What’s Going on in my Little Town

Thursday  means I work out with Sarah from 10:00-11:00 am, drive home for a quick snack and then into town for my regular wash and blow-out at 1:00 with Rachel at ET Hair Salon on 5th Avenue which is our  town’s Main/High Street.

Sometimes I learn a thing or two in my travels through town over the course of the week.  Today I heard the names of the two men involved in our town’s New Year’s shooting:  Since I am not in the business of spreading gossip, I will only say that the situation was nothing fatal just a single shot in the leg.  Our town is still a very safe place despite this brouhaha.

On Thursday, I  was wearing a teal-green t-shirt and rose pink yoga pants and was told that I look like a strawberry, I think she  meant “delicious”.  And I am.  Maybe you are too!

I had a date with a friend a for dinner at Cirque at the Lizard Creek Lodge.  Was stood up on my date but I decided to go it alone. However my husband decided to join me at the last minute and off we went.  He is great, dinner was not.  I am “Hungry Girl” on Open Table and will post a review soon. The servers and ambiance are clearly the draw to Cirque, the food is not so much.   The dining room is beautiful.

Lizard Creek Lodge in Fernie

I am wearing a  new sleeveless turtle neck sweater dress.  I roll my eyes at my husband who doesn’t do social media at all but still agrees to humour me and take my picture for this blog,  Today’s feature.

I had a mani this week at Spa 901 and Krista did a beautiful job of painting my nails “Hotsy” red.  Think about that the next time you need a pick-me-up!  Next Friday,  me and Yogi Rikki are having pedicures.

The Spa in Fernie

I am curious about the new Neve spa at Lizard Creek.  I Will be trying this out soon.

Life is returning back to normal routines  this week after our holidays.  I took a full two weeks off and just read books, watched movies, cuddled with my husband and my pug.  Gained zero weight. Santa brought Dave lots of chocolate treats but none for his naughty mountain girl. So she just swiped a few of his every now and then.  He didn’t mind. He is a good sharer.

I’m also back to work, trying to establish an afternoon routine.

Dave joined me at the Resort for dinner last night but here is something for you all to think about.  What would you do in my place?  Stay at home and be disappointed or go on your own and have a fabulous night. You know the choice I would make if I didn’t have such a wonderful husband, and would continue to make the choice to go alone rather than stay home.

Today’s advice, then is to get used to your own company, if you don’t like it, bring a book or a gadget.  I write little snippets for my blog if I find myself alone.  I often talk to and meet new people.  You can too.

I am  strong, I am resilient, my nails are Hotsy red!

I am awesome and so are you.  I bet you’re a “hotsy” too!

Now get yourself outside and go make a new friend.




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