Feeling Good and stealing frozen pork

Yesterday, a local said to me  while at the gym “This must be the the best you’ve ever felt in your life?”  I said “no, I’ve definitely felt better”.  She looked disappointed.  Her point obviously was since she sees me at the gym several times a week, I must feel great and then made the assumption that  this better than ever before—like I didn’t work out before.  Bad assumption, before I had a stroke ..ahem…when I could run for an hour  and then  pump the elliptical for 60 minutes more I felt the best ever.  Now I just feel good and that’s alright.  Perhaps as was suggested to me I could have just said yes and moved on but that’s like saying sorry when you don’t really mean it, and we don’t do that anymore, do we?  And we don’t agree with someone’s wrong assumption just to make them feel better, do we?

OK moving on, lets talk about pork. My new business partner came by yesterday afternoon carrying a bag of frozen pork–bacon, chops, ribs and asked to put it in my freezer.  He had been gifted this by a client.  I asked to see what was in the bag and selected some bacon and ribs – I left the ribs out to thaw for dinner and put some bacon in my upright kitchen freezer.  I then directed him to the pantry freezer to store the remaining items.  Later at the gym I thought over this scenario and realized that at no point did he gift me any of this pork, I had just made an assumption that it was being re-gifted to me.  Wrong.  I said sorry and meant it.  And I got to keep the pork I had stolen from him.

I also went for a driver’s medical yesterday and have been recommended for a road test.  This is great news as I can practice with a driver’s rehabilitation service later this year before taking the road test….at least that’s the plan


I am strong and I am beautiful

And so are you!  Stay Awesome!

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