Nobody’s life is perfect.

Nobody’s life is perfect, says my Mom to me in her light Scottish accent…..and she is so right.  If you are the kind of person that’s really tough on him or herself, take that advice on board.

Life isn’t easy and it’s unpredictable — and maybe you are too, so perfect is not a likely result most days.  So maybe roll with it a little more.  Forgive yourself for the small things, like where you find yourself saying sorry but don’t really mean it.

Maybe you get angry like I sometimes do, find an outlet- yoga, meditation, exercise, walking, reading, whatever works for you.  Sit outside for awhile and watch your flowers grow while the sun shines and the pretty clouds roll by.  I bet you’ll wish you did come winter when you look out at the snow and rain while listening to the howling winds, fondly remembering your beautiful flowers rippling gently in the breeze.

Close enough may be the best we can hope to achieve.    So I will tamp down that unreasonable anger when it drops by  and get on to saying I’m sorry if I mean it.

And move on with enjoying my almost perfect life in my little town in the mountains.

This is my Mom and me on my recent visit to Toronto.  Wearing our fancy hats before watching the royal wedding.







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