Visualize and it shall be so

A couple of years ago, one of my therapists suggested that I visualize myself walking.  At the time I couldn’t. I just couldn’t seem to remember how I might have looked striding down the street.  Perhaps because I could no longer stride.  My walk has evolved into a 1.5-2.0 pace. ( that is the speed setting on a standard treadmill for a casual, slow, walk.)  But I’ve practiced visualization since the then almost without realizing it.  I can see myself boarding a plane.  I can see myself walking in town,up stairs, down stairs.  When I encounter an unfamiliar situation, I pause to visualize myself working through it…. Problem- solving in my mind first before putting the steps into play.  Snow banks, icey  sidewalks, slushy puddles . . .If I can “see” myself doing it- walking through it in my mind then I know I can do it for real – and by the time I’m done thinking it through, I know “how” I’m going to do it.

Today I’m not dreaming big dreams or visualizing myself doing something amazing.  I’m going to work in my office and do some laundry on the side.  I think I”ll even do some ironing. I can visualize folded, newly ironed clothes in my closet.  And I like the picture I see.  I’ve already been into town this morning.  Starting with a visit  to Dr Erik, our Chiropracter. Dr Erik at Pure Life

And then to Big Bang Bagel where I paused to see what the hype and out-the-door lineups are all about.  Big Bang Bagels in my little town .

And while I am waiting I popped into No.3, No.3 Boutique a sweet little boutique with the nicest things.  I picked out a few tops and put something on order for my Mom.  (As an aside:  This is just a sample of the things I will do for myself in 2019 when I am able to drive myself into and around town – more on this happy topic tomorrow.)

And this morning, the BBB are all about a warm, toasted poppy-seed bagel with butter AND cream cheese for me!

Back from these errands, I’m going to enjoy coffee and my big bang bagel in my living room and gaze out at the Winter Wonderland in my backyard.  I live on 2 acres in the Rocky Mountains in what is known as The Elk Valley.)  Imagine snow capped mountains as far as the eye can see with sunlight twinkling off their whiteness set against a powder blue sky. It sparkles so hard I can’t keep my eyes on it for too long – it actually hurts to look!  Dr Erik has suggested I have a hot tub today to help reduce the pressure in my left leg – and I think I will grab a hot tub hat and my water shoes later and go for a dunk.

Roop is quietly snoozling in one of his beds.  He’s been awake for several hours now and he’s managed to tire himself out again, or maybe it’s just the sunlight creating a warm and comfortable sunspot on his bed that seemed so inviting that he decided to hit the pause for awhile.  Like most pugs, he’s a snorer but today it’s the sweet little happy sound of a wee spirit without a care in the world, living a good life with the people he loves,that love him back at every opportunity.  And now he hears the rustle of paper wrapping coming off my hot bagel and he’s wide awake, at my feet, looking up at me expectantly.    I quietly explain that pugs don’t eat bagels and especially not cream cheese.  He nods and silently agrees but stays at my feet to enjoy the warm, happy smells of coffee and bagel, hoping against hope that some random incident might befall my bagel and a tasty morsel appear near where he is waiting to gobble.

I finish and we both know that our morning “moment ” is over.  We smile at each other and say “see ya later pal”, with a jaunty wave to each other as we go our separate ways for an hour or two.

I hope your day is as warm, restful and sunny as wee Roop’s.

I am stong, I am beautiful and I amawesome and so are you!


Stay Awesome!

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