Love Songs

It’s Sunday  (well actually, it’s Monday now)in my little piece of Paradise in the mountains.  My husband just made me a wonderful breakfast complete with a low fat latte.  And now I’m drinking that latte whilst listening to my new favourite genre of Bossa Nova.  This morning it’s “So Nice (Summer Samba)” by Babel Gilberto.

What a sweet little love song.  Speaking of which, pause for a moment to think about your favourite love songs, past and present, and why they hold a special place in your heart.

What a great way to end a week and start a new one.  its a nice little diversion to take on a lazy Sunday morning.  Love songs and perhaps lovers in your past that evoke memories when you hear those special songs.  But don’t dwell there too long.  Bring yourself back to today, this moment, this feeling, your now and say a great big  thank you for what you have been gifted in your life.

And now it’s Louis Armstrong’s “what a wonderful World”.  I remember hearing music such as this for the first time when I was much younger and marvelled at the beauty of this special combination of lyrics and music and  a singer’s voice.

This is not my playlist but whoever curated this one did a fine job.  For now I gaze out my windows at the majesty around me and let my mind drift to the tasks at hand for today.

Baby it’s still very cold outside, and grey, cloudy and overcast.  Snow is on the way I think.  I may venture outside for a walk around my property with a warm jacket hat and scarf.  But first I must change from my Jammie’s to something more appropriate for today.

Well yes, as a matter of fact Jammie’s are perfectly acceptable weekend wear, but not for me today.  I need to get some work done in my office today, so I will need something appropriate to that state of mind as well as warm should I decide to venture outside later this afternoon.

I have a new printer to set up for one thing.  I broke my old reliable Samsung after trying to over-correct a paper jam.  That hard yank to clear the jam broke some of the printers internals.   I need to be a little more patient with life’s wee inconveniences.  My new printer is an HP laser jet and I will try to be kinder and gentler.


OK,  more later once I return, dressed appropriately for this day.  But I don’t make it outside until the evening for a business meeting at the local pub.

Monday morning rolls around and I’m at the gym bright and early for my session with Sarah.  I’m up to 15 get-ups.  These used to be so hard and just keep getting easier.  So I keep doing them and more of them.  That’s my advice to you too.  Get up and do something.  Build a wee routine and keep pushing your boundaries.  When it gets to be easy, make it a little harder.  Repeat.

Today is  “sushi Monday” and when our work day is done, we will have our regular weekly “date” for sushi at our local favourite spot.


I am strong, I am beautiful.

I love a good love song!


Stay awesome!

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