Feeling Blue? It’s that time of the year!

The days are longer and darker.  Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  I think I’m one of them and maybe you are too.  Let’s try and kick those blues together with positive thinking, some warm,good memories, a few thoughts of the weekend that could be and of course, some happy music.

It’s cold and wet here in my little piece of “paradise”.  Fernie Alpine Ski Resort is scheduled to open this weekend and all the locals are ready for some shredding.  It’s a bit miserable out there but as we are inching into the holiday season, I’m sure your city or town has something festive going on tonight or over the weekend to help take your mind off your troubles.  We have a festival of lights going on at our Courthouse,  a beautiful historical building.  Here’s what program has in store:  Fernie Festival of Lights .  With lights, fireworks and Carollers. this is a sure-fire way to chase away those blues.  If you can’t find something local, make your own festival, grab some mistletoe, invite some friends over, put on a pretty frock, spin some happy tunes and dance the night away.  Caroline helped me with the beginnings of holiday decorating this week so my festival of lights will involve lighting lots of candles and votives which we will enjoy as a backdrop to cake. (see below).

Tonight is also my handsome husband’s birthday so there are presents and chocolate cake at our house tonight, if you happen to be in our neighborhood, bring your fine self by and join us for some cake.

In other news my legwarmers arrived today.  These were ordered over a month ago on Amazon and are sure to be my favourite winter accessory – I hope they fit.  My Christmas dress also arrived from Z Supply – I ordered medium and I’m hoping this crushed red velvet beauty fits.  Actually it doesn’t matter, I’m wearing it anyways!

A few weeks ago on  Saturday morning we rose early and headed into our beautiful little town to do some shopping. First we stopped at Earl’s Fruit stand on Hwy3 at the intersection of McLeod Avenue to see what was left for sale this late in the season.  A few Ambrosia and a few Spartan apples reminded me of driving to college  in Ontario with my great friend Nancy when we were care-free 18 year-olds.  We would often stop for an apple at the orchard on the way home from school.  Spartan’s were our favourites.  Such a happy memory.  Maybe you have one like it or one that just something thatmakes you smile in contented happiness.

Later that day we headed to the big supermarket, Kevin’s Independent, in search of cranberry bread, which we found along with some dips like roasted red pepper & feta along with some goat cheese from Saltspring Island, BC.  That day, we also stopped at Starbucks for my first and last pumpkin spice latte – delicious but much too sweet. It’s 380 calories that might better have been spent on ice cream or chocolate.   Maybe I will try the peppermint latte this weekend, just for fun.

This weekend we may head  into the town proper to Overwaitea or what is now less interestingly called “the Value Mart” for groceries.  Perhaps we’ll make a stop at Le Grande Fromage on Main Street for charcuterie, fois gras pate, cheese and a large chicken pot pie…..  It always smells lovely in this shop. The clerk will make you a grilled cheese Sammie to order.  I already have  a mental note in my “remember for next time” file.

Pausing now……  I feel like I should say something about my stroke recovery as that was the original plan for this blog. On October 3rd, two years had passed since the stroke, and I don’t think about it much anymore, I am so much better, almost my old self, in fact, the awesome me I used to be.

My best advice.  Get yourself on a treadmill and walk every day, speed doesn’t matter, get your gait perfected and walk comfortably.  I call it my 1.5km per hour pace and I take that show on the road these days.   Friends slow down to match my pace and we can all comfortably stroll along the road or path to or from wherever we are going.

Roop been on a “no-treat diet” for some time now.  He was 23.5 lbs and we need him down a pound or so.  He looks a bit slimmer.

While I’ve been writing this I’ve been listening to some happy tunes on Spotify.  Try listening to this tune from my younger days called Blowing the Blues Away.  Maybe it will shift your mood a bit.  It works for me.

Blowing the Blues Away

-I like you better in your rags, Cinderella!


I am strong, I am beautiful. And so are you!  Stay Awesome!

The feature picture is me and my beautiful friend Carla.  She moved to the coast a few months ago and I sure miss her but thinking about her, her beautiful smile and our decorating parties of the past few years makes me happy.



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