Nice Calvin, Sweetie!

husband walked by me this morning slapped me in on the ass and said “nice Calvin”.  Before smiling and walking away.

well here’s the story (as an aside:, no photographs of my Calvin will accompany this post)

Here’s the story

Back when I returned from my trip to Portugal my husband met me at the airport with new underwear and a sports bra from Calvin Klein (yes he is the best, super thoughtful!)  I liked them so much we went back the next day and basically bought out the stock from the store in my size and now I have about nine sets of these Calvin sports bras and panties in all different colours   These are not yo mamma sexy things (I’m working my way back to those).  But the Calvin’s are pretty and comfortable and I can put on the bra easily by myself, and apparently look very fine on me these days, sweetie.

When I go to the gym and do squats of any kind I’ve been calling them Calvin’s because they work on my glutes as in one Calvin two Calvin’s, 19 Calvin’s 20 Caaaaaaaallllllvvviiiinnn’s.  Another set?  Why not, awesome mountain trainer Sarah, if my husband is noticing, we sure are doing something right here, bring it on.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in my little piece of paradise.  I’ve got some work to do in my office later today and then, who knows?  Just roll with whatever life brings you today in your little corner of the world.  Last night a new friend, Caroline, dropped by with wine and conversation.  What a great way to end the week with smiles a hugs with friends.

I am strong.  I am beautiful.  I have a nice Calvin.

And so do you.  Stay Awesome my friends, wherever you find yourself today!

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  1. Matt Robson

    I am a fellow Calvin convert (although the need for a bra is less so for me). I even colour code, so it’s black in town (London) and grey marl in the countryside (Bath). If I’m ever unsure where I am, I just check my trollies for a hint..

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