Happiness & Freedom!

Happiness?  I google the question “what does it feel like to be really happy?”  Such a basic emotion to some has mostly  always seemed just beyond my grasp. But I felt it yesterday. I felt a real smile spread across my face. Yesterday I got an email that confirmed to me in black and white that a drivers licence was in my immediate future.  My car will need to be kitted out with a Sure Grip RF 360.  I learned how to drive with this special spinner knob at Meridian Rehabilitation in Vernon this year.  This is what it looks like:

Spinner + hand controls

Barely noticeable sitting on your car’s steering wheel but it has all of the important functionality built in to a single device and accessible using my most awesome right hand.

Sometimes I think I wait for the good in my life to be snatched away from me – like I don’t deserve it or something. So I’m rightly surprised when it’s not. Maybe you’ve felt that way too. Or helped to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.  But don’t be a helper or provide any assistance to the “happiness snatchers” with your own bad attitude.  Pick it up, where’s your confidence gone?  It’s yours, you worked for it – grab that brass ring and get the hell on with it!

Today I’m dreaming of the things I will do with my new freedom in 2019. These are mostly simple things and you’ll think me totally boring when you see the small things I’ve been waiting to do again on my own. So here’s a brief list:

  • grab a blonde latte to go and bring it home to drink on the deck in my red Muskoka chair – whenever I feel like it
  •  daydream about cooking something for dinner and five minutes later swing into the driver’s seat and head into town to pick up the ingredients;
  • Visit the local “Goodwill” and go for a rummage or treasure-hunt, whichever you prefer;  (I will blog on this topic later, once accomplished)
  • Meet a friend for lunch in town – or maybe go for lunch on my own and make a new friend.
  • Go for a walk on my own, perhaps around Maiden Lake, if I feel like it
  • Pack a picnic, a blanket and a hat and a book and go sit on the banks of the Elk River, which is just down the road from my house.  I can see it from where I sit right now in my office, not yet completely frozen and still flowing
  • Start my awesome mountain garden.  As with everything I do, I have big dreams of what this can be  but I’m going to take it slow and carve off a small piece  to start and grow it by a bit more every year
  • Anything else I feel like, when I feel like it.

Visualize yourself doing it and get on with it.  Let the happiness come shining in and smile.

You are strong, you are beautiful, you are free and so am I!

Stay awesome!

One thought on “Happiness & Freedom!

  1. Michael Rudder

    Congratulations! A New Year’s gift for the whole year and beyond. Keep the confidence and get driving safely.
    Have a great day!

    Mike and Soo

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