Hit the Pause button – Take a break

While I was in Toronto recently, I paused for a few hours to have lunch at my favourite restaurant, Joso’s at the intersection of Avenue Road and Davenport. A lovely, romantic spot, famous for its Dalmatian Coast cuisine.  Today’s feature image was taken at Joso’s.

Here’s the link to Joso’s

I started with a simple Adria salad, soft lettuce leaves, some crunchy romaine, spring onions, tomatoes, feta, beans and a tart refreshing vinegrette along  with a glass of Chablis.  It’s always a difficult decision but I decide to indulge in the whole fresh fish, a scorpion from the Azores.  Served on the bone, it’s delicious white meat is soft and flavourful.  No fancy sauces to hide its delicate-ness.  Just sea salt and a good olive oil. I made the reservation a few weeks before travelling.  Something delightful to look forward to.  And it was.

The little restaurant was full of diners.  A large party of men were celebrating a friend’s birthday, a few couples were rendezvous-ing for a cheeky break from the tedium of life and perhaps the long work week.   And I hit the pause button to take a snapshot in my mind of this moment, this day, this bistro, and the beautiful servers to carry with me when I need a touch of warmth to  tide me over on a cold snowy mountain day.  I’ll remember the amazing art, the red table cloths and the laughter in the air, the taste of sweet grilled fish.

Here’s some rehab advice:

Hit the pause button. Take a break. Alone or with a friend or lover. Find a charming spot to laugh and talk. Share stories, reminisce. Or go it alone. Take your diary and write about it. That’s what I do now. It’s healthy and calming. And you’ll create a nice memory for later.

And now I’m back in my sweet mountain town where it’s cold and wet…snow is not far away.  I’m pausing now over a cup of chai tea this afternoon to reflect on that lovely spot, and the fantastic lunch for one.  I’d like to go back.  I hear the weather is still nice in Toronto this week.  But that adventure must be on hold a few more months. Spring next year is my next planned visit.  March or April, I think.

This morning as I was doing my stretch yoga with Yogi Rikki, I paused several times to enjoy the stretch and the moment.  That’s what yoga is all about.  Taking the time to feel and enjoy the movement. Rikki recommends at least 20 seconds to let your body wrap itself around the feeling.  So I do…several times.
I am strong, I am beautiful.  I am cold. and I am still yogi.

Stay awesome!

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