What’s Your Favourite Thing To Do?

I’m inspired this morning to talk about hobbies on this Canadian Thanksgiving morning.  Many people celebrate this holiday in Canada with friends, family and dinner on Sunday night.  We are celebrating tonight, Monday.

I will be preparing a prime rib roast with carrots, Yorkshire puddings ( store bought but no less delicious for it) potatoes and jus.

I was going to take the day off today like most other Canadians and do the one thing I really love, read.  But I haven’t made much progress yet this morning as I sit and look out at the mountains from my favourite chair in our “greatroom”.   We didn’t have such a room in the house I grew up in. We had a dining room, living room and a tv room, our “great room is all of these wrapped up in one big, cathedral-ceilinged room.  The trees outside have turned to their Fall colours, which, here in my little piece of paradise is mostly yellow with a punch of red or orange now and then.  The sunshine strikes those yellow leaves at just the right spot to turn them gold.  I’ll step outside now to take a couple of pictures for you.  Got’em. It’s a beautiful day here. Crisp and cool, there is snow on the peaks of the Lizard Range today, in fact the the first dusting of snow settled in last week.

Lenka has just come by to plant some Fall/Winter -hardy plants like Kale and some beautiful orange flowers.  It will be lovelywhen she’s done.  Her summer plantings lasted until now while most others around town were dead weeks ago.  Ill take pictures for another post, this one is almost full and ready to go.

Reading is my favourite pastime. What’s yours?

Everyday I get an email from bookbub.com offering me a range of books for a kindle reader for only about $1.99 on average, purchased through Amazon.   So take a risk. Read that biography of Bette Davis like I did or all about “The Swans of Fifth Avenue” and their relationship withTruman Capote.  For $0.99, $1.99 or $2.99 you can immerse yourself in a new and interesting subject.  And it’s good for keeping your mental processes active, agile and learning, which is the best recipe for health and recovery that I can offer beyond regular physical activity.

Speaking of which I highly recommend treadmill walking or just walking of any sort everyday.  I do four times a week on the treadmill at the gym for 15 minutes before my other floor and machine workouts.  My pace is 2.0 km per hour with an incline of 3%.

But don’t you worry about speed, focus on a smooth gait. Imagine you are strolling down the boulevard, swinging your sexy hips, walking straight, eyes forward, shoulders squared, head held high and walk that treadmill baby!  Work it! Step, step, step, sigh in happiness, that’s it just 10 more minutes to go.  I practised this all summer and it prepared me for walking the streets of Lisbon in September and walking up and down lots of stairs ( more on that trip later). For now I can see a faint breeze stirring the leaves on a distant tree.

So I scroll my daily book email and load up my iPad with books to read later, when I have time, like today I purchased  “Fresh off the Boat” a “brash and funny memoir” of a Taiwanese American boy finding his way in the US.  This will make a nice change from the Winston Churchill biography I started reading last week.  I must have 20 or more books on my iPad just waiting for me. <great big sigh of happiness and contentment>  The thought makes me happy.  For “book-people, the worst scenario imaginable is to be somewhere, with time on your hands and nothing to read.

What is your hobby?  My Mom likes watching Premier League soccer, my brothers like playing the game with local friends in Toronto, I have friends who make jewelry,stained glass, carve animals from wood, coach children’s sports, knit, weave, play music, paint, make liquid glass art, bake, cook, grow herbs, live off-grid – all are young, vibrant and relevant, excellent conversationalists with well thought points of views on many topics.  Delightful to be around, as am I most days now

Where’s Roop? Here’s what Roop is doing today.  Snoozling in all his favourite spots.  If there is a sunspot in the house that’s where you’ll find him and maybe you’ll find me too, later today.  Tucked into a blanket together, reading and snoozling.

That’s it for the moment.  I was supposed to be working today.  Finishing off a few items I didn’t get to on Friday.  But this is my first long weekend since I’ve been back to work full-time.  So I think those items can wait for Tuesday.

What’s that you say?  Working full-time?  Yes, as a matter of fact I am…….more on that later.  I’m also planning my driving rehab soon…Just need to follow up with Lars in Vernon and get that scheduled before the weather turns bad…..more on that later, too.

I am strong!  I am beautiful!

And so are you!

Stay Awesome!


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