Taking Life Less Seriously and Puppies

I’m trying to tell you something about my life

Maybe give me insight between black and white

The best thing you’ve ever done for me Is help me take life less seriously

It’s only life after all

—-Indigo Girls


“It’s only life after all”.  My friend and awesome mountain trainer Sarah said that to me about 6 months ago.  And I’ve been pondering the words ever since while   listening to the Indigo Girls really loud on my Sonos.


I am back from adventuring in Europe and I’m in my lovely mountain town nesting in my amazing home and keeping really busy, taking life less seriously as I do these days, it’s only life after all!  Right Ginger-fun-girl???


I kept some notes on my iPhone while I was travelling. Here’s a summary:

don’t believe everything you think. Your brain is friend, enemy or frenemy. Mine is a friend (usually)and it doesn’t often lead me too far astray.

It was a beautiful crisp, fresh mountain morning when I left for YYC.  I took several deep breaths to embrace and enjoy the moment.  I’m glad I did. When I got back summer was over, and we were already into Fall and we now have Winter,thank you very much.  Now where did I leave my scarf, coat and boots last year?

We listened to Book 3 of The Fear Saga on audible while driving. I had a Starbucks blonde latte.

We spent  a lovely day in Calgary with me,  Roops and Dave  I love my decent, sweet, wonderful husband and am sad to be leaving him and my wee pug for the next two weeks.

Later, a midnight flight to YYZ to collect Annie. It’s a dark September night and very cold.   The flight is busy. Everyone is headed to Toronto to make a connecting flight to somewhere in Asia or Europe An Indian gentleman booked a preferred seat for himself while his wife trudged a further 25 rows to the back of the plane to her seat, dragging three bags along with her.   I watched an Amy Schumer movie and began listening to Lord of the Rings on Audible My scalp is raw and sore from an allergic reaction to hair dye from the last minute colour I had done before leaving  Fernie. In Toronto Ann brings polysporin which helps enormously.

In Toronto I had some dim sum at Lee’s Kitchen in the international terminal. I wasn’t hungry , just killin’ time, with that and a $31 glass of wine.

People are mostly very kind when travelling, or at least this has been my experience so far.

It’s a long wait before our flight to Brussels When we get there and have to change planes for Faro, I am with two seriously handicapped men who need to be lifted into the plane and carried to their seats. Think you’ve got it bad, think again!  Ain’t nothing holding these two back.

My skin is super dry, landing in Faro soon. Cab to the hotel. A shower and nap awaits.

I’ve been looking forward to my first dinner in Portugal and I wanted it to be really special for my friend Ann and her first trip to Portugal. We had Cataplana of seafood a really nice white wine for me and vodka for her, but many of the shrimp had not been properly cleaned.  She was totally grossed out and couldn’t eat her meal.  Sad but shit happens, I guess.  We discovered that shrimp is often served heads on, digestive tract intact and uncleared throughout the country.

The next day we meet with two of our fellow travellers, just in from Edinburgh, at the hotel and share an uber to the house we rented.

The house is beautiful,everything we expected.  I describe it as a beautiful woman who is not aging well, lovely and mostly well maintained on the outside, a but a bit shabby around the edges.

There are hidden surprises to be found in the garden and Annie makes short work of scouting out bay leaves, rosemary, oregano, figs, limes, oranges and bananas.

Nancy and “the Quinn” join us later in the day. They arrived in Europe the previous week and spent some time with friends in Hamburg.  Nancy is my great friend and favourite travel buddy and it’s awesome that she and her son are able to join us.  I love her very much.

The pool is heated and has two floaters, a diamond ring and a white unicorn.  We had a lovely dinner at Fonte de Pedro that night, whole sea bass, black pork and mixed grill.  Awesome sangria. Feels like our last trip, Nancy ( three years ago we circumnavigated the country together and it was one of the best trips of my life eating lots of pork and drinking copious amounts of sangria.

Maybe you’ve always been a bit self-conscious about your body, I sure have.  We grew up loathing our bodies and ourselves.  That hasn’t changed much over the years and there is still someone waiting to jump in and offer an opinion of you and your deficits (as they see it) if you let them and sadly I still do.  My friend Ann is in her 70’s and could really care less as she tosses off her bikini top and heads for the pool!

We had a great week in this warm, comfortable paradise.  Much surprise by all when I was awake to see everyone off at 5:30am at the end of our vacay time.   Annie and I are the last to leave, we have a car coming to take us to an Airbnb I rented for us in Lisbon.

Don’t sleep in the subway, darling….the metro is just outside our airbnb and Annie’s room is directly above it. There are three flights of stairs to get to the flat  So what  I’ve been practising for this with my daily treadmill walking in Fernie.  No sweat, I climb up, I climb down.

A few hot days, lots of walking up and down stairs on tiled sidewalks and uneven streets.  I’m exhausted but determined.

It’s time to head home and I’ve had enough.  We found a spot in the Commercial Square downtown where we drink sangria, eattapas and people- watch.  We took a Tuk-tuk ride through the city streets and a couple of days later the  hop-on, hop-off bus tour.

The first time I was in Portugal was simply magical, I’ve been back five times since and have yet to recapture any of that magic but I keep trying.

My husband met me in YYC and it was great to see him and later wee Roops.  I’ve been back for over fourweeks now.

I started my new business on September 1st and I’ve been in my office 8:30-5:00 every day since my return and right back into my self-directed rehab routine with workout, chiro and massage.

My days are full and so is my life.  People work their entire lives to have the good fortune to live and retire in this little bit of heaven in the BC Rocky Mountains.  Yes I’m lucky and I know it.  So happy to be Home with the people I love, who love me.

It’s turned into a beautiful afternoon and the sun is hitting the trees which have now changed into their Fall colours.  Everything is bright and beautiful. My friend Michele and her daughter Georgia, spent a night here on their way to Kalispell, Montana ( an hour from our house) to pick up husband/Dad Mitch arriving back with a new Springer-doodle puppy named Duke, Appollo, Romeo or Dash. – they are not sure yet – but they stop in this morning with a very happy daughter who cradles her new puppy, walking around with a great big, beautiful smile.  Life is grand in a world of sunshine, crisp mountain air, friends and new puppies.


I am strong and I am beautiful.


And so are you!

Stay awesome




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