Looking after your pearly whites

Let’s talk about your local dentist. When was the last time you visited him or her?  My most recent visit  was last Wednesday.  That would be “do what I want Wednesday” and what I wanted was a good cleaning and consultation with my dentist.  That’s now two Wednesdays in a row with another to follow at the end of November.

I’ve been blessed with good teeth most of my life but that started to fall apart about five years ago.  I won’t get into the weeds but suffice to say I made a mistake that involved wearing braces for a year.  Just after they were removed, I had a stroke that changed my objectives and caused some neglect that I am now correcting, with the help of my fantastic local dentist.

There are only two dental offices in my small town and it can be hard to get an appointment.  Don’t expect to be molly-coddled like you were in the big city.  You need to be adult and pre-book your own appointments, sometimes months or even a year in advance of when they are needed or risk your dental hygiene.

Excerise, healthy eating and what, good dental health are critical to your ongoing happiness as you recover and get older.  I’ve always had beautiful teeth and I’ve always taken good care of them.  But this past year or so, like many other things, I’ve had to work harder to keep my smile looking good.

I will be discussing how to step up my program in this respect with my dentist on my next Wednesday appointment.

Are you looking after your pearly whites.  Ignore at your peril.  Those chompers have brought you this far.  Keep looking after them in the style to which they have become accustomed.  I’ve been shocked to see the deterioration of my Dad’s teeth since his Altzeimers took hold and he’s been in a managed care home.

Don’t let anything bad happen to you and your sweet smile, especially if you could have avoided it.

Ok that’s enough.  I’ve just beat a dead horse, revived it, and beat it again.  I’m done. ( As an aside:  if you’ve ever wondered what water-boarding feels like, just imagine lying down in a dental chair, head and throat pointed upward while two sets of hands work their way into your mouth.  It’s bad enough that one hand holds a drill and is noisily buzzing in your ear, but another two randomly spray and suck water into and out of your mouth.  In this version you (mostly) don’t choke or die.)  I sit here as living proof of that  If you’ve ever wondered what you look like whilst sitting in “the chair”, dental dam in your mouth, horribly uncomfortable while your dentist checks on someone else, perhaps today’s feature image will help.  You look awful!  Suck it up, Buttercup!


I am strong, I am awesome!

And I love my local dentist.

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