This week can be anything you want it to

Two posts in one day, sorry (but not really)This morning’s  was really yesterday, Sunday’s post, but I just didn’t get to it.  This one is today, Monday.

The beginning of a new week and it can be anything you want it go be.   productive?  Fun?  Busy?  Contemplative?  Or a wee bit of everything just to keep it interesting.

I have some plans this week with goals to accomplish but I’m not going to tell you what they are……not yet.  I don’t want to let you or myself down if I change my mind which I frequently do, always with good reason..  But you may not understand my priority shifts and perhaps judge me and I won’t be judged.  I’m very accepting of this new me, and I’m getting too old to really care about others opinions of me, but clearly I still do care, a wee bit.

So let’s just talk about the day and let the week sort itself out.  Today I rose late.  I’m sleeping a lot more lately, yet not working all that harder that I can figure out. Lots of walking around the house, up and down steps and such.

My daily routine has the added task  now of watering the new plants. It takes three trips between the kitchen and upper deck with a half full large plastic watering can (mine is red and I’ve had it a couple of years now) to water the new plantings. About 15-20 minutes of labour.  For now I’m writing about it, then I will be doing it and my other chores, which will take me to noon or so.

And then I may tackle the first goal of the week (update tomorrow if I do). Trouble is I quite like this peaceful life I’m living, with my house and garden, my daydreams and DIY projects that it’s all I want to do these days plus travel.  I think this is called retirement or in my case semi-retirement since I’m not quite done yet.


I bought a book 20 or so years ago called. ” If I had my life to live over, I’d pick more daisies” and I remember she said she would eat more ice cream too. I vowed I would never be that woman who had so many regrets for things she didn’t do or didn’t do enough of.

So, if I report tomorrow that there was no progress on my goal, it’s likely because I spent the afternoon sitting outside watching the clouds float by, dreaming of upcoming summer fun and friends, picking daisies.

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