Back in my Mountain Paradise

I’ve been gone about two weeks and now I’m back in my little mountain town. Yesterday woke up to a beautiful orange and red sunrise as viewed from my east facing bed.

Now I sit in my great room thinking about the days ahead this week.   There is frost on the glass of my deck’s balcony, signalling the beginning (or continuation) of cold conditions in the days ahead.

This pause s a deviation of my routine and I must get back on track and start the day on time.  I have lots of updates and a bit of rehab advice for you as we close off summer and begin our journey together into the cold winter months.i might not fit everything into this post.

First up for me Tuesday, is a workout with a Sarah.  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen her so today is sure to be a little more challenging.  But first I’m off to shower and get dressed.  I’ll continue this when I return from seeing a Sarah around lunchtime.

I told a Sarah that this was the type of workout that I’ve been working towards and had hoped to be able to accomplish when we first met about two ears ago.  Here’s what we did today:

  • treadmill
  • elliptical

2-3 sets of each:

  • -3 minutes rowing + get-ups + sit-to-stands
  • leg presses, left + right+ both
  • shoulder presses + left and right leg lunges
  • leg raises+ bridges + crunches
  • stretches


Feeling great!  Lots of sweat!  I walk with a minor limp but I’m getting very close to not needing my walking pole at all.  I popped by the post office on my way home and left it in the car.  Walking keeps getting easier.  I just need to work on smoothing out the limp and being more graceful.  My Dad used to say I walked like my bum was chewing chicklets. Not something I now aspire to.   Time and practice is all I need to achieve something closer to who I used to be.

I think I’ll pause for a banana and some chai tea before getting ready for my afternoon work and appointments.

I’ve started a new job today in my little town (more on this later).  I am very fortunate to be given an opportunity to work with a local entrepreneur.   I am back to  to driving my new car and loving it.

We usually go for sushi on Monday but that was still a travel day so Tuesday  we went to our favourite local joint Sushi Wood where we forgo  the full meal options and just pick the  smaller versions of the things we love, japanese tapas so to speak: edamame, prawn tempura and salmon nigiri  for me, edamame, salmon sashimi, kappa maki for my husband.

And now, back home,  we sit with our sweet pug Roop who is very farty —perhaps it has something to do with the frozen blueberries we shared for breakfast????    We love his stinky wee self anyways.   It’s almost time for walkies and chicken treats before he goes to bed with us.  We sleep early most nights.

And I’m just tired from all my travels and my workout.   Just like Seven of Nine (and other less spectacular Borg), we need a decent amount of time of in our regeneration alcoves  to let the body recover and re-generate cells, etc.  Get a good nights sleep.  Let your body and brain get stronger.  I like a solid 8 hours. And I can usually count on  Roops to wake me up around 8:00 am, right after he’s had his walkies and breakies.

Today, was stretch yoga with Rikki to start my day.  I’ve just started working with this yogi twice a week, Wednesday’s and Fridays 10-00 to 11:30      I expect to see great results over the next few months.  Use it or lose it.  That is so true for muscles that are damaged, or perhaps just old and tired.    Move it.  The epic journey begins with a single step, so take  that first step.  Here’s some ideas:

  • ankle rotations – clockwise then reverse.  Its perfectly ok to use one of your hands to assist in the motion.
  • childs pose.  knees wide, lean forward from the waist and rest your forehead on a bolster or firm pillow
  • seated forward fold.  Wrap a yoga strap around your feet to help with your forward motion
  • google a few of your own stretches.  I have a 1.5 hour series of stretches I do with Rikki.  We listen to the “Musical Therapy” playlist on Spotify.

Tomorrow I have lots of tasks to complete for my new job and I’m excited to be working on them.   I expect to spend most of the day on this. Time to make a great impression with some new folks!

For today, I’m going to spend another hour or two organizing my office.  I like a clean, clear,uncluttered and efficient work environment before getting started.  I am going to try to blog more regularly again over the winter.  Its a good way to get your brain going for the day.  Thinking and writing.

I am strong and beautiful.  I am yogi.

Stay awesome!



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