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Its early morning here and I am looking out on a sea of bight green in every shade imaginable.  The little pink wild roses are long gone now and I am left with just the lush green, bushy leaves. And its beautiful.  This morning I am researching places to stay in Lisbon or a town close by like Sintra or Palmela.  My fallback choice will be a hotel but for now I am optimistic of finding a suitable property on VRBO (vacation rental by owner).  Its how I found he house we are renting in Abufiera in the Algarve for our first week.  Heres some tips on searching:

  • Start early before all the choice properties are taken (Im a bit late at this point but still lots to choose.)
  • Look at the pictures carefully – Imagine yourself walking up those stairs every day – Imagine dragging your lightly packed suitcase up and later down those stairs.
  • Hey may be better to find an apartment with a lift or a ground floor flat or house.  Its not about ambience, its safety.
  • Showers – Is it useable  or does it strike fear in your heart. Like a bathtub with a wrap around shower curtain
  • Ive been looking for two hours and found a few maybes but no shining star yet.
  • Search for a larger property.  If there are two people search for a property that can accommodate 4 or 6  or even 8-10- it will be more expensive but chances are you will find something quite extraordinary.
  • Falling back to a hotel.  more on this later

Speaking of holidays, our guests left yesterday to carry on their tour of Western Canada – yesterday they drove to Calgary, flew to Victoria and are heading to Sooke Harbour.  Next month they are covering the East coast of Canada, what a fine adventure!  I would like to go back there sometime soon.

Update:  Its now a day later, still early morning, and for various safety reasons I have decided on a hotel, which I will search for and hopefully book today. Ive discovered that few flats in Lisbon have elevators or lifts and many have several flights of stairs – treacherous when dragging a suitcase up or down and worse if there is going to be wine involved with lunch or dinner.

Yesterday, I worked out with Sarah (ginger-fun-girl) and got caught up on her outdoor summer adventures and then shared a pizza with my Rocky Mountain Friend, Carla (with me in the featured image) who is moving to Vancouver this week!   aIm really going to miss her and am thinking about a visit in the winter – perhaps we will meet at a Spa for a fun day or weekend.  We met Carla within a month of purchasing our property here, so its been almost 9 years.She is ready for a new adventure and is so much stronger and wiser than when we first met.  She will do just fine on this next adventure, I am really proud of her.

(As an aside:  excuse my lack of punctuation when using contractions.  Ive accidentally switched keyboards in software and need a hard re-boot to revert to default.  You will know when Ive done that task.)

I am working on a new business venture here in my little town that I will discuss more as it evolves and takes shape.  As you may have figured out, Ive been struggling to find my work niche outside big cities and corporations.  Recently I decided to work with what I already have achieved – that is my paralegal diploma and MBA degree. And there is definitely an interesting plan in the works at the moment – more on this much later, its still very early days.

(As an aside:  I had a phone call the other day from my old boss from KPMG, Jan, who is living on the East coast with her handsome husband.  This deserves more than an aside so perhaps I will reminise at length in a future blog post.  For now it was just delightful to hear her voice and get a quick update -I think a visit to Halifax may be in my future – I still regret not visiting her when I lived in London and she lived in Limoges.)

Plans for today are as follows: 1)work on my new venture in my office and 2)Massage with Karen 3) perhaps some grocery shopping.  We have been eating out way too much and I need to get on top of this aspect of our health straight away.  And later this week 4) Begin drivers license process and 5) Resume Lumosity training.

I am strong.  I am beautiful

And so are you.  Stay Awesome!


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  1. Good luck with your vacation planning….hope the hotel works out well for you. It was great chatting with you, so happy we are back in touch. Let’s chat again soon.

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