The Goldens Shine Bright!

Today’s feature picture is a group of travelers called “The Goldens” four women, two dogs and a sixteen year old who is making a documentary short about their cross-Canada journey (As an aside:  that’s 4,636 Kilometres).   Sarah, my awesome mountain trainer just happened to be strolling the Main Street last night and joined us for a drink on the patio outside The Brick House.  In the picture left to right:  me, Nancy, Sarah, Kaye-Lee, Angela, Vicki. Missing is handsome young Bodhi the film-maker who is off train spotting at the moment of the picture taking.

Sadly, they were gone early  this morning  and I didn’t  get another chance to talk with them so  I only have a part of their story. Maybe I’ll just make up the parts I don’t know.

Well let’s get started.  Yesterday I had  a fantastic massage with Karen at Fernie Massage and I walked from there to Spa 901 for a mani-pedi (500 steps, 20 minutes and zero incidents).  Testing my endurance and passed with flying colours, no problem, not tired at all and rewarded with a lovely bath for my feet at the destination.  Ten Sparkly brown fingers and ten coral toes later, I’m heading back to the sunshine of my deck where  I wait for my guests to arrive. I’m their next stop after Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, where they to spend Tuesday night. Nothing much to do in Moose Jaw ( I’ve been through there  two or three times myself) I think they stopped for Chinese Take-away.

The weather is amazing and the town is strutting its marvellousness, full on determined to impress a new set of first time visitors and one returning friend.  Most locals in Fernie will tell you they came here to ski or board or bike or hike and never left.  It’s true more often than not.  It’s just that kind of place.

The Golden’s left Kingston, Ontario four days ago……… destination:Vancouver. and are in the final stretch now – just a beautiful drive through the Okanagan Valley remains. But there are many vineyards to tempt them along way and miles to go before they sleep.  If they keep to schedule and the speed limit they have about 11 hours of driving remaining

and I am so sad they left without me.  I am a big fan of random, loosely planned adventures and this had all the markings of one.    Surely they would sleep in, I thought, leaving lots of time for this would-be stowaway to stow herself away.  There are so many of them, one more Golden would surely have been welcome, perhaps even gone un-noticed  until I roll out from under the dogs with a great big “Ta Da”!  I think they like me  — surely they wouldn’t toss me out on the Trans-Canada Highway.  That said, I know I can walk for at least  20 minutes without incident.

Why a driving trip across country?  Canada is massive and beautiful coast to coast. The best parts of the journey are the east and west coasts, everything in between Is mile after mile of Prairie, interesting at first but unremarkable thereafter.  Golden Angela packed up her life and is moving to Whiterock, BC, another beautiful little Canadian town, this one right on the Pacific Coast

Whiterock has been taken over by retirees so she will be the youngest chick in town, destined to shake things up a bit at the local Earls (make hers tall, chilled and white)  or the local bank branch where she will pause in air-conditioned comfort now and then to check in on her money before heading back to Earl’s.

I’ll leave it to Bodhi to tell the full story of the Golden’s and their cross country shenanigans.  I will update you later on their adventure once concluded.

This is the end of the line for everyone else.  They will board a plane in Vancouver Saturday morning and head back East.  Not sure what happens to the Dodge Caravan after this, but as an aside to Angela “if this is yours, you may want to upgrade your ride in Whiterock”


Stay Awesome Goldens!

Please come back anytime!


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