Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Wherever you are on this November 11th in the world there are surely memorial services being held.  Especially in Europe.  But even here in my wee corner of the world services were held this morning beginning around 10:45 am.  Well that was when I arrived in the -6C at the Fernie Courthouse with my friend Jenn.  Quite a crowd had gathered.  Officials and the general public crowded the lawn.  There was a parade and a children’s choir.  Laying of wreaths.  Singing of anthems, playing of bagpipes, the lament – to remember and pay homage to those who fought and lost their lives for our freedom so long ago.  The Canadians, First Nations, families…..

Its a concept I can’t quite fathom.  Giving your very your life for country.  What an absolute and selfless sacrafice.  It was very cold here on this November 11th as I’m sure it was in Europe all those years ago.  If you have a humane bone in your body, you will surely cry at the enormity of it all.  The silver cross mother, chosen to represent all mothers at this service…It’s heart-breaking.  And worth the few moments taken by you and your family to remember.


I am awesome and so are you.

Lest we forget!



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