It will work the same way with your doggie friend. No one wants to deal with large  quantities of runny pug poop.

It’s New Year and wee Roop is going on a diet.  No snackies in between meals, other than 4 frozen blueberries with his mountain girl in the morning and three small pieces of boiled chicken after his final walkies in the evening.

After breakfast with Roop, I’m off for a workout either:

  • at the gym with Sarah
  • yoga with Rikki
  • treadmill walking by myself

Every day it’s one of these to get me energized and  my day kick-started.  I like to work out with someone much more than on my own.  But if you don’t have that option available to you, just go for a walk outside or hop on your treadmill.  Music is always a helpful addition to the exercise equation.   Tune into you favourite Spotify playlist, grab those earbuds and get your fine self on the road.

For lunch I like to keep it simple and have either:

  • a banana; or,
  • an RX protein bar (blueberry is the best, followed by coconut chocolate. These protein bars are about 7 WW points each and my daily point allowance is 16 on the Green Plan.  Try a Quest bar instead at 4 points Breakfast  btw was zero points.  A banana is also zero.

With this I have a bottle of water or a great big cup of  Celestial Seasons peppermint tea.  Be kind to your world and yourself by filling your empty water bottles with filtered tap water.  Turn up the volume on taste with a bit of lemon or  lime rind or some chopped spearmint.  Skip the artificial aspartame-loaded concentrates like Mio.

Snacks I sometimes have a few baby carrots, celery and cucumber or a piece of fruit.  All zero points.

Last week I had homemade soup (Thai  red curry chicken with rice, red beans and cilantro.  Today I’m making soup for me and my husband for next week.  He likes a thick, stew-like chicken with veg, whilst I prefer a thinner broth made with vegetables and lentils and/or barley and beans.

Give it a punch at serving time with a splash of coconut milk and a fistful of chopped cilantro. Or add a bit of left over protein such as roast chicken from Sunday supper or poached salmon from Fast Friday.

This is the best, very simple recipe for perfect roast chicken everytime.  Find a small, fat, organic chicken to start.  The chicken must be completely dry inside and out for the skin to crisp properly.  Lots of salt, no oil or butter.  I bake at 250 for two hours.

Thomas Keller’s Roast chicken

For dinner, we are a bit boring at the moment as follows:

  • Sushi Monday
  • Chinese Tuesday
  • Leftover Wednesday
  • whatever we can figure out Thursday
  • Fast Food Friday for my husband  and salmon+veg for me
  • Saturday – whatever we find in our freezer
  • Sunday – Roast chicken with yorkshire puddings and root vegetables

Friday is also wine day for me.  We purchase one nice bottle of wine for the weekend (for me) this past year it’s been a white un-Oaked Chardonnay from Quails Gate, BC, but I’m thinking to switch it up to a light red like a Pinot Noir or rose soon.

Beginning last week Thursday night could be a night when I dance with myself over  dinner somewhere in town.   I still want to try fondue at The Loaf in town but will need to find myself a date as fondue is not really a singleton thing, or maybe it is. (As an aside:  I fell in love with the rituals of fondue many years ago travelling in Zurich with my fiancé.  And whenever presented with the opportunity I say a great big, “well yes, thank you so much, I surely will join you for fondue.”

We generally have breakfast out on Saturday mornings, something simple.  My husband just likes bacon, eggs and toast.  I usually go for an omelette.  Sunday we declare liberty and each have what we want.

A very light diet.  Very little red meat, or pasta.  Sometimes I will make a kick- ass Parmesan mushroom risotto with grilled steak or will do something “on-demand” if my husband has a hankering for say spaghetti with a bolognese sauce or penne ( we call them pentiums) alla  vodka.  We still have a couple of flats of the tomato sauce I canned with friends in 2016.  Still delicious, like me.

If I want something off the charts diet wise, I have just a small taste alongside something better for me, like a few pentiums with cream sauce alongside poached salmon and steamed cauliflower and broccoli.

Sunday, I like to roast a small fat chicken.  We pair this with Yorkshire puddings + gravy and steamed veg. Definitely off plan but in the right portion,it still fits.

If you like a snack, have a few smoked almonds, some sugar free jello, a sugar and fat  free yoghurt cup or a popsicle.

That’s it for what I’m eating.  If I’m consistent with this program I lose 1/2 to 1 lb a week.  If you are an instant gratification type, like me, this can seem painfully slow.  But I’m down 16 lbs with only 8 to go to my goal weight.  I could stop here as I’m quite happy at this point, however, I am pretty accustomed to this way of eating so I think I’ll keep going and reach for the  bigger prize.


Today’s Feature picture is me with a new pair of shoes that I’m not sure Iwill ever wear again, but I do like to dream.

I am strong, beautiful, healthy and awesome

And so are you!

Roop is too.  Here he is  wearing his Stately winter jacket.IMG_2162.JPG




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