Pause to just breathe if its not too smoky

It was a quiet Weekend in the mountains and we were just hanging out with each other.   Going for lovely country dives, listening to books.  Taking a pause to enjoy the slow pace and each other.Life has gotten very busy lately and its good to remember to love yourself and each other in these moments when there is time to breathe.

It’s also  that time of year in this part pf the world,  where there are lots of wildfires,some caused by nature such  as lightening, some by human carelessness.

Its super smoky in our Elk Valley but the fires are not close to us at the moment, just lots of smoke hovering in the vallry and over the mountains, so we don’t breathe too deeply.  There have been some evacuation orders in nearby communities of  Corbin in Coal Creek and Sparwood but nothing directly headed our way at the moment

It’s been a long hot summer and we have enjoyed every minute  With Fall approaching there is more fun on the horizon with my trip to Portugal just a few weeks away and visitors expected in late September when I am back.

I’m still working my way through the tomato sauce we canned two years ago but I’m thinking that I should do some more this Fall  I’ll have to drop by Earl’s Fruit & Vegetable Stand and place my order for several flats of Okanagan roma tomatoes and perhaps some beets.  They should be ready for pickup at the end of September.

I am Strong, I am Beautiful

And so are You.  Stay Awesome!

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