The Art of Adulting

Adulting sure is hard work whether you are 20, 40, 50 or 80.   My cousin’s daughter posted on Facebook recently that she was finding it hard to “adult” at the moment.  Well I get that, sweetie, many of us “adults” still find adulting hard even after many years of practice. – some of us have 30 or even 40 years of adulting under our belt, day-in, day-out, all day long, every day for what seems like forever.

Responsibilities, managing  and balancing needs and wants, being prepared for whatever life throws at you and rolling with the punches and it sometimes just gets to be too much to keep up with.  Life is like that.  Unpredictable and often weighty.  That’s where a little moxie comes in handy, with the everyday business of adulting.

Some tips for making adulting a little easier

  • Just say no.  That is one very real and fantastic benefit of being an adult.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  Although there may be consequences.  Be careful with this one.
  • You are master of your body – treat it well, dress it however you feel like, wear a fun hat or scarf to keep it interesting (and warm)
  • Don’t say sorry if you are really not. This politeness is not doing you any favours if people think you are actually sorry – you can’t go and do the same naughty thing again (without another meaningless apology.)
  • Guilt is not a particularly useful emotion.  No one else but you knows you are twisting yourself in a knot over something and it just feels awful while you are dwelling there at the bottom. Sadly no one cares so why should you?
  • Listen to music – soothe that savage beast inside you.  Yesterday it was Neil Young for me, sometimes it’s just a nice playlist like Autumn Electronica or Folk & Friends.  Today there is no beast raging so its just me and quiet thoughts as I think and type.
  • Engage your mind.  Reaquaint yourself with your local Librarian  I haven’t done this yet but will soon and let you know what wonderous discoveries I make at our town’ Library.
  • Inspire someone but most importantly inspire yourself.  Set some goals and celebrate your achievements.
  • Don’t let life pass you by – indulge in  frequent daydreams about what’s next –  that trip with your besties or by yourself.  Or something else you decide…let yourself go, your imagination run wild and your spirits soar.
  • if you sit a lot or even a little, make sure you have a comfortable chair.
  • Good posture always matters.
  • Listen
  • Develop a good sense of humour and don’t be afraid to use it.  Laugh as much as possible.


So square those shoulders, go get some exercise, relax a bit, perhaps have a wee nap, a cry or a great big belly laugh.  It’s hard to stay strong and courageous all the time, and man, it sure is tiring just being me some days.  I can imagine what you feel like being so new to adulting.

You don’t have to be so seriously adult all the time. Go find that carefree youngster in you and let him or her loose for a few hours or even a day.  Have a great big piece of cake and celebrate you without the shadow of guilt that adultness often casts on the fun things in life.  Ice cream is always appropriate.

As I often do, I look to my wee pug, Roop for guidance.  He is three and completely uninterested in being an adult.  Heck he’s already the top dog around here. After he is finished with his morning responsibilities, he snoozles for awhile before waking up at lunchtime to grab a few rays in his favourite afternoon sunspot.  Then he snoozles until I am done work for the day at which point he positions  his fine self on my lap and has another snoozle before his walkies and dinner.  He ends his day with three little pieces of chicken that he earns by offering me his paws to shake. Then the fun continues with his fine self on my husband’s head or his lap, happily snoring before it’s time for bed.  When adulting gets too hard, just think of wee Roops, hit the pause button and take a break.


I am strong  I am beautiful and so are you.

Stay Awesome!


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