It never ends………

It’s incredibly easy to put on weight as you get older and increasingly difficult to lose it.  Those little treats here and there start to add up to ounces and pounds,usually appearing exactly where you don’t want them.

The women in my family used to joke that they have to give up eating completely to lose any weight.  But that proved untrue as our bodies,evolutionary-speaking, would just even more stubbornly hold on to what they had in case of impending famine.

Readers of this blog will recall I was measured for a custom wheelchair 3 1/2 years ago because unbeknownst to me at the time they thought I might never walk again.  But you may also recall the wheelchair salesman who remarked to me that he hoped I wouldn’t gain any weight (ha ha, so as not to be able to fit into my chair). I said then “fuck you wheelchair sales guy” and I say it now again because I did gain a small amount of weight that I’ve been secretly tackling these past few months, well since July.  I don’t need the chair so fitting has not been an issue, however, getting my awesome back was and is the issue.

So, what did I do you are probably asking yourself?  I’m not a fad dieter.  I generally isolate the dietary culprit(s) and eliminate them.  Bread, no problem, sweets, np, sugar easy, fat…boom there it is.  I like cream in my coffee- everyday and that juicy rib steak – well it’s the one for me.  Butter, well ok.  Everyone’s got their thing.

I decided to try weight watchers (WW) Online.  It’s a great program, just follow the rules and you will see results. I’ve lost 14lbs in 4 months.  That puts me less than 6 lbs away from where I was before my stroke and 16 lbs from my new awesome goal.

Here’s how it works:  WW has introduced “free food” which obviously is not free at all but in constructing your menu plan , you build as many of these free foods into it and use your points to add a bit of pizzazz or gravy to your free boneless skinless chicken breast.  Since I don’t have much to lose it comes off slowly, but it does come off to the tune of 1/2 to 1lb a week…slow and steady wins the race.  And since it’s a lifestyle plan if you just keep on keeping on and following and eating to the guidelines, you should be good for life.  I have a lot of willpower, especially when it comes to food.  And I’m happy to make compromises.  Like say wine Friday, I like 1-2 glasses of a nice dry un-oaked chardonnay so I pass on anything sweet or late night treats to compensate.  And still remain well within the boundaries of what the plan allows.  I often finish the week with lots of  un-used weeklies ( these are points to supplement your daily amounts in case of special events, things outside your control, etc.).   Build in some daily exercise/activity.  There it is in a nutshell.

Perhaps you believe, at this point in your life you deserve to eat, drink and smoke whatever you want.  Of course you do.  But life’s not fair that way, I’m sorry to say.  It will catch up with you.

If you are struggling to lose a few stubborn lbs, I encourage you to give it a try.  There is also a very active online social media component, called Connect, if you are the type of person that needs interaction and encouragement from a peer group.  I am not, but I follow it anyways for inspiration.Hundreds of people across Canada post pictures, comments, observations and jokes every day.  The community supports everyone.

Wait, did you say menu plan?  Well, yes I did.  I like to think through the next week or so and figure out what we will be eating each evening.  It helps with grocery shopping and weekend cooking.

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