Fair Weather Driver

Today’s feature image is of our first snowfall in the Valley (there’s been lots in the mountains already).  Driving in the first snowfall is always interesting. Many people have waited just a wee bit too long to get their snow tires. Not me. My husband took care of that little detail a couple of weeks ago.   So this morning at 10:30 I auto-started my car from the warmth of my house and everything was melted outside and toasty warm inside when I left for my 11:00 appointment at the gym with Sarah.   At 12:00 I came back outside after a great workout which included standard cardio and weights along with tabatas  for sit-to-stands and crunches. These are new, hard and very effective.  I left with instructions to download the timer app and do crunches, sit-to-stands and bridges using the tabata timer whilst in Calgary on Thursday and Friday.

Got in my car, hit front and back wipers, all the defrost buttons and prepared to wait. No this is not working for me at all…..I hate waiting! I will have to exit my warm cocoon and brush off  snow from the side windows. Cold. Wet. (Note to self. Keep the brush in the front seat passenger side and bring your gloves.) I use the brush for balance in lieu of my walking pole whilst walking around the car in the 2” deep snow.

Done, let’s hit the road.  It’s slippery but I’ve got great traction control in my new SUV while a few cars slip slide along in front, for me it’s a very uneventful drive home.  I think I’m ready for winter in my little piece of Paradise.

One year I hope to ski again.  This year is not it. I don’t feel my balance is good enough or my legs strong enough yet to snowplough – a most basic required skill.  I could try and perhaps I will.  Because I am awesome and that’s what I do.  I keep trying even if I think it may not work out perfectly.  But I’m not shooting for perfect.


I am awesome and so are you.

Let’s make some angels in this fresh new-fallen snow.


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