Spring in the Mountains – Update

Hello, it’s been awhile, I thought I should update you on what’s going on here in my wee bit of paradise in the Canadian Rockies.

I’m sitting in my office.  The feature picture is the view to my left, out the window – There is full on green trees now with the snow capped Lizard Range directly behind.  It is surely glorious to be sitting here with this view, literally out my back door.  I will be doing my herb and flower garden on the lower deck this year as I spend much of my time on the lower level of the house, where I can do whatever I want without disturbing my husband who works next door.

Many years ago I was a passenger in a car driving from Zurich to Milan; that is, through the Alps.  It was night and as we drove I watched lights twinkling in the darkness of the mountains, each set of lights, a home to someone.  I am now someone with a home set in the mountains whose night lights beckon to strangers driving by on the highway, dreaming of a life set in this amazingness!

The snow is melting….yes, disappearing for another year.  Fernie Alpine had its closing day two weeks ago, celebrated with 29cm of fresh snow! Up there not down here in  the foothills where my awesome house sits.

I am ready for Spring. I’m going to start planting herbs and a few veggies on May long weekend.  And of course some flowers. I have gladiola bulbs gifted to me last month by a young man I call “hat trick”. I will be planting these soon.   Perhaps even this weekend if I can get myself out to the local garden centre to pick up some planting soil.  (As an aside:  I did get to the Garden Centre on Easter Sunday but it’s still too cols at night to have plants outside, so for now they “live”on my dining room table.)


–  I’ve launched our consulting and advisory business on top of our successful software engineering  business at www.basicallyitconsultingadvisory.com. I’m hoping to build a small base of customers in small businesses and some individuals who need various types of help.

And this has caused me to think that I need some help sometimes too.  Like house-sitting so we can travel a bit and pug-sitting so we don’t have to worry about the wee fellow if we want to take off somewhere on short notice.  Maybe I can trade with someone in town… an exchange of my help for their help.

– I’m actively pursuing and considering full time work back in corporate as a CIO or VP of IT. Who knows what will come of this but you can’t win if you don’t play. I’ve had a few conversations so far.

–  I’m also actively pursuing volunteer work in town with a club such as Rotary or an organization such as Girl Guides.  Testing the waters this week.  Will update you as soon as I move into next steps .

– Recovery continues to progress.  I honestly thought I would have more fully recovered by now. But not quite.  It’s never over. There is always  room to improve something. I am walking well enough but would like to improve my ankle strength and gait which means more walking everyday.   Right now I’m looking at the empty recycling bin at the bottom of my long driveway and thinking I should really walk out to retrieve it.  OK. I think I will. Back soon.

OK back now. Just 13 minutes later. Easy and it’s a nice day out there. Always a great reason to get up from whatever comfy chair you find yourself in today and go for a short walk. Blue skies the sun is out and new  green shoots are starting to peek out from the mulch. The only off note is a neighbour burning something or other. Yuk. But soon forgotten as I push the recycling bin back to its home in the garage for another week.   I think I will add this to my weekly routine of tasks as I creep my way back to fully contributing life partner around here.

I am also cooking more often, that is, other than Sushi Monday and Chinese take-away Tuesday and left-over Wednesday.   Tonight I am making bbq steak with green beans and potatoes. I’ve been tired lately so I think I’ll add some iron to my diet tonight. Although I must be careful as I have hemochromatosis which is where my body accumulates iron but can’t rid itself of it easily ( I used to do weekly or monthly phlebotemies which is just having blood drawn like you would at a Red Cross but I am unable to donate my iron rich blood from my fine person because I once lived in the UK…due to possible exposure to mad cow or so I’m told.  I will check to see if this restriction to donate still exists.). But I digress…..

– my exercise program with amazing Sarah is great. I want to get back to floor yoga so a fundamental building block is the downward dog. I have now mastered the “Get-up” created by Sarah where I get up off the floor using two feet and one hand. We now do at least five per day so on to the next challenge which we are calling the “Get-up Dog”.  This  promises to be quite difficult but so was the first get-up and now I do five in a row!  Practice every day is the key.    It only seems hard because your body is not used to the position or motion yet. This was true with the get-up and now I swing straight into position as my body knows what feels right. It just clicks. (As an aside:   I am now as an old friend used to say beating a dead horse, reviving it and beating it again. For future we will call these rambles BRB’s and try not to do them too often.  It’s like a run-on sentence, which is sometimes appropriate in writing the narrative but usually annoying in the reading.)

– Roop is an awesome pug. He’s 4 on April 29th and a charming young man. I think he loves me lots. I wasn’t sure for awhile but he is a wee snuggler with me most mornings over coffee and sometimes in the afternoon when I take a quick break from whatever I’m working on.  I will soon begin taking over his thrice daily walks. A conversation to have with my handsome husband this weekend as I will need his help establishing a routine.

– I’ve enrolled in a pottery class at the Arts Station in town in May. Yes there are one-handed potters so I know it’s achievable..I watched someone on YouTube.  I was thinking of learning to knit as that is also achievable with one hand but I missed the class that was offered in March…I’ll keep looking and keep you posted should I ever knit you a scarf. Or a hat.  Even for my ambitious self a sweater is unlikely.

I am simmering some orange, vanilla bean and ginger on my stovetop at the moment. Just to brighten up the smell of my house. Maybe it’s the neighbour’s burning or my garbage bin needs emptying but there is an aroma in the air.  Normally I would light my lamp Bergere but I can’t find a lighter and I am low on a neutral oil that I mix with a fragranced one to lower the potency (BRB so sorry.  Let’s move on)

I think about life a lot and examine my feelings now and then.  More than I ever used to. And think about my actions, often before taking them, which is also an improvement.  I am quite content with where I’ve found myself and where the road is still to lead me. I was talking with someone last week and explained that in my life when I reach a fork in the road I more often than not take that divergent path.  Somehow it’s led me to here in a roundabout kind of way and I’m good with that.

I hope you are too.  And now I must think about getting ready for my weekly adjustment with Dr. Erik and then I am meeting a woman in town at The Loaf to talk about the Girl Guides organization and where I might help.  More on that and Rotary Club later.

Rotary Club meets on Wednesday’s at noon at the Park Lodge just off hwy 3 in my little town of Fernie, BC.  I think I will drop in soon.  Maybe next week.  (As an aside, next week is now here and my 11:00-!@:00 massage took me to 12:22 before I was ready to leave so I think I’ll join the Fermie Rotarians next Wednesday.)


You are strong and beautiful,

Happy and thoughtful

And so am I

Stay awesome!

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