Reflect on the Old, Plan for the New

Life sure is interesting. I started working at age 14 at my local McDonalds. I worked cash on various shifts and got promoted to Hostess (that’s usually the job given to the the person that does the kids birthday parties. At my store I rolled out the Ronald McDonald helium tank and made balloons for the birthday boy or girl after their burgers and fries, cokes  & cookies.   And later I brought the not-quite ice cream cake out with candles and sang happy birthday with whatever crew members I could find to help me out.

My Mom felt that since I was earning money I should make some contribution to our household and so I paid every two weeks – $5 or $10  from a $50 or $75 paycheque and maybe that was the point.  Nothing in life is free.  Hard work pays for necessities first and maybe there’s something left for a frivolity or two.

After that I worked at a bakery with my friend Anna.  Later at the local high school.  And then  College, Uni and working at various grown up jobs.  Law Offices, KPMG, CIBC, BMO, Rogers ,Barclays, Canadian Pacific Railway and my own company BasicallyIT. (=Information Technology), which is where I find myself back at on this cold Boxing Day near the end of 2018.

I am very close to declaring “victory” on my journey back to Awesome:

  • I can walk comfortably without incident for upwards of 30 minutes at a time;
  • My wheelchair remains parked a corner of my bedroom a forgotten friend from my early days of this journey;
  • I leave my hiking pole upstairs most days now and wander around my house un-aided.(  I have a limp but I honestly don’t care, and maybe you don’t either.  My left arm and hand haven’t return to normal movement but I am most ridiculously adept with my right one!)
  • I can do a full hour work-out on my own at the gym;
  • I am able to travel on my own, last year to Toronto and Abufiera and Lisbon, Portugal.  This year who knows!  The sky’s the limit and I   can go anywhere I want, and I will.  My husband gave me a generous travel budget for Christmas this year!
  • I am able to cook great meals for my wee family in my amazing kitchen.  Christmas dinner was a perfectly cooked prime rib, home-made Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and gravy;
  • I am told I will have a restricted driver’s licence issued to me in 2019, and,
  • I’m healthy, active, happy  and optimistic;
  • I think that’s it for rehab goals, at least for the moment.  Now on to professional goals.

I want back some of what I’ve lost and I need to give my career a re-boot in 2019.  I’m going to tackle it it like I do with every hope, dream or obstacle I’ve ever had and that’s full-on.  No thoughts of defeat or failure.  BasicallyIT is currently headquarters for my husband’s successful consulting practice. . . and this year it will be mine again, too.  I’m planning to re-launch my professional career in early February 2019, and I’ll be spending much of January getting ready, building the pieces of a business.  And then I will reach out to some friends and former colleagues and ask for help. . . This will be a new experience for me, asking for help.  But I am hopeful – I am a dreamer.

I had lunch with my awesome mountain friend, Carla, earlier this year.  We sat at a table outside, mountains all around us, air fresh and clean.  She looked up, left, right and around and said. “Hey this is what you worked so hard for.”


And so, perhaps it is but there is no declaring success in this life yet. I didn’t know this was what I was working for but here I am and it is sure fine here in my little mountain town, with my husband Dave and my wee pug Roop.

Awesome Mountain friend Carla talks about being a team with her partner.  I like and admire that in her.  Me and and the other half of my team have been hard at work this year becoming better people and better team members. We can learn something from her.  (as an aside:  I sure miss you Carla)


I am awesome  and so are you!  Don’t stop dreaming or believing in yourself! and . . . Stay Awesome!


2 thoughts on “Reflect on the Old, Plan for the New

  1. Liz Godfrey

    Heather I am truly inspired by your optimism. You were presented with one of the greatest challenges and took it on gracefully. Keep going girl! I have no doubt your re-entry into business will be a great success. I wish you continued success in 2019

  2. Donna Sidial

    You are truly awesome Heather! I had to read this twice, as I honestly couldn’t believe how much you’ve accomplished and what goals you’ve conquered. Wow, just wow! You are an inspiration girl! Keep up the good work!!! Love you…xo Donna & Daryl

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