Another New Year, Welcome Back to the ’20’s

Every year since I’ve been writing this blog on recovery and getting myself and my awesome back, I’ve taken some time at the end of the year to reflect on past accomplishments and set new goals, not resolutions, but goals.

I start by looking back on what I said last year.  In December last year, I dared to think about what I would do once I re-acquired my drivers license, which I did a couple of months later in February 2019

I sometimes drive to Starbucks and grab a grande blonde, non-fat, wet cappuccino.  I’ve often taken that coffee with me to Maiden Lake where I read my kindle or just sit and reflect.  I think mostly positive thoughts these days or at least try to.

My sister would beg to differ.  She recently asked me if I get up extra early every day so as to have sufficient time to beat myself up.  She noticed this about me straight away when I last saw her a couple of months ago.  Old habits die hard.  I am a dweller, thinking about the “ I should haves” in my life way too much.  Last year I built lots of good memories, a trend I’m determined to continue this year.

While I’ve been trying to break this lifelong habit of over-thinking/dwelling, I’ve been thinking about travel to new, fun  or favourite places.  I like to travel with my two favourite people and awesome life-long friends, Nancy and Mea. Or increasingly, I am quite OK travelling by myself. I am already making plans for next year.Today’s feature picture is me and Mea in Chicago several years ago when we drove my porsche from Toronto to Fernie on the “Hot & Fresh” Roadtrip to meet Nancy.

(As an aside:  If you don’t see the feature picture in the copy of this post that you receive, just go straight to the blog at to see all posts with pictures)

(As another aside:  An upcoming blog will discuss the special women in my life, these two being the “most special”)

I’ve also acquired more strength….physically and mentally.  I’m taking my power back, declaring victory on my quest for awesome.  I will not be one of those people who wish they had done things before age caught up with them and made it impossible.  I’m doing it baby, one adventure at a time.  No excuses, no apologies.  I’m hoping Nancy and Mea will be doing it right along with me this decade!  Beginning with our annual “Babe Club” in July.

I wonder how you are doing with your goals?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

I look at myself in the mirror now and most days recognize that person as not just my old awesome self but increasingly I am becoming the person I really want to be.  Strong, confident, healthy, and a good friend.  I actually like what I see.  And my size 8 me looks back and me with a saucy wink!

I continued to work out with awesome mountain trainer Sarah three times a week….I maybe missed only 2 or 3 scheduled workouts in total this year.  This is my priority.  Maintain the physical fitness level attained and reach for more.  It’s not that hard with Sarah cracking the whip.  I just do what she tells me to, it’s really that simple.  This year she invented the “get-up….a mechanism for getting up off the ground using two legs and one hand in a tripod-like configuration.  The first get-ups were really difficult. Now I do five in a row as a component in a set of three.  I also met yogi Rikki this year and started working with her two mornings a week doing yoga stretch for an hour and a half Wednesday’s and Fridays.  If you are ever in the neighborhood, please join us. We start at 10:00 and go until 11:30. If your hamstrings are tight like mine, you will surely benefit from our stretching.

I also sometimes just jump into my car and head into town to run an errand or pick up some groceries for a recipe I just have to try right away. A spontaneity goal from 2018 achieved!

Last year I wrote about “happiness snatchers”. These are people that you let into your life who somehow manage to chip away at your victories or general feeling of well-being.  With one or two exceptions, I’ve largely been successful at eliminating them.  Hanging on to my happiness as they run after me with scissors.

Last year I mused about doing what I wanted, when I wanted to.  And that’s what I do.  It sounds simple but now that I can walk or drive anywhere, my steps are lighter and so is my heart.

I started a wee herb and vegetable garden last year.  Strawberries were delicious.  I managed a single red pepper, a few hot peppers and a quite a few cherry tomatoes and one zucchini.  This year I will focus on the berries, basil, chives and other herbs.  This year I will revert to my upper level balcony for ease of access to sunshine and water.  My massive rock garden now flourishes independently after years of loving care from Lenka. I’d like to make  a version of Donna’s scotch bonnet pepper sauce this year if I can source a pepper plant somewhere.

My happiest moments this year were:

  • sunshine morning walks around the Annex with Sarah
  • lunches with Stella and Levi on Friday school holidays
  • Nashville and the Grand Ol’ Opry with Mea and Nancy
  • Babe Club in Kingston with the babes
  • catching up with old friends Bob and Florence in Nashville, although I could use more Bob and Florence time….I didn’t get enough last year. I need to set a goal to see them again.  Perhaps they will travel to My little corner of Paradise and join us for awhile or I might just have to venture south again to seek them out.
  • re-connecting with my sister Carolynn after so many years ( I will write a blog on just this topic later as it has brought me so much joy to have her back in my life)
  • Visits with my brothers Rob and David and my beautiful sister-in-law Nicole in Toronto.  Catching up and feeling part of a family again.  I lost  that for awhile and I am grateful to have it back
  • Good times hanging with my handsome husband and Roop the awesome pug

I returned to work in October after giving it another try last Fall like I promised I would.  So far so good!  I work half time from home  (afternoons) and go into the office now and then for meetings. It’s only a minute or two drive from my house.

I feel like I have it all these days.

Dave and I have been settling into our house more fully and finally migrating all,of our favourite things from our condo in Calgary and from storage.  We have started to think of our retirement  years, probably 10-15 years away. I’m taking my own advice and getting our house age-proofed to ensure our safety as we get older and clumsier.  I have a head start on my husband as I’ve needed to become more careful and aware these past years.  I’ve often joked that I am glad to have had my stroke early when I was young and strong enough to recover well.  Aging will be more difficult for others, including my husband.  He is  7 years younger than me, still very handsome, agile and smart.


  • I lost my Dad this year.
  • and my Mom is not doing all that well.  I am aware that our time together is short and will try to be back East with her more often this year.
  • we are of that age where friends are getting illnesses and bodies are beginning to break down.

So what’s next?

I’ve been thinking about getting a bicycle this year.  One that I can operate with one hand while reclining.  Just a thought.  It might not percolate high enough up my list this year.  I’ll let you know next December.

After success installing the RF 360 in my new car, I think I will try to have my old 2005 Porsche  converted.  This is one of my remaining dreams to accomplish.  Driving down those winding mountain roads from Calgary to Fernie with the top down, Roop riding shotgun.

Perhaps next summer I’ll wave at you as I cruise on by.  Or maybe you’ll wave at me and the nice RCMP officer as I sit side of the road awaiting my speeding ticket.  I don’t care.  Let’s just wave and smile at each other.  Because life is fine and so are you!

I’d like to take some dancing lessons as I become more agile, and I think I will try acupuncture.

BIG GOAL:  I m resuming my search for a bra that looks great that can be easily put on with one hand or with the help of an ingenious hack of some sort.  I will always be open to suggestions and will try almost anything, so feel free to offer help or advice at any time.

Some general goals to work on with Sarah:

  • Lose no ground.
  • Work on my walking pattern.  Smooth out my gait.  It’s just focus and practice.  My treadmill will help me set a pace.
  • Work on my left arm strength and mobility.  This is where acupuncture could help.  I’ll keep you posted as life continues to unfold here in my little piece of Paradise in the Rockies.

I’m hoping to reconnect with an old friend next year.  I have a sense of time passing more quickly these days and I don’t want to waste too much more time thinking about doing rather than just getting on with it!  That’s the old me back in full force!

I am ending this year strong, beautiful, awesome, bra-less and free!

I am happy, I hope you are too!

Stay awesome!  Enjoy the “Roaring 20’s re-boot!  (as an aside:  I must acquire a flapper dress for this decade.  It will surely come in handy at some point.  And perhaps a Zoot suit for my husband.) ……smiles

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