Take Your Power Back

I’ve been seeing a therapist for a few months now…sorry I haven’t mentioned it.  I’m not embarrassed.    A good friend told me many years ago that we spend so much time and money on physical health, when we would often benefit more from some focus on mental health.  So I’m not even remotely embarrassed.

This is something I’ve done a few of times in my past to help me get in touch with myself and perhaps hit the pause or re-set button, whilst talking things through with a trained, sympathetic, non-judgmental professional.  It has helped me through some extremely difficult decisions in my past and now is helping me get my power back, after so recently recovering my awesome!  Maybe it could help you too.  Give it some thought.  Dare greatly!

I’m pondering the concept of personal power, getting it, losing it and regaining it.  If you’ve ever been ill, really ill and had to rely on others to help you do things that used to be so easy, simple things like tie your shoes, get dressed, go shopping, you’ll know how difficult it is to accept help graciously.  For awhile I found myself just going with the flow.  Saying OK and accepting help even if I didn’t really need it or want it.  And I found over time, I was losing my personal power to say no, to try to do new things.

And then I stopped doing that.  And realized that people really like helping, caring, giving.  Perhaps it enhances their own power, I’m not entirely sure how that dynamic works.  One thing I do know is that I started to notice it in a negative way and decided to pay attention when it was happening and consciously decide to stop the”kindness” before I started to completely lose my own self, agency and independence.  If you find yourself asking for permission, you will know that your power situation has shifted too far.

The New Year looms close and I’ll soon be reflecting on this year passed. my achievements and setting some new goals for 2020.

Today’s feature image is of me outside of Sassafraz in Yorkville with my Toronto Realtor and friend Erika Anne, taken  after closing on a condo purchase in Toronto a few years ago.  That dress still fits me and looks great!  Awesome accomplishment!  That’s part of what I’ve been working for these past three years.  Freedom to walk, travel, dress as I please, on my own or with a friend.  If you find yourself in Miami next year, that will be me at Joe’s Stone Crab having my favourite food before heading off on a Bahamas cruise for a few nights.  Later in the year I hope to be in Italy with my BFF’s…..more on that and other travel plans next time.

I am free, I am awesome

And so are you!

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