Are you happy?

I’ve pondered this question quite alot these past few years.  happy?, content, fulfilled? However you define it.

Will Smith posted a discussion he had with his wife Jada on this topic and it was very enlightening.

As a couple they believed early on that coming together as a couple would somehow make them happy but have come to the conclusion that each person is responsible for their own happiness (whatever that is) and comes to the relationship with their cups full, not empty looking to the other for fulfillment.  I liked this a lot.  I try to keep my cup as full as I can, especially now, by doing things to improve my general well-being.  My husband adds to this from his cup.

I will admit this is a much more mature way of looking at coupledom and one that we have arrived at through time, much love and hard work and by paying attention to each other more fully.  And its ongoing – everyday,I pay more attention to what I have discovered makes him happy and try to add to it – I know he does the same.

I am strong I am beautiful.

So are you.  Stay Awesome!

One thought on “Are you happy?

  1. I don’t know how other people feel about this, but I have always believed that it is impossible to find all of one’s satisfiers in one place…’s too demanding on a spouse/partner/friend to expect them to satisfy all of our needs, which vary from emotional to intellectual and many other points between and beyond. So, yes we are each responsible for our own happiness, etc., part of that is the result of relationships, but never from one place or person.

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