SSTealth – Slow, Thoughtful & Silent walking

I’m “sstalking”, trying to correct a bad habit I’ve developed while learning to walk again .  It started with my first AFO (ankle foot orthotic) – I guess I was just so anxious to get on my feet again, that I didn’t pay good attention to  a bad habit I was developing (and neither did my physical therapist), and now I need to focus and work hard to correct it.

Remember this as you do your daily exercises.  No shortcuts  Do them properly for best results.  If you don’t like how its progessing, stop, reset and like Michael Finnigan, begin again.  You know your body better than anyone else.  If you are taking the time to exercise, do it properly.

My right foot points to 12:00 when I walk and my left to 10:00 and I’ve been dragging it slightly.  People who know me, know i’m always in a hurry.  Slow down, think it through, be thoughtful, no dragging.  Weight each step and swing through each step, toes pointing at 12:00.  Yes it really matters, another couple of months and I will have this mastered and then I hope it will be time to put the pole away and walk unaided.

Change takes absolute focus and time, sadly I thought I was almost done, but i’m not.   Following my trip I know that my home in the mountains with Roop, my husband and my awesome mountain team is where I am safe, loved and make the best progress.  Its soooo giood to be back in my wee corner of the world.

I will post on my trip and lessons learned soon.  for now:

I am strong

I am beautiful

I am awesome!

My new mantra.  And I choose to ignore the chatter in my mind that diverts my focus from what’s important.


Stay Awesome!

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