Good Choices and Dodging bullets

Have you ever said or thought “gee, I really dodged a bullet there”.  Well as you all know I have had quite a lot of time these past two years to reflect on life and the choices I’ve made good and bad.

I was also thinking of the phrase  “act in haste, repent in leisure”. You always find the time to wallow in remembering the bad choices you’ve made.  So how about taking a moment to celebrate the good choices you’ve made.  How different life could have been if you took the left fork in the road you’ve traveled instead of the right.

I had one of those moments this morning when thinking about the man I almost married instead of the one I did marry.  Life could have been so very different and I’m taking a wee moment this morning to congratulate myself on the good life choices I’ve made so far. And there have been lots of them. More good than bad I’d say.  And there is still quite a long road left to travel, I believe, and many more choices to make.

When I see my friends Annie and Nancy in a few weeks before we begin our vacay in Portugal, the first toast I’m going to offer is to having the ability to make choices good and bad.  And over the following two weeks I have no doubt we will make some of each!  Slange!

I am beautiful.  I am strong!


And so are you

Stay awesome!




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