Monday in the Mountains

Big fat flakes of snow are falling slowly in my little town – each one beautiful and unique just like you.  Inside it’s toasty warm as our heating system struggles to keep up with the ever falling outside temperatures – baby it’s cold out there and icy and slippery. I haven’t been outside much this weekend, other than to traverse the walkway connecting our main house with our media room. It’s called a breezeway although lately we’ve been calling it the freezeway.

All is well in our little world at the moment. We still have our ups and downs but the journey continues. Victory on awesome aside, there is still the day-to-day upkeep of being me (and you) that requires vigilance and regular maintenance.

Today, Monday, and I ponder the week ahead of me. Workouts Monday and Tuesday with Sarah, masssage on Wednesday  with Karen, wash and blow-out Thursday with Noel and  chiro with Dr Eric Friday morning and later Friday I head to Calgary for an overnight before grabbing my Saturday flight to Toronto.  My brother Rob and my beautiful sister-in-law Nicole will meet me there.  Perhaps we will watch the Grammys together next Sunday.  And this will mark the start to a busy week with friends and family.  Who knows what grand adventures I’ll get up to.

I’ve learned a thing or two about travelling this past year and I’m going very light this time for sure.  No thoughtless throwing of things together at the last minute, as I have done in the past. I have a few lunch and dinner dates and will plan outfits for each day and no more.

I travel much lighter these days….in my mind and in my suitcase. I’ve thought through every square inch of my past these last years, scanned it again, dwelled some, threw out the detritus and kept the meaningful and interesting, the joyous and happy.   If a fleeting thought is changing my mood, I change the thought to something more in keeping with who I want to be and how I want to feel and then move on from there to a happier day.

But for now I’m watching those unique flakes waft on by as Roop snores gently in my lap- casnoozling is what Dave calls it and Roop does it alot.

Roop is officially a great pug!  I used to compare him to my other pug Ben all the time but since my mom advised me to cherish Roop, I do. He is his own unique snowflake and I love him. We have a well established routine now and our morning coffee time together is almost done and soon I must wake him up and head to my downstairs office to take care of a few things there before venturing out to the gym for my workout with Sarah.

In the afternoon I’ll be back to practice typing on my one-handed Maltron keyboard and later my wee pug and I will meet again for our afternoon snackie. Actually Roop no longer snacks. He’s lost a couple of pounds and is looking slim and handsome. For me it’s a jug or two of water and a yoghurt- pugs don’t eat yoghurt- ever!( As an aside:  try not to feed your wee one people food.)

For Roop it’s his dry food plus some boiled rice and chicken. Treats are a small piece of boiled chicken and he loves it. I’ll never forget giving my other pug Ben a saucer of milk and he loved it. Later he got off my lap, sat down at my feet  and looked up at me with his big gorgeous, soulful brown eyes, walked away over to a beautiful hand/knotted Kashmir rug I brought back from India, turned around, established eye contact and then blew out a massive stream of diarrhea all over the rug. This continued for days as I purchased a steam cleaner and swore never to be so thoughtless again.

I am quite OK with travelling.  I’m a small person so I generally don’t care where I sit on a plane, although my husband does and always makes sure that I get a great seat pre-booked plus extra assistance pre-arranged to get from gate to gate.  My iPad is locked and loaded with Kindle books just waiting to be read. (Another Aside:  Every day I get notification by email of Kindle book bargains on Amazon.  Titles routinely sell for a dollar or two and promote inexpensive exploration of mildly interesting topics like biographies of historical figures.  Biographies in my to-do pile are Churchill, Sinatra, Billy ?Joel, The Astors, Dickens, Beethoven, Bette Davis- well, just because.

I’m back now from my workout with Sarah.  It’s always a bit of a challenge to swing back into it after a weekend off.  So I’m going to publish this this and begin my typing lessons for today plus a few other tasks to complete before I find my wee pug for some love.

I am strong, I am beautiful and I am awesome!

And so are you!

Stay Awesome!

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