Moxie Anyone?

I have moxie Do you?

My grade 11& 12 typing teacher Mrs Flegg was a very interesting woman and now that I reflect on it, she was much more than met our very inexperienced eyes. I know now that those charming suits with the short frayed jackets were probably Chanel or at least a really good knock-off. When she told me I had moxie I didn’t know what that meant so I just nodded and kept clicking away on my IBM Selectric typewiter. She was right. I did and do have moxie which is force of character and determination – a pluckiness, an ability to take it on the chin if you will.   She saw that in me at 16 and I’ve had years to work on perfecting the art.

It’s been useful to me in mostly positive ways over the years.  But for now strength  of character and determination are helpful characteristics on the journey back to awesome.

It’s been awhile since we talked so here’s a quick update on what’s going on in my little piece of paradise in the BC Rockies.

I’m still four days a week at the gym. And progressing with exercises and increased duration, setting new goals all the time.  My routine, which I’ve said in previous posts is vitally important, keeps me focused, productive and incrementally improving every day, week and month.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday –  1 hour at the Gym with Sarah or Marty:

  • 10-15 minutes on the treadmill
  • 5 minutes on the climber (as an aside: I have set a new goal of 10 minutes climbing – it’s sure hard work but very achievable – I did 7 minutes on Friday after 13 minutes on the treadmill – a little moxie goes a long way.  Climbing is so good for getting maximum flexability and mobility back to my left knee and leg)
  • Lots of “Calvins” aka squats, weighted hip, leg and arm exercises.
  • I end each session with stretches – which feel amazing – my reward, if you will.
  • Wednesday – Massage.  This used to be called “complicated” Wednesday as I was throwing everything into it.  I decided to simplify Wednesdays and just have a massage, leaving the rest of the day for emergencies.  Having said that I must figure out how to incorporate half price waxing Wednesday back into my routine before the situation becomes too desperate.
  • Friday – Mostly Do what I want Fridays.  This is still my Wine day.  It’s also the day where I often have lunch with my new business partner, speaking of which I work full time now in my home office before and after the routine appointments, which is making for long days physically and mentally.  So remember to get a good nights sleep, which is how your brain heals.  I am in bed by 10:00 most nights and Roop wakes me up like clockwork every morning at 8:00am.
  • Saturday I now have a standing appointment at a local salon, Sparrow, for a wash and blowout—-looks great and most excellent for self-esteem.
  • Monday is also the night Dave and I go to our local sushi joint for dinner.

In a week I’m headed to drivers rehabilitation in Vernon to learn how current technology can accommodate my remaining deficits, allowing me to safely return to driving. I am noting with some satisfaction that the outlook for this was not optimistic in the months following my stroke – there’s that moxie again, not letting me down.  And I’ve kicked off my Lumosity brain training again this week to prepare for the tests I will be doing for DriveSafe BC.  I highly recommend this to everyone for maintaining a sharp and agile mind.

As another aside I’m also teaching myself to type with one hand using a Maltron keyboard.  See Maltron single right hand keyboard  .  

Weekends I hang out with my handsome husband.  We often take long drives together, listening to audiobooks.  I am enormously content and happy.

I’m planning a trip to Europe with my Besties in the Fall.  This year will include:  Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, Rome and end with a rented house in Florence.  (more on this later as plans unfold)

So today I say this to you:  you are awesome and so am I. Don’t give up on yourself and I sure won’t either.


I am strong and I am beautiful and so are you

Stay awesome!


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