Snow on the Three Sisters – Seriously?

The summer has been interesting here in my little corner of the world…’s the first full summer I have spent  entirely anywhere except the house I grew up in.  In the beginning there were warm sunny days.  Remember May 24 weekend I planted flowers with Lenka and now they are flourishing and over-flowing their boxes.  So beautiful.

I haven’t yet had a mojito although my mint is overflowing with bushy mint leaves.  I will need a strategy to save the mint for use during the winter – perhaps a pesto or submered in ice cubes, frozen and stored in a freezer ziplock.  (more on that later).

The wildfires have been ridiculous again this year and got a little closer to our town but while they are still burning, a healthy rainfall over the weekend seemed to dampen their enthusiasm and the smoke has largely cleared out of our Elk Valley.  It’s nice to wake up again to the fresh smells of mountain life rather than wood smoke.  And also this week to the first signs of snow here in the Rockies.  One of the three sisters is snow-capped.  yikes  it feels way too early for this!

Earlier this week, I got up from my office computer, walked down the hall, out the front door, down the steps and into our car where my husband asked me where my walking pole was.  I had left it in the house and just walked away without it so I think this is good news.  I Will be making more trips out without it in the future.  All of the daily treadmill walking I’ve been doing all summer is obviously paying off!

I’ve been really busy kicking off a new business with  my friend Chris, who is a lawyer.  In fact I’m reverting to career 1.0 from years ago when I graduated from College as a paralegal (shortly thereafter I was diverted to what would be a successful career in Information Technology, let’s call that Career 2.0).

We will shortly be launching Purcell Law, Personal Injury Lawyers, serving clients in the East Kootenays of BC.  Out target launch is today, September 1st and  you can check us out later this week at

or call toll free on:


and we have been busy lining up our practice and administration software, toll free number, business cards and the first iteration of  our website.  Which I should go work on now so I will save and take a short pause.

Back now and in a waiting pattern.  The graphic designer needs to send me the firm logo in a usable format, which at the moment is jpeg, not pdf.  (As an aside: I am slowly re-learning do-it-myself skills….and engaging in a lot of yak shaving on my way to end of job.)

Are you familiar with the term “yak-shaving?”  Here’s a pretty good explanation from Seth Rogen

A few days have passed now since I wrote this and today, I’m preparing for my trip to Portugal with friends.  I really need someone to talk to ……..on the road to getting my awesome back I’m spending a lot of time doing what other people want and expect…..and I’m looking forward to spending quality time with the ladies next week and the week after to get some advice on this and other things, while generally having somefun.



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