I go walking after midnight (sometimes)

Today started cold as Yogi Rikki arrived for our 9:00 am session of stretch and floor work with blocks, straps and balls.  I’ve come to really appreciate the work we do with these props.  The balls in particular settle in deeply and begin working below the skin, stretching muscles and kick-starting nerves in legs, glutes, ankles and hips. It is a good way to wake up your body for the long day ahead.

If you haven’t tried yoga, I highly recommend it.  Get yourself to a beginners class or find a yogi to come and work with you privately in your home.  That’s what I do.  When I first began this journey three years ago now, we prioritized health, happiness and well-being at the top of our list, where it has remained and it will stay.  Another note:  set aside some money to cover these “extras” because I’m pretty sure your healthcare plan won’t!  It’s not expensive but it is recurring.  Build it into your weekly, monthly, annual  “run-rate”.

Every night I use my hiking pole to walk the few metres to my bedroom and leave it propped  beside my bed should I need it after midnight (which I often do, sometimes more than once).  And every morning I use it whilst washing and dressing.  After that it is placed somewhere and largely forgotten for the rest of the day, unless I’m going outside.  I find I need it less and less.  My walking is improving daily.  I attribute this to daily workouts of one sort or another, along with mindful walking all day long. I used to be in such a hurry all the time.  Now I take my time and breathe deeply along the way.

Now is a good time to develop some good habits.  Get into a routine and do something, anything, everyday.  If you are lucky, your daily agile and enthusiastic participation in conjugal relations will more than do the trick for the cardio portion of your workout.

Moving on, as we come into the winter season, I will be seeking a good pair of functional, yet attractive boots.  A goal that has eluded me these past two years.  Functional has been easy, attractive is harder.  I wear the stepsmart brace and it has been the tool that has allowed me to progress to this point.  Yet is sometimes difficult to get a good fit on shoes whilst wearing it.  Another reminder that you understand your body and its needs better than most.  My husband found this for me and I wouldn’t be walking without it.  Here’s what it looks like:

Link to Smartstep brace.

Great for drop foot and to protect your ankle from rolling over.

Once my yoga is done at 10:30, I dash upstairs, collect my keys, warm jacket and hiking pole and head off to Starbucks.  That is, once I defrost my SUV.  Sweetie, it sure is cold out here.  But the sun is now shining in full force and I feel warm and happy in the cocoon of my car.  Driving into town on my own because I can and I want to, I put on the pair of sunglasses I call “my Hollywoods”.

In town, I like to pick up a tall, blonde, non-fat, wet cappuccino and park over by Maiden Lake to gaze at the beauty around me.  Early snowfall covers the mountains as far as the eye can see.  I often talk to a friend while I am there, catching up on lives lived elsewhere in this world of ours.  I am interested in everyone’s health and well-being, so apologies if I ask too many questions.  It’s only because I care.

And now I find myself back home, thinking of the day ahead of me which includes a trip to the dentist in the afternoon plus a few hours of work in my beautiful office.  (As an aside:)  we spent Saturday and Sunday de-cluttering my two offices and consolidated the result into one, beautiful room.  Almost done, I just need to collect a few art pieces from Calgary this weekend to hang here where I can see and love them everyday.  I’ll post pictures of the final product sometime next week.

Before wrapping up, I’ll mention that now is a good time to start thinking about next years goals.  Not resolutions, goals.  I’m pretty open about mine but sometimes I have a secret goal or two that I quietly work on behind the scenes.  I’ve started thinking about this already and I’ll share what I can as soon as I’m comfortable.Lets you and me try to do this before January 1st.



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