Peaceful, Easy Feelings

Who doesn’t love the Eagles.  I sure do.  And I love that peaceful, easy feeling I get when I Spotify them on a  Saturday morning.

…and I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight…..…with a billion stars all around

I’ve been told lately that my writing is a bit too “touchie-feelie”.   I accept this as the compliment it was not meant to be.

I AM a touchie-feelie kind of woman, perhaps  you don’t know me very well?

I think  a lot and more deeply than I used to and as you all know I can be a bit of a dweller.  I’m OK with that, too.  Thinking about emotions and going with them in a positive way has been very helpful to me this past year or three.

I’m taking my power back now and this means embracing myself and who I am, no apologies for crying now and then.  I do this much less than I used to which is very empowering, and much less embarassing.

I have my awesome back mostly….most of my goals accomplished.  New ones within my grasp.  Finally living my best life in my little corner of paradise, with my wee pug Roop and my amazing husband.

And that is the topic I want to approach today – life partners, significant others, husbands, wives, lovers.

It sure is a big commitment, taking a partner in this life.  It’s bigger and more important than I realized all those years ago.   I am still in love and grateful for all I have.

We were travelling through the Maritimes, when one evening in Cape Breton over 15 years ago, during a lovely dinner, he stood up,knelt in front of me and offered me a beautiful diamond solitaire for my consideration along with “the big question”. The answer was yes!  The next morning we drove off in our convertible with the top down, sun shining brightly on just the two of us.  Sting sang “Fields of Gold” from the CD and we sang right along with him!  I cried that morning (which at the time was highly unusual for me), feeling the beauty of that moment, that day and I wanted to remember that feeling forever,  And I do.  A beautiful, enduring memory that never fails to bring tears of joy to my eyes when I think about it. Like now. Or when I listen to this song.

Sting: Fields of Gold

Those feelings have grown stronger over the years as we have grown with each other, through good times and not-so-good, I can’t say there have been many bad times, we have largely kept it together.

It helps that we like each other a lot.  He thinks he’s funny, and sometimes he is.  He hates to travel while I love it.  I love holidays, he kinda likes them.  He loves chocolate chip cookies with milk.  I don’t. I call him the “midnight snacker”.  He calls me “kitten”.

Although his long hair is now  silver and white, he is still that handsome young man who waltzed into my life 16 years ago declaring “Let’s get this party started”.  And we did.

Pause for a moment to reflect on your special person or people….maybe there has been more than one.  For me it’s always just been this one handsome man that I’ve called husband.

I am thankful every single day to have him in my life. He is sweet and thoughtful and so very kind.  He used to ask me every day what he could do to make me smile.  He doesn’t ask anymore, he just does.  Several weeks ago, brought me home a beautiful big red poinsettia because he knows I love them. And stargazer lillies, whenever he can find them in our wee town.  He makes me smile every day, as he wakes me up with a hug and a kiss.   Sometimes we tussle in bed with Roop, who is most certainly a “morning pug” and loves to play. A week or so ago,  he bought Roop a new winter jacket.  We call him “Stately” when he wears it because he looks so distinguished.  And we all laugh together at our silliness and Roop’s stately jacket.  Roop just smiles up at his goofy people and considers himself grateful to have such a fine pack.

We go for long drives and listen to audiobooks for hours.  We sometimes make soup together on the weekend.  We have dinner together every night.  We are settled into our life and each other.

Do you do things like this for that special person in your life?  Without being asked. It’s what keeps the love or even just the like alive.  Caring about someone else’s happiness above your own.

We have lived in many places, houses, apartments, cities.  We have always had a pug at our side.  First Bennie, then Cindy-Lou, and now Roop.  We are a small yet powerful family.

Sometimes I drift and think about what might have been.  I may linger there awhile, perhaps too long, dwell, but I always come back here to where happiness lives, it’s warm and cosy and always welcoming.  Peaceful, easy feelings.

I am strong.   I am peaceful. I am home.

Give your kitten, sweetie or honey-bear a hug today.  Do something nice and unexpected, just because it will make the one you love smile.

I am awesome and so are you!

Tonight we will share  charcuterie and Veuve Cliquot pink champagne as we wait for the turn of another year together (Roop will have a few bits of chicken).  Tomorrow, I will reflect on the year that has been and discuss my goals, hopes and dreams for the next year, the “Roaring ’20’s”.  I have some plans.

Stay awesome!


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